Why Kim Kardashian and Kanye Wests Latest Land Grab Is Weirdly Brilliant

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Kim Kardashian West and Kanye Westalready own a massive house in Hidden Hills, CA, but apparently thats not enough space. Witness their most recent acquisition: an undeveloped 2-acre plot for $6.3 million in La Quinta, CA.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the plot was quietly purchased at the end of last year through a trust, and the seller is a corporation with ties to billionaire businessman Ronald Burkle.

The Kardashian-West parcel is located in the Madison Club, an exclusive golf and tennis community in La Quinta, which is a two-hour drive (or, in Kardashian-West terms, a short private plane ride) from Los Angeles.

Why Kim and Kanye purchased property in La Quinta

So has this A-list couple just discovered the joys of hitting the links? Odds are, La Quinta attracted Kimye for far different reasons. For one, the Madison Club isnt just any old golf club, but one with an exclusive clientele, counting Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber among its members.

Best known as a winter playground for the rich and famous, this spot is also close to Coachella, SoCals largest music festival grounds, so you can expect Kanye to headline there for a few years simply out of convenience, says Tyler Drew, CEO of Anubis Properties in Los Angeles.

The couples latest land grab is also conveniently located close to family, as Kardashian Wests mom, Kris Jenner, has her own mansion on the same street. Little sister Kylie Jenner also owns a piece of property nearby.

This seems like a very strategic move from the Kardashian-West clan, as creating a family land bank is something wealthy families have been doing for decades, says Odest T. Riley Jr., CEO of WLM Financial, a real estate brokerage firm in Inglewood, CA.

And compared with Los Angeles, La Quinta is a bargain, with acres of wide-open desert for the taking.

You get so much more for your money heretheres no way Kim and Kanye could have picked up 2 acres for this price in the vicinity of L.A., and even if you could find it, youd have to tear something down, says Cara Ameer, a real estate agent with Coldwell Banker in Los Angeles.

Another perk of La Quintas remote location is fewer hassles when it comes to construction.

Building something rather large in the desert doesnt come with as much red tape as it does closer to L.A., adds Drew.

With an empty lot, Kimye can put their personal imprint on a mansion thatll suit the needs of their growing family.

I could see them building an all-encompassing compound where they wouldnt have to stray too far for what they need, including a huge pool and grotto, guesthouse, and a private spa or massage rooms so people can come to them, says Ameer.

So would this mean theyd just kick back at home, or might they also socialize with their neighbors at the Madison Club?

I doubt theyll sit by the pool, says Ameer, but Im sure the Madison Club is extending facility privileges to all of the Kardashians, and I could imagine them plugging into the health and wellness aspects of this club as well as hiking and biking on their trails to relax.

The Kardashian effect on La Quinta

While this growing swell of KarJenner sisters (and the attendant paparazzi) could leave the neighbors tearing their hair out, theres an upside as well.

The Kardashians buying in the Madison Club and specifically La Quinta is good for property values and raises the prestige factor overall, says Ameer.

This purchase could benefit the club by highlighting how exclusive the brand isand from a business perspective, all free publicity is good publicity, adds Riley.

Potential downsides to an investment like this one could include resale issuesand even the baking sun.

Living in the desert isnt a year-round thing to do, as the temperatures really start to soar from April through the fall, so theres a short window of comfortable weather in which to enjoy this property, says Ameer. This spot swells with crowds in the winter months and has a lot of properties that are second homes or rentals, so there arent many year-round residents. Though this probably suits the Kardashian-Wests, as theyre on the move more than anyone else.

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