Blissful Living: 3 life changing Feng Shui rituals

What can I say, I am obsessed with Feng Shui! If you don't already know that, you can read more in this blog post. Over the course of my career, its seeped deeply into how I work, what I teach and everything I do. It's a way of life. Every passing year, my passion grows more and more, and its not surprise that my work with my Feng Shui clients lights me up so much. I can’t even contain the joy. I know in my heart, this is the work God called me to and nothing feels better than that.

I love sharing the importance of rituals, too. Rituals serve as a tool for creating deeply meaningful ways to connect not only with ourselves but with each other and our environments. And in a time when we are stuck in our homes, life changing rituals are vital to our sanity. I don’t know about you, but almost two weeks of this Corona quarantine has us feeling really……on edge.


Raise your hand if you are guilty of waking up and grabbing your phone. I know my hand is raised. My friends, this is not doing anything to help you in a beautiful life. It’s actually a habit that sets you up for more stress, feelings of insecurity and worrying about the world. It’s important that we remember to prioritize our self, our wellness and we have to actually do it (how many times do we know what to do, but don’t actually do it?). In the military, you learn to make your bed first thing in the morning because it sets you up for a day under the guise that how you do one thing is how you do everything. So, if you make up your bed with intention, excellence, care and discipline, you will have that much more positive force behind every other thing you do that day. It’s a habit that serves way more than just a pretty bed to look at. If you need some inspiration, come hang out in the Blissful Living Lounge, we recently shared photos of our freshly made beds. Sometimes, its nice to have that support.

On the same note. Get going and get dressed. Sure, it’s easy to throw on pajamas and dress sloppy all day but how does that make you feel? Is that the woman you really want to be? Sure, its cozy, it’s easy and effortless. But when you hang in your sweats all day, you are showing yourself and your family that its okay to be lazy and not put effort into your happiness and wellness. And if you’d like to argue that you want to be in your pajamas all day, at least let them be cute ones. Get up and wash your face, put on some lipgloss and mascara, spray on some perfume. Show life and your family that you are confident and take pride in yourself. This isn’t about being perfect or looking perfect, its showing up everyday and letting the universe know that you are ready for all the things that you want. So, even if you are home alone, you’re still choosing the vibration that you begin your day with. When you make these shifts in your life, your environment will follow suit and the energy of your environment will flow better.


One of my favorite things to do is working with the energy of color. You see, each color (the same thing goes for crystals) has a unique energy associated to it. In my book, I talk about Chromotherapy and the effect colors have on us. It affects everything, from our environment, to the colors we wear, the color of our wallets, etc. You can use the power of color, in your home to uplift your energy and enhance your intentions. For example, yellow flowers bring in happiness and the spirit of friendship so have them in your home when you invite your friends over or give them as a hostess gift. Color infused intention to everything we do.

So, how can you use this to your advantage? Take a moment to connect with yourself in the morning. Decide what you want to experience that day. What do you want more of in your life? If you can’t think of anything, just see what color you’re most attracted to (go with your first instinct) and see what your subconscious may be telling you. Then, go infuse your home with more of that color. It could be flowers, candles, accent pillows, decorations, etc. (use this cute chart made by my friend @fengshuiash)

Now, for a fun little story from one of my recent Feng Shui Flow client sessions…

Jenny ( using an alias to protect her privacy ) is a 36 year old woman who is fierce, bright, talented and just happens to be a very successful restaurant business owner. On paper, she really has it all. But Jenny feels depleted, overwhelmed, nervous because of the current state of the world and wants to use this "break" to make a change in her life. And she just knew it began with her home. Her husband is stressed because the kids are home and he's trying to stay focused on his job. "How can I make our home happier, we need our home to be a place where we all feel good?". 
The sad truth is most everyone is just like Jenny, when you're doing your life, your home falls by the wayside. Bills pile up, clutter begins to accumulate and before you know it, you're eating out every night for dinner because you kind of just want to get away. 
Life doesn't have to be like that. And you don't have to be on the show Extreme Home Makeover for it to be beautiful and a heart warming place to be. 
Ladies!!! I am here to tell you, that YOU hold the power to make a happy home. YOU have everything you need within you to nourish your family AND yourself just by making a few adjustments in your space. 
This is what Feng Shui is and what's its all about. 

So many people just assume Feng Shui is unattractive, out dated, boring and complicated....but it isn't. There is a fresh, modern way to up-level your home in a happy and holistic way that can help you fall in love with your space again. You deserve to treat yourself to the transformation. 
It's a lot easier than you think. By understanding the FLOW of your space and how it relates to your life, you schedule, your can change the vibe of your home. and I can totally help you get there. 

So, today, I want to leave you with my Feng Shui tip of the day. The tip I told Jenny. This is an easy way to get started, whether you live alone or you've got a full house. 

And I mean, really set your table. Even if no one typically eats there. When you want to bring connection into your home, this is where that connection starts. Here's what will happen.....
As you begin to set your table with intention, your internal vibration changes. Your energy lightens up. Inspiration begins to course through you. Next thing you know, you're cleaning the dishes and things get put up (thus, changing the vibe of your kitchen). The dining table no longer looks like a place to throw bills, random mail, bags, homework, packages and extra crap. You'll begin to clean up other things because once the shift begins, you wont stop. Your kids begin to question what's happening and they notice a shift in the home. Your husband begins to think "who is this woman?" (which will create a new dynamic within the relationship). YOU ARE CHANGING SHIT UP! 
Whether it seems to get a positive or negative reaction, you are creating change for the family. You are filling yourself with confidence, control, you're busy with having to look for recipe ideas, decor inspiration, maybe having to step outside of your comfort zone and do something new. 
And if you're single and you're doing this for yourself, you're feeling like a high vibe, sexy Martha Stewart. Even if you actually order take out but put it on your stylish new dishes on the gorgeous table spread. However this looks for are raising your vibe in a major way. 
This is just ONE small shift that begins a whole slew of new feelings inside. And when you do the very Feng Shui rituals I won't recognize your life. And you will come out of this corona virus a new woman with a new family! 

I promise. You will LOVE IT! So, take this tip seriously today. Don't procrastinate, don't make excuses. Do it. And when things begin to shift for you and you notice the elevation.........come book your Feng Shui session with me so together, we can keep this going and transform your world into bliss! 

You are worthy of a beautiful life. You can have it all. You get to choose to remove anything stopping you OR to keep things as they are. 

I hope Jenny's story inspired you. Because it totally inspired me. 

love you, Ashlina

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