I’ve been working super hard these last couple weeks to put together an entire week of fitness programming


This week of home workouts schedule will kick off tomorrow. But it can be followed any week you may want a bit of structure to your home workout routine.

There’s a mix of strength training, cardio, low-impact and jumping around throughout the week. You can follow along every day for a varied, balanced challenge for your body. Or, you can pick and choose the workouts that are best for your body and the equipment you have on hand. Even if you’re not interested in every day of programming, I do think there’s something for everyone during the week.

This page will be updated throughout the week with links and embedded videos as the workouts are published. Save it for reference (or pin the image at the top of the page). Also be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel. You can turn on notifications so that you get an email every time a new video is posted.

The daily workouts will be posted at 5AM (EST) each day.
Week of Home Workouts Schedule Monday: Upper Body Strength Workout with Tabata Finisher
This longer (34 mins) upper body workout is broken up into two strength circuits and a bodyweight tabata finisher. If you want to focus on the weighted circuits and keep the workout low-impact, you can always opt to skip the tabata finisher at the end.

What you’ll need: A pair of medium-light weights (if possible, have a drop set on hand in case things get too heavy).

Whew this one was super challenging for me—especially the biceps work. We’ll mix full range exercises with pulsing so you might want to go lighter than expected with the weight.

If this workout doesn’t suit you, select an upper body workout from this page and do that instead on Monday!
Tuesday: Lower Body Strength Workout with Tabata Finisher
Same structure as Monday, different muscle group focus! This is another longer workout (36 minutes) broken up into two strength circuits and a bodyweight tabata finisher. Again, if you want to keep things low-impact, you can skip the tabata. There’s no jumping during the circuits, as we’re focusing on challenging ourselves with the weight.

What you’ll need: A set of heavy weights (I’m using 20-lb dumbbells) and an optional resistance band loop.

My glutes were feeling this one the next day! In the first circuit we’ll use one weight and in the second circuit, we’ll increase the load and use both. You can absolutely do the whole thing with just one heavy weight if you prefer or need to modify.

If this workout doesn’t suit you, select a lower body workout from this page, and do that instead on Tuesday!
Wednesday: Feel-Good Mobility & Stretch
After two days of strength training, this 22-minute mobility and stretch video will feel amazing. Mobility is so important for injury prevention and feeling our best (during workouts and in every day life).

This is great to do on light/recovery days when you just want to move a little. It can also be done as a cool down after a workout. Parts of it can absolutely be used as a warm up, but I don’t recommend static stretching before working out. (Save that for afterwards when your body is warm!)

What you’ll need: Nothing! At one point, you could use a chair/wall for balance assistance, but not necessary.
Thursday: Bodyweight HIIT Workout (Total Body)
On Thursday, we ditch the equipment and work up a serious sweat with some bodyweight interval training. This workout is just under 25 minutes long and broken up into three HIIT circuits.

What you’ll need: Nothing.

If you have downstairs neighbors and can’t jump around, choose a more suitable total body workout from this page.
Friday: Total Body Strength Circuit
After Thursday’s HIIT workout, we’re going to nix the jumping and target total body with a strength circuit on Friday. Don’t mistake low impact for easy, though! In this 25-minute workout, we’ll go through a circuit of six exercises four times total.

What you’ll need: A set of medium weights (I’m using 10-lb dumbbells) and a heavy weight (I’m using a 20-lb kettlebell, but a dumbbell would work, too!).

I LOVED this workout. So challenging without any jumping around or noise for my downstairs neighbor.

If this workout doesn’t suit you, choose a different total body workout from this page, and do that on Friday instead.
Saturday: Fun Sculpt & Slide Class
So excited for you all to try this one!! Think sculpt class meets megaformer without the megaformer. This total body 45-minute home fitness class mixes slider exercises with light weights and bodyweight exercises. Low impact, but seriously challenging. It flows from one exercise to the next, and portions of it will be done to the beat of the music. A fun workout for the weekend!

What you’ll need: A slider (dish towels work on hardwood; paper plates work on carpet) and a set of light hand weights (1-5lbs; I’m using a set of 2’s). If you don’t have hand weights, soup cans/water bottles would work!

If this type of class isn’t up your alley, try my 45-Minute Circuit + Tabata class instead!
Sunday: Rest
Make sure to listen to your body as you go through this week of home workouts schedule. You might need more rest days. Take them! You might want to reschedule the rest days to fit your work schedule. Do it! This schedule should be used as a guide, not a concrete obligation.

Putting together daily workout videos was a lot of work, but I’m happy to offer them for free during this crazy time of quarantine. All I ask is that you share them on social media or with your friends and family. That support is so greatly appreciated, and helps my website and YouTube channel grow so that I can continue to share content like this.

I hope you and your families are safe and healthy, and I can’t wait to work out with you all week!

xo Nicole

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