Sausage Pasta

Ok, so this recipe is for a quick and simple pasta dish. Perfect for midweek since it requires minimal effort thanks to the use of a blender.

Whilst this is indeed a simple recipe you can still make it your own by getting the very best ingredients your budget will allow. A humble dish such as sausage pasta can be brought to life with the right speciality pork sausage from your local farm shop or perhaps some San Marzano tomatos. Since were using a blender to make the rich sauce you might feel that expensive veg or over the top flavourings might get lost in the mixfear not, as the sauce I believe is the star of the show here. Using a blender I feel allows you to customise and add in what you like without having to worry about roasting or pre-preparing anything

Use this recipe as a base and then add to it or change the ingredients to suit your taste

Recipe Serves 2


75g per person of dried Penne Pasta

500g Passata

2 Garlic Cloves

Small handful of Cherry tomatoes

4 Pork Sausages

Palmful of Fennel seeds

1 1/2 teaspoons of Italian Seasoning (alt A blend of Oregano, Basil and Marjoram)

1-2 Red Chillies



Cheddar cheese *optional


1. Cook pasta according to package instructions

2. Place all ingredients except the cheese and sausages into a blender or a saucepan with a hand blender.

3. Pulse until smoothtaste and season further if required

4. Meanwhile, remove sausage meat from skins and cook in a frying pan until cook through and just about to catch. Then remove from pan into a bowl

5. Pour the blended tomato sauce into the same frying pan and bring to the boil.

6. Fold in the cooked sausages and mix well

7. Drain pasta and add add to the sauce

8. Serve immediately and top with a cheese of your choice (I used smoked cheddar)

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