In the current era, where most of our correspondence is digital, it makes sense that cards have also made the jump online

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Now, whether you’re sending a card to someone across the world or you just remembered someone’s birthday is today, you can send a card to anyone at any time.

Here are the best ecard maker websites for that special occasion.

1. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is an in-depth online media creator. You can use Spark for a lot more than just greeting cards; it’s also perfect for pamphlets, posters, and portfolios.

As such, Adobe Spark isn’t good for generating a quick and easy card. It is, however, great for designing one that fits your needs best. You can use the templates to design a physical card that you can print and fold, or use it to create your own ecard to save and send to your loved ones.

Because Adobe Spark focuses on professional usage, there’s a lot locked behind paywalls. As such, if you decide on using Spark, be ready to sift through the paid options to get to the free ones.

2. Canva

If you want a professional-looking free ecard maker, try Canva. It’s one of the more interesting options on this list, as it allows you to create cards and share them as a video instead of an image.

You can use Canva to create a traditional card to print out; however, its real power comes from using videos in your cards. You can use the premade videos that Canvas has in its library, or upload one of your own from your desktop. This makes it a great way to share a special video that encapsulates the occasion.

When you’re done placing videos, you can download your card as either a video or a gif. Whichever option you pick, the end result will go through each of the pages you designed for the card, including playing any videos you embedded. If you chose the video download option, it’d even play the sound in each clip.

3. JibJab

If you’re after an ecard generator that’s a little silly, try JibJab. JibJab’s main attraction is the ability to upload faces for their premade cards. The result is a funny card personalized with you or your friend’s faces on it.

The card generator is surprisingly robust. You choose a card you want to send, then upload the faces of the people you want to star in it. JibJab will then let you line up the jaw tool, so the card knows where the face’s mouths are. This is because the actors in the card can speak and sing, with animated mouths like something out of South Park.

4. Befunky

Befunky is a useful ecard maker that speeds up the process. It comes with a selection of different premade templates for you to choose from. Once you’d picked out a model, you can edit the text on it to customize it to your needs.

Unfortunately, while Befunky does have a beautiful collection of templates, you’ll find the majority of them require a monthly fee of $6.99 to unlock.

Befunky also requires Flash to run, which modern-day browsers will have a problem with allowing. As such, you may need to learn the steps to enable Flash in Chrome.

5. Someecards

Someecards is an odd entry on this list. There is no way to build your own card; the ability to make your own Someecard vanished in 2018.

As such, there’s no real room for personalization here and isn’t the ideal choice for people who want to tailor the card to their needs. Instead, you can browse images and memes that relate to different occasions and share them.

The main forte for Someecards is that you can share the cards via a link. While over card services need an email address to send your card, or require you to upload and share a file, Someecards can be shared by copy-pasting the link wherever you need it.

6. Smilebox

Smilebox makes it very easy to make a card. You can select a template to suit your needs, then quickly add photos to your design. To make it extra flashy, you can add music to play while the card’s animation slowly reveals the details.

Unfortunately, Smilebox is very restrictive if you want to use it for free. You’re only allowed to share your creation via Facebook or Twitter, and the card will have Smilebox’s watermark on it. However, if you’re willing to pay for premium, Smilebox can be an excellent source for professional-looking cards for any occasion.

7. Amazon eGift Cards

If you want to tie a gift to your ecard, why not try an Amazon eGift card? These are like an ecard and a gift card combined, allowing you to choose from a pre-set selection of cards to fit the occasion.

You can choose from regular cards, animated ones, or upload a photo to personalize the card. Then, select the amount of money you want to send. You can send the card via email or text message, whichever works best for you.

When your recipient receives the card, they’ll see your design, name, and gift card redemption code all in one. It’s a very convenient way to celebrate an occasion when you’re unsure what to get the person in question.

Celebrating a Special Occasion With Style

Thanks to their personalization, ease of use, or their speedy delivery, digital ecards are a useful way to celebrate an occasion. Now you know some of the best websites out there for making a card of your own, so you can commemorate an event with style.

If you’re celebrating a birthday, why not accompany your card with a happy birthday meme?

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