I have a super fun Strength and HIIT workout for you today that is great for any fitness level, from beginner to advanced.

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You’ll be working out today with the awesome Coach Amanda!

Coach Amanda is a NASM and NESTA Certified Personal Trainer, Crossfit Level 1 Trainer, TRX Qualified Trainer and a Team Betty Rocker Coach in Rock Your Life.

This circuit will get your heart rate up and your muscles working in just 20 minutes! Keep reading to find out more about why Coach Amanda loves this type of training and then “HIIT” play to #stopdropandbettyrock right along with her.

Coach Amanda here! I love this workout because it incorporates both strength and cardio, so you’ll get sweaty while you get strong. And what better way to do that than with burpees!

Burpees are one of my all time favorite movements (and I think Bree’s too) because whether you’re short on time, short on space or short on motivation….these get your heart rate up and your muscles firing! They are a compound movement that builds muscular strength and endurance, coordination, power, and cardiovascular fitness all at the same time!

Another reason I chose the moves in this workout is because they are all functional – meaning they are based on real world situational movements; movements that we do in everyday life. Like picking up and carrying your grocery bags, think bicep curls, or grabbing your suit case to put it in the overhead bin of the airplane – woodchops.

We work out to be good at life, not just good at working out! Now grab some dumbbells or water bottles and lets HIIT it!

Full Body Strength and HIIT

Perform each exercise for 8-10 repetitions and repeat entire circuit for 4 rounds

Power Burpees
Stand with your feet shoulder width apart Push your hips back, bend your knees, and bring your hands to the floor or elevated surface Jump or step your feet back into a tall plank position Keeping your core engaged, bring your body all the way down to the ground until your chest and thighs touch the ground. Powerfully press yourself back up to a tall plank position. Jump or step your feet back up towards your hands.  Extend your hips back to a standing position and finish by jumping with your hands reaching toward the ceiling.  MOD: Do this on an elevated surface and step your feet in and out for a lower impact movement. 
Sumo Squat Step Outs
Begin in squat position, feet slightly wider than hip distance apart, core engaged, chest up, and keeping your weight in your heels. Staying in your low squat, step your right foot out wide to end in a sumo squat position, staying low the whole time.  Bring your left foot to meet your right.  Repeat with your left leg, stepping out wide and bringing your right foot to meet your left foot.  Remember to stay in your low squat the whole time. MOD: Stand up more in your squat as to not be so low.
Bicep Curls – cross body wide
Holding your weighted objects with your palms facing you, pull your shoulder blades back and down with your core engaged.  Keeping the upper arms stationary, perform a cross body single arm bicep curl by curling the weight up to your shoulder while contracting your bicep (palm facing you).  Reverse the movement and repeat on the other side.  Return to starting position, externally rotate your arms, keeping your elbows by your sides and perform a wide bicep curl and return to your sides.  Repeat those 3 curls back to back.
Reverse Lunge
Start with your feet hip-width apart, core engaged Step your right foot back behind you, begin bending your back knee until your back knee nearly touches the ground in a 90 degree angle. As you stand up, power through your front heel and come to standing. Repeat with left leg  Ensure your knee is not shooting out over your toe and maintain an upright chest  Pro Tip: Hold a dumbbell in each hand for added resistance.
Start standing with your feet shoulder width apart and turned out slightly.  Hold your dumbbell with both hands and squat down until your thighs are parallel to the floor, keeping your chest up tall and keeping the dumbbell on the outside of your left thigh.  As you stand up out of the squat, twist your torso to the right side and lift the weight up and across your body with straight arms.  As you lift, keep your eyes on the dumbbell and turn your torso so you end up facing the dumbbell, which is above your right shoulder (you should be using your core muscles to control this movement).  Slowly reverse that movement and repeat all repetitions on one side before moving on. MOD: Remove the dumbbell and do this with just body weight.  

Amazing job! You are strong, you are awesome you are a ROCKSTAR!
Be sure to check in with me and Coach Amanda, and let us know how you liked the workout and where you did it from. We love hearing from you!

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