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20 Greatest Carafe With Lid | Carafes & Pitcher

Artcome Carafes DeSJ Kanwone OTARTU

s   1. OTARTU Otartu Borosilicate Glass Carafe with Stainless Steel Silicone Lid -55 oz,Quick Pouring- Stovetop Safe,Glass Pitcher Fridge,Juice Jar,Ice Tea Maker OTARTU - Updated we have tested each lid ensure match on carafe suitableThis lid is not leak proofbut pour easy The fridge carafe has been designed in a simple classic milk bottle shape the size of which fits neatly into the fridge door The mouth of the carafe is large enough for ice cubes and sliced lemon And of course there is the added bonus that the carafe is a decorative element on the table This carafe...

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