A tech worker should be all about improving customer experience: Kim Nguyen of Recruitery

Kim Nguyen is Co-Founder of Recruitery, which provides headhunting and payroll solutions for remote teams. It helps organisations hire, pay, and manage payroll, tax, and compliance globally.

In this candid interview, Nguyen talks about her company’s culture and hiring philosophies.

What personality traits/qualities do you look for in potential employees?

As the work culture of the world is impacted due to the recent pandemic, I look for the ability to adapt fast in my potential employees. Flexibility in unforeseen situations like the pandemic is vital in efficiently carrying out the assigned work. 

I would also love to see ownership in my employees, being proud of their work and not just having a “get it done” mindset but going the extra mile to ensure that no potential errors could arise.

How do they fit into your company culture? Tell us a little more about your company culture.

Recruitery’s company culture is all about trust and building trust.

Trusting each other will help you go faster and do more meaningful things. Individuals need to trust their colleagues to empower and support them to do their job well. 

On the contrary, each person must build a reputation to retain people’s trust and always choose reputable customers and partners. We also believe in giving back to society and impacting it significantly.

We always want our time and effort to create the most excellent value and impact for the organisation and the recruitment market. So, we tackle the most important ones instead of wasting time on minor and low-impact issues. That must have a significant impact on the organisation’s future goals.

How do you foster transparency and encourage achievement in the workplace?

We have a communication channel in the company to share any ongoing or winning deals. Also, recognising the winner and those who aided it on the channel creates transparency, as it shows exactly what deal was won, and no numbers will be tailored to our personal benefits.

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We host bi-weekly meetings for the entire company to share their opinions on what can be improved, as well as to motivate employees. We also have monthly recognitions of the top performers in the company. 

For example, we made a customised gift for last year’s top performers for every team.

Do you have a mental health policy? What does that look like?

No. We do not have a mental health policy, but after work hours, the respective departments will usually go about their own personal dinner and bond together. 

In this kind of activity, they have conversations outside of work, and this aids in creating empathy within the team. So when personal problems arise, the team will help one another just like a family instead of a colleague relationship.

WFH or WFO, or hybrid?

Currently, we are WFO, but in the coming future, we are moving to hybrid.

How should a tech worker prepare for the funding winter?

A tech worker should be all about improving customer experience. Be close and personal with the customers and not just have a transactional relationship. Listen to their feedback and understand their needs before deciding if they suit the company’s solution.

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Based on understanding different customer needs, they then should focus on acquiring strategic partnerships to keep the cash flow consistent for the company.

How do you measure the performance of your employees?

Based on the KPI and the actual progress/achievement of employees. Feedback from peers, direct managers, and customers/stakeholders is also essential. How they adapt to different strategies and deal with failures when not producing results from the previous one is also an essential factor.

Will you consider a moderately skilled person with great honesty or a highly skilled person with less honesty when hiring?

It depends on the purpose of hiring those individuals. In long-term scenarios, a moderately skilled person with great honesty is preferred as skills can be honed, and a dishonest person is hard to change, and you never know when they might betray the company for personal gain.

Do you encourage ‘intrapreneurship’ in your organisation?

We at Recruitery consistently foster the innovation of new ideas and support the implementation if it’s aligned with the company vision/mission. Anyone from any department could voice out an idea if they see it fit, as sometimes they might see things from a different perspective from the receiving end if they were to be in the customer success team, always hearing feedback from other people. Their ideas could help to do specific tasks more efficiently and value added to the company.

How do you support upskilling for your employees?

Recruitery generally sets aside a budget for course fees for employees to go and do personal coaching on the job. In the duration of the employee’s work, we also have our personal review from the supervisors to give opinions for improvements.

In addition, we have our small dry runs before meeting with a client to see how they pitch to clients and give feedback on how we can improve their pitch. Time management is also critical, and teaching our employees how to prioritise their tasks is taught.

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