The 7 Best Patio Chairs in 2022

You can’t truly enjoy an outdoor living space without first investing in the right furniture. At the very least, every patio should include some comfortable, stylish seating!

Patio chairs are far from one-size-fits-all. As if picking furniture based on appearance wasn’t enough, you also need to consider things like material, size, and function.

While the potential options at your disposal are practically endless, the act of actually shopping for new outdoor furniture can be extremely overwhelming.

The patio chairs below will help you narrow down your choices. So, you can spend more time lounging on your patio and less time designing it!

Best Buy

1. Polywood R100AR Presidential Rocking Chair

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Style: Rocking
Material: Plastic
Upholstery: None

If you’re looking for patio seating that combines a classic aesthetic with modern features, this chair is a great place to start.

Don’t let the plastic construction fool you. This chair — made of recycled milk jugs — boasts greater durability than many “luxury” counterparts. The plastic frame is moisture-, fade-, rust-, and stain-resistant.

The sheer simplicity of this patio chair also makes it extremely versatile. Tuck a single chair into the corner of your porch or balcony. Or purchase a matching set for multiple seating options. This chair can also be paired with matching side tables for a complete patio furniture setup.

Despite the great things this patio chair has to offer, it falls short in terms of comfort.

The seat is a bit too short for many people and the back is very straight. So, if you plan to add this chair to your collection, be sure to invest in a set of cushions as well.


2. Cambridge Brown Wicker Rocking Chair with CushionGuard

Cambridge Brown Wicker Rocking Chair with CushionGuard

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Style: Rocking
Material: Steel and resin
Upholstery: Removable polyester cushions

This swiveling club chair is the perfect place to kick back and relax after a long day. The steel and resin frame offers the aesthetic of wicker without any of the drawbacks.

The removable cushions come in many different colors. So it’s possible to match nearly any existing patio decor.

Mix and match any other pieces from the coordinating collection to complete your outdoor living space. The rocking and swiveling design can be paired with a table or stand on its own.

The biggest downside of this otherwise comfortable patio chair is its durability. Within a short time, the rocking base may warp and start rubbing against itself. This issue may be more likely to occur with excess weight or moisture exposure.

Also, the included cushions fall short of some peoples’ expectations. But if the rest of the chair’s design suits your needs, upgrading to even better upholstery is an easy fix.


3. Otteridge Patio Porch Swing with Stand

Otteridge Patio Porch Swing with Stand

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Style: Swinging
Material: Metal
Upholstery: Polyester sling fabric

While not a chair in the traditional sense, this classic porch swing serves much the same purpose as one!

This standalone swing can be placed almost anywhere — no need to mount it to an existing structure. It boasts a seating capacity of up to 3 people and the stand can support 750 pounds at a time.

The sling fabric cover offers the perfect degree of simplicity and comes in a few basic colors. For outdoor seating with a bit more pizzazz, leave room in the decor budget for a set of vibrant throw pillows.

The built-in shade canopy is a major plus if you’re furnishing an uncovered space. No matter your complexion or affinity for the sun, a bit of extra UV protection is never a bad thing!

Despite the pros, this is far from the most comfortable chair on the market. This is especially true for taller individuals. For a patio swing that you can curl up in or even lie down on, you’ll want to look elsewhere.


4. Beacon Park Brown Wicker Lounge Chair

Beacon Park Brown Wicker Lounge Chair

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Style: Rocking
Material: Steel and resin
Upholstery: Removable Olefin cushions

It’s fairly easy to tell a person’s design priorities by the type of seating they choose. If you find yourself gravitating toward particularly cozy pieces, this wicker lounge chair will definitely catch your eye.

This patio chair is marketed toward fans of the farmhouse aesthetic, and it would look right at home in such a space. But there’s also plenty of reason to include this lounge chair in a modern-, contemporary-, or even Victorian-inspired space!

