Why relocating your business to Yorkshire could be the best move you’ll make

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Relocating your business can be a laborious task, often involving a lot of stress and upheaval along the way – but sometimes, taking the plunge is the best possible thing you can do.

Although it’s something most businesses will want to avoid where possible due to the risk and expenditure it often entails, there are many benefits to doing so. Being closer to your clients – especially those in the affluent, high net category – will give you a distinct advantage over the competition – something which is getting tougher every single day. If you can be nearer and offer a greater level of convenience, you’ll remain their top pick – reducing the chances that they’ll consider doing business with anyone else.

Moving can also be beneficial if you’re looking to reach a new market, and if you see a gap in a new area for the service you provide, then you’d be foolish not to go after it. Many international businesses nowadays are opting to relocate themselves to the UK, where disposable income is higher and opportunities abound – but gone are the days when they would head straight to the big smoke, and these days, Yorkshire is quickly emerging as the place to be.
Yorkshire, formally known as the County of York, is a historic county of Northern England and the largest in the United Kingdom
Every thriving business looks out for ways to increase profits and cut costs, and many of the UK’s homegrown businesses have spotted an opportunity to slash their overheads by moving to Yorkshire. Now, overseas companies are beginning to follow suit, viewing the northern location as one of the best places to base themselves to either break into the UK market or increase their ever-expanding British customer base.

Boasting a far lower cost of living and operating than London – which has long been viewed as the obvious location for businesses to base themselves – the savings to be made are significant. And, with more space for your money than in the capital, it can be the ideal move for businesses looking to expand.

Yorkshire has a great deal to offer besides just this, with a raft of benefits to enjoy for anyone moving their business or home to the area. From great food and people, excellent schools and transport links to increased happiness levels, it’s a great place to relocate to in more ways than one. Read on to find out why – then get on the phone to those international movers.
Property prices

The ancient seaport of Whitby, Yorkshire is a beautiful and picturesque natural harbour situated on England’s North East Coast. Image credit: anchaleeyates/Bigstock.com
There’s no denying you get more bang for your buck when it comes to property in the area and compared to much of the UK (especially London), house prices are far lower – so get set to swap your city townhouse for a sprawling mansion with plenty of land instead. The average price of a new build starter home in Yorkshire last year was just £110,156 – so if you’re already a few rungs up the property ladder then just imagine what you could get. Whilst local house prices are low, they have continued to grow steadily – making now a great time to invest in the area.

The 2019 Halifax Quality of Life Survey conducted earlier this year revealed that Richmondshire was the cream of the crop when it comes to quality of life – but if you’re looking for sheer luxury then head to the spa town of Ilkley, which is nestled in a privileged setting featuring fancy shops, tea rooms and many cultural activities. Living in this boutique town will set you back around £404,668 on average. Harrogate, Otley and North Ferriby are equally affluent and quaint.
Great food

The Yorke Arms holds a coveted Michelin star
When it comes to fine dining, Yorkshire is home to a surprising number of high end, high quality restaurants, which means foodies will be in their element.

If you’re looking for Michelin-starred options, then you’ll have five outstanding options to choose from, scattered across the county. All are prime examples of culinary excellence and are not to be missed.

The Yorke Arms, set in an 18th century coaching house nestled in the heart of the breath-taking scenery of the Nidderdale Valley, is a particular highlight. Located at the end of the Gouthwaite reservoir in the village of Ramsgil, it’s headed up by Chef Frances Atkins – one of only six female Michelin-starred chefs in the UK, and taking inspiration from the abundance of mouth-watering local produce Yorkshire has to offer, a taste sensation is guaranteed. Not only that, but thanks to the picturesque countryside to be enjoyed nearby, it’s the perfect place for a foodie’s day out in the Dales.
Natural beauty

Yorkshire is renowned internationally for its breath-taking natural beauty, and wherever you choose to base yourself, you’re never more than a stone’s throw from the countryside
Yorkshire is renowned internationally for its breath-taking natural beauty, and wherever you choose to base yourself, you’re never more than a stone’s throw from the countryside. Featuring two stunning national parks – the Yorkshire Dale and the North York Moors, walking and hiking routes abound. The area is steeped in rich history, too, with the Romans, Celts and Vikings all having settled here – so historic villages and beautiful castles make it a beautiful place to live, work and explore.

If you’re still not convinced, then bear this in mind; a survey by Robert Holden found that workplace happiness in Yorkshire and the Humber is the highest in the UK – with lower stress levels experienced here than the average British worker. We all know that happiest workers are the most productive, so what better reason to relocate your business?
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