Vegan Christmas Recipes

Whether you need a fabulous centrepiece or a quick recipe for a last-minute vegan guest Ive got you covered with a collection of the best plant-based Christmas recipes on the web.

I havent put any recipes for roasting veggies below because there are so many of those easily found with a google search. This collection features my favourite recipes Ive tried (marked with a +) and a few I havent yet been able to but seem well reviewed and look great!

If you have any favourite plant-based Christmas recipes Ive missed please feel free to comment them below for others to find!


Chestnut, Mushroom and Red Wine Pithivier

For a gorgeous, luxurious centrepiece which shouldnt take too long to pull together, this recipe ticks the boxes. It looks beautiful and its one Id love to try.

Vegan Meatloaf with Gravy (+)

This is the best nut roast/vegan meatloaf recipe Ive found to date. Its not crumbly and actually holds its shape, its delicious, its filling and its not too difficult to make. The gravy it also delicious. I highly recommend making this, if not for Christmas at another point in time!

1-Hour Vegan Pot Pies

This ones a great one for a last-minute recipe. With a quick trip to the store, this recipe can be made quickly if you need an alternative for a non-meat eater at your table this Christmas. I always love Minimalist Bakers recipes so Im sure this recipe will not disappoint.

Chickpea, Butternut and Spinach Pie (+)

This is a great dish; the picture does not do it justice. The recipe is fairly easy to make with few ingredients, its difficult to go wrong with this one. Its hearty and delicious.

Ultimate Vegan Christmas Roast Wellington

Ive yet to find an Avant Garde Vegan recipe I do not like. Gazs recipes are always jam-packed full of flavour so if you want a fancy centrepiece thats truly as delicious as it looks this one might be the one for you. Its a longer recipe but should be worth the effort!

Vegan Turkey-less Roast

If youre looking for something more like a normal turkey roast this might be the recipe for you. It takes a bit of time so preparation is key. There are options to make your own stuffing or use store-bought.


Vegan Cauliflower Cheese (+)

I made this recipe recently and wasnt expecting much because it was so simple but I was more than surprised at how good this was. For little effort this recipe really packs a punch. A great plant based alternative to cauliflower cheese!

Vegan Gravy

A decadent vegan gravy which takes a little more time and effort but sounds delicious. If you fancy going to the effort of making your own gravy why not go the whole way and make this one!

Yorkshire Puddings (+)

Im still to find a recipe that replicates non-vegan Yorkshire puddings, all recipes without eggs are not the same, they taste a lot more cakey. This recipe from Avant Garde Vegan is the best Ive found and the only recipe I make. Ive made a lot in my search for the best way to make them and Ill keep trying but for now this one works well. Its part of his Christmas cookbook but Ive found the recipe free online so I can share it with you!


Apple Gingerbread Cake

If the picture doesnt sell you on this one, the flavour combination of apple and gingerbread should do it. Im keen to try this recipe but it does require quite a few ingredients I dont usually have in my fridge so waiting for a special occasion to make this one like Christmas!

Boozy Mince Pies (+)

Another recipe from Avant Garde Vegans cookbook that I managed to find online! These mince pies are amazing. You can leave out the boozy if you want to make them child-friendly, theyll still be flavourful and go down a treat!

Brownies (+)

This is my go-to quick and easy but super yummy brownie recipe. These brownies have pleased many vegans and non-vegans a like. You dont have to make the caramel sauce, they taste great on their own! Another recipe to make at any time of year.

Peanut Butter Swirl Brownies

I doubt I need to sell you on these! Peanut Butter and Chocolate gooeyness. These are a great dessert any time of the year, but wonderful when you want something decadent at Christmas!

Italian Apple Cake (+)

This cake is soft and moist and perfect. It can be made quite quickly and easily with few ingredients. I havent made this for a while and pulling this collection together has made me what to make it again!

Vegan Chocolate Cake

This is a quick, simple recipe which should impress. Despite its simplicity, it looks delicious and most people love a chocolate cake. Ive never been a fan of Christmas pudding so for me chocolate cake is my Christmas go to.

Vegan Panettone (+)

I made these last year and they worked so well. If you love panettone and want a vegan alternative give this recipe ago. You can change up the flavours to suit what you want/have already in the cupboard.

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