As is the case with most Hampton Bay furniture, this patio chair is just one part of a matching collection. Coordinating items include tables, ottomans, dining chairs, and more.

For the average person, this chair will probably feel oversized. This could be a benefit or a drawback depending on what you’re looking for in your new patio seating.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the assembly process is very hit or miss. While there’s a good chance you’ll have no trouble putting this chair together, some units ship with warped or misaligned parts.


5. Walker Edison Rendezvous 2 Piece Outdoor Dining Chairs Set

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Style: Dining
Material: Acacia wood
Upholstery: Removable polyester cushion

What’s better than one stylish patio chair? If you thought the answer was anything but “two stylish patio chairs,” you’ve given us too much credit in terms of originality!

All bad jokes aside, these patio chairs contain a ton of potential just waiting to be tapped. While they’re labeled as dining chairs, there’s no shortage of functions these chairs could serve.

Of course, the solid acacia wood construction is beautiful. Just keep in mind that it needs more maintenance than synthetic materials. Walker Edison recommends applying teak oil every 2 to 3 months.

These chairs aren’t the peak of quality but are a worthwhile investment for the price. For most, the assembly process is the worst part of owning these chairs.


6. Flamaker 3 Pieces Patio Furniture Set

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Style: Rocking
Material: Steel and resin
Upholstery: Removable polyester cushions

There are many times when a single patio chair is all you need. But investing in a multi-piece set can help take the guesswork out of home decorating. This patio set includes two chairs and a matching accent table.

The metal frame is durable and well-crafted. It also includes a subtle touch of resin rattan. But this latter detail is easy to miss if you don’t know it’s there.

Even if a side table wasn’t on your list of must-haves, it’s a convenient addition to any seating area.

Note that this particular style of rocking chair isn’t ideal for use at a dining table or for a similar purpose. The only way to prevent rocking is to place a shim on either side of the base.

Affordability is definitely something this furniture set has going for it. But it lacks the durability, comfort, and ease of assembly of higher-end options.


7. Devoko 3 Pieces Rattan Wicker Chairs Set

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Style: Club
Material: Steel and resin
Upholstery: Removable polyester cushions

This patio set is another great way to fill an outdoor space without spending a fortune on furniture. It includes two chairs plus a side table.

These chairs combine a basic profile with the texture of rattan-inspired resin. But the streamlined look overall may not suit all decor styles.

The inclusion of a matching side table makes this set ideal for stints of sitting with a cocktail or cup of coffee. If you plan to spend hours lounging, we recommend upgrading the cushions.

At 330 pounds, these chairs boast a higher weight capacity than many others on the market. Investing in furniture with generous weight capacities is always a good idea. If you’re looking for a reliable furniture set that will fit on a small patio or balcony, this is it.

Be prepared to spend an hour or two assembling this set. Having the right tools on hand (versus using the ones included) will make assembly much easier!


Buyer’s Guide


Selecting a material for your new patio chair is important for several reasons.

If you’ve chosen a chair marketed for outdoor use, there’s little need to worry about whether the material will hold up to the elements. However, even “outdoor-safe” materials vary in terms of durability.

Material can play a role in the chair’s overall comfort. This is more so the case for fabric and cushions than for weight-bearing materials like metal and wood.

Last but not least, the material your patio furniture is made of will impact its appearance. Some materials are better suited to certain aesthetics than others. Keep your design plans in mind when shopping for patio chairs.


As far as appearance is concerned, the style of your chosen patio chair is very important.

Being able to identify the most common styles of patio chairs can make shopping for your own outdoor space that much easier.


Yes, all patio chairs are designed for the same purpose — sitting. But that’s not necessarily the whole story.

For example, outdoor dining chairs are built differently than those intended for lounging. And trying to use one type of chair for an unintended purpose can be uncomfortable and frustrating.

Before narrowing down your favorite patio chairs, make a list (mental or physical) of the activities you’d like to do in your outdoor living space. Select a chair that accommodates as many of those functions as possible!


