The Puff Box from JAC Vapour

The Puff Box from JAC Vapour

The Puff Box from JAC Vapour | AD

Did you know that two disposable vapes are thrown away every second in here in the United Kingdom? That’s a lot of waste! The lithium waste is about 0.15 per unit, which means this is an equivalent to 1,200 electric vehicle batteries a year.

Regular vapes are not reusable and usually made from plastics that are rarely recyclable but instead ground down to harmful microplastics. They are also harmful to the environment in other ways as when their batteries and circuit boards break down, they leak toxic chemicals into the environment. Finally, regular vapes are very expensive at approximate 80p per puff. With the cost of living being a concern for most of us, every saving is useful.

JAC Vapour has created a new product called Puff Box, the indisposable vape.

The Puff Box from JAC Vapour costs just £5.99 and is a rechargeable and reusable vape. Compared to traditional disposable vapes, the Puff Box is usually more than 50% less expensive and your saving will be even bigger if you are switching from smoking cigarettes.

It can be charged with any USB-C cable and is then ready to be used with a twist-in refill. It’s available in three coloured finishes to suit your style and the refills are currently available in six different flavours. Because refills are used, lots of plastic and lithium battery waste is saved. The body of the Puff Box can be re-used for a long time and the refills can be posted back to JAC for recycling.


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