How to make the PERFECT margarita! {Im spilling our secret ingredient.}

Hey hey! I was going to share a DIY project with you today, but then I heard that National Margarita Day is this weekend and I had to switch topics. This is timely for that "holiday" but if you're like us, useful all year round.

I'll just say it -- we're kind of famous for our homemade margaritas. Famous...with our friends. ;) Our margs are highly sought after and absolutely DELICIOUS.

My husband perfected this recipe years ago after we found one in a restaurant that we loved. I'll share two other slightly different options as well. ALL are so good!
best margarita recipe ingredients

For us, the key to a delicious marg is the orange flavor. Lime is needed of course, but we prefer the freshness and taste of extra orange.

If you do too, this is the recipe for you! You'll need three different liquors. I took pics so you know what to look for:
easy margarita recipe

The best margarita recipe

(we use a shot glass for each "part" but you can increase that size for a larger batch)

Two to four parts lime juice (if you can hand squeeze, even better)
Two parts tequila (we prefer Silver Patron)
One part Patron Citronge liqueur
One part Cointreau
Two tablespoons powdered sugar (our secret ingredient!) to taste
Oranges, lemons and/or limes to garnish

This is pretty self-explanatory, but there are a couple things to consider.
  • The variation in lime juice depends on how strong you want your margarita. Start with two (it will be STRONG, but keep in mind the ice will water it down) and go up from there to suit your preference.
  • Make sure to use the orange Citronge -- they have a few different flavors available.
  • Powdered sugar gives the drink sweetness and keeps it from getting too tart. (Tartness kills a good marg, in my opinion.) Play with the amount to your liking -- you may want less, may want more. Be sure to stir well!

We love ours with crushed ice:
The BEST margarita recipe

Salt your rim by dipping the glass in water, then dipping in salt all the way around. Play with different flavored salt! I love a spicy version.

It's quite easy and so good! The initial ingredients will be expensive, but will last you a long time:
How to make the perfect margarita

There are times I'll change this just a bit. You can use agave nectar instead of powdered sugar. It's still very good!

I've also found a mix at Trader Joe's that I love:
Trader Joe's margarita mix

I sometimes use this in place of the lime juice and powdered sugar. It's very good! Not as good as our recipe, but yummy!

There you go. I've been meaning to share this with you for years! Do you have a margarita recipe you love?

Here's an image to pin for later:
How to make the perfect margarita

Have you tried my sangria recipe? It's another hit!:
Classic fruity sangria recipe

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