Most patio chairs are sold individually or in sets. However, some are bundled with additional furniture — e.g., matching ottomans, tables, etc.

Even if your chosen patio chair doesn’t come with accessories, it’s worth researching what matching items (if any) are available.

For example, you might decide you’d like to invest in an ottoman to go with your new chair. You’ll be best off purchasing a chair that has a matching ottoman available.


Some materials will withstand the elements better than others. Similarly, some materials need more maintenance throughout their lifespans than others.

Some questions to ask yourself when shopping for outdoor furniture include:

  • Are you willing to cover your patio chair when it’s not in use? Or do you want outdoor furniture that you can leave exposed almost year-round?
  • Do you have the time and energy to keep upholstered cushions clean? Or would a chair that can be sprayed or wiped clean be a better fit for your lifestyle?
  • Are you looking for a patio chair that will dry immediately after it rains?
  • Are you willing to refinish or treat your patio furniture to keep it looking its best? Or are you in the market for maintenance-free decor?

Take your local climate (and the general location of your patio) into consideration. Even materials that are safe to keep outdoors may be more prone to rusting or fading in some areas.

Patio chairs on decking

Types of Patio Chairs

Keep in mind that not all chairs fit perfectly into one of these categories. But the information below will still help build the vocabulary needed to outfit your patio exactly the way you want it:


Even if you don’t know Adirondack chairs by name, you’re sure to recognize the distinctive shape. Adirondack chairs are low-seated with tall, sloped backs. Most are made of plastic or wood.

This style of patio chair is most often seen around fire pits, near pools, and as general garden decor.


While the term “club chair” is fairly outdated, it’s the best way to describe many chairs available today. These are comfy, oversized armchairs designed for outdoor lounging and conversing!

Club-style chairs may feature traditional patio cushions on the seat and back. Or they can be fully upholstered (just like the armchairs inside your home).


Many patio chairs are designed for use with a dining table. These chairs resemble those inside your dining room. But they are made of outdoor-friendly materials like plastic, metal, wicker, or treated hardwood.

Patio dining chairs are frequently sold in sets — with or without a matching table. However, they can also be used individually for additional seating or when patio space is tight.


Sometimes called outdoor chaises, patio lounge chairs are one of the most comfortable options out there. While this style is most often associated with the poolside, lounge chairs can be used on literally any type of patio.

In reality, patio lounge chairs come in an extremely wide variety of shapes and materials. Some are upholstered. Others are made of solid wood, metal, or plastic.

The key design feature all lounge chairs have in common is an elongated seat that can accommodate the user’s outstretched legs.


Rocking chairs aren’t just for nurseries. In fact, rocking patio chairs are more common than you might realize.

Keep in mind that rocking chairs come in many shapes and styles. It’s even possible to overlook the fact that a chair rocks if you’re not specifically checking for such features.

Although rocking chairs don’t serve any particular purpose, many people find them to be more relaxing than entirely stationary chairs. Rocking chairs can mimic the calming motion of a swing without the need for extensive hardware or time-consuming installation.


While not everyone’s cup of tea, swinging patio chairs are immensely popular within some outdoor design trends.

There are several types of swinging chairs available. Most can be categorized by whether they include a support system or must be hung from a separate structure (like a pergola or

overhanging roof).


Final Thoughts

It’s rare to find two patios that look exactly alike. So, it’s only natural that patio furniture would follow a similar rule. Though narrowing down a patio chair that will work for all outdoor spaces is near impossible, the Polywood R100AR Presidential Rocking Chair is the closest we’ve found to date!

This deceptively simple patio chair offers plenty of style and versatility at an accessible price point. You can feel good knowing that the chair is made of recycled plastic milk jugs. And, while the lack of upholstery may seem like a drawback at first, it gives you the opportunity to customize your new patio furniture with cushions of your own.


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