Modest (and affordable) swimsuits for women

Modest and affordable swimsuits for women

Modest Swimsuits for Women

I follow a handful of fashion bloggers and every year I watch as they roll out their swimsuit suggestions for the upcoming summer season.

And every year I am SHOCKED by what suits they are highlighting. It seems to me that they really havent looked at an actual American womans body OR they spend all their swim season at locations with fit and young women.

Last year was the best The Year of the Cheeky Suit.

You know what cheeky means, right? It means the lower half of your butt cheek hangs out of the suit. ON PURPOSE.

First, no one wants to see that part of my body. Except my husband and hes not especially excited about others seeing it.

Second, I am not going to go through the amount of hair removal required to pull those suits off. Mama aint got time for that nonsense.

Third, can you actually function in these suits? One wrong move and something significant is going to fall out.

So, our list has no cheeky suits.

This list is also void of anything described as sexy.

Gag. Im going to the pool or the beach to 1. get my children out of the house 2. to dip my fire hot body in water before I burst into open flame and/or 3. read or look at my phone in peace while making sure everyone is still breathing.

Sweating and managing my kids is not sexy time.

I want my swimming suits to be:

  1. Attractive Not to a random man walking by with ill-advised tats and a carb babyhanging over his trunks, but attractive to fellow women my age. I want these ladies to say to themselves, Thats a nice lookin suit. I bet she would be an awesome friend.
  2. Appropriate I want a suit that makes me look my general age range and also allows me to stand up and sit down without giving the children in the pool an anatomy lesson.
  3. Secure I want my parts to stay put, so no useless shelf bra for me. My ladies fall right through that useless elastic (post-nursing women know what Im talking about). I want the bust to contain enough fabric and hardware to put my equipment where the good Lord intended it to be. Say no to saggers, friends.

There you go.

Okay, heres our list of modest yet fun and affordable swimsuits for women!


While Nordstrom definitely has several suit styles that are NOT modest in the slightest, they have a good selection of quality brands that are very flattering without being super skimpy. Check out brands like La Blanca, Tommy Bahama and Miraclesuit.

Tommy Bahama Pearl One-Piece Swimsuit
La Blanca Island Goddess One-Piece Swimsuit
Miraclesuit Sanibel Underwire One-Piece Swimsuit

You can easily sort by body type, suit type, price and more. While Nordstrom is on the pricier side for suits, their customer service, quality and return policy can be worth the extra dollars. Shipping and returns are ALWAYS free.


Lands End is the quintessential spot for ordering high quality, modest, flattering and reasonably priced swimsuits that LAST. They carry everything from bikinis to rash guards to swim dresses and swim skirts. Something for every body type and personality and comfort level.

I am fairly committed to only wearing Lands End suits for the rest of my life.

Womens Shaping Ultra High Waist Flounce Mini Swim Skirt
Womens Slender Tunic One Piece Swimsuit

Keep an eye out for additional promo codes to save even more. Shipping is free with orders of $50+ and most suits fall into that category.


L.L. Bean is another wonderful option for quality apparel that stands the test of time. With everything ranging from tankinis to sarong one-piece suits to swim dresses, you are sure to find something you like. This is also a great resource for sportier, more athletic suits. Shipping is free with $50+ purchase!


Athleta has several modest and flattering one-piece styles, all priced around $100. Athleta makes great quality sports apparel that fits well, flatters and STAYS PUT so it stands to reason that their swimsuits would be top notch as well. Plus you gotta love that their catalogs are filled with non-model types, so you can see how a suit looks on, say, a size 8 or 14 woman.

Shipping is free on orders of $50 or more, so all suits would ship free.


Surprisingly enough, Amazon actually carries a HUGE selection of modest swimwear from a variety of different brands. Some styles featured are $25 or less, with some around the $15 mark. Be sure to read the reviews and check sizing charts before ordering, as some of these brands we arent familiar with.

Just a few examples:

Danify Womens One-Piece Sailor Striped Swimsuit
Ekouaer Womens One-Piece Swimsuit TONS of colors and gets great reviews

Click to browse the swimwear selection at Amazon. Shipping should be free on most options if you are an Amazon Prime member and returns are clothing (swimwear included) are almost always free!


Walmart carries a swimsuit brand called Simply Slimthat gets RAVE reviews! Super cute styles, colors and patterns and most under $35. Plus size available too!

Some styles will ship free with orders of $35 or more or can be picked up for free at your local store. Be sure to browse around as some styles are priced less on clearance.

A few other fantastic options:

1.Lime Ricki A wonderful option for beautifully made, flattering and FUN suits for women. Single pieces range from $30 to $60 and full suits are less than $100. Be sure to check the sale section as well!

2.Albion This company makes the most beautiful suits! Several different styles including tankinis, peplum, one-piece suits and more. Gorgeous prints and very flattering cuts. Definitely on the spendier side, but this is a great site if you are looking for more of a classic, vintage feel.

3. Jessica Rey More beautiful prints and styles, most priced around $100. Look for a 10% off code or other special offer when you first click over to the site!

4. HerRoom Tons of styles, sizes and colors to choose from, including larger cup sizes for more support. Free shipping with orders of $70 or more, which most suits fall into that category.

Looking for more?

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