Google Can Now Help You Plan a Trip Despite COVID-19 Restriction



Travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic are constantly changing, making it difficult to plan a trip. Thankfully, Google has rolled out some new tools to help those ready to travel.

Before this update, it was already possible to view some of the COVID-19-related details on Google Maps and Google Search, such as some travel advisories, flight cancellation policies, and nearby vaccine locations.

However, Google is now offering even more travel-related information to assist people in planning their next journey.
Stay Up-to-Date With the Latest Travel Advisories
To avoid any unwanted surprises during your trip, Google has made it possible to look up travel restriction details.

By typing your desired destination into Google Search, you can check whether you'll need to stay on quarantine upon arrival. Also, you can find out whether you should get proof of a negative COVID-19 test before traveling or if a vaccine is required to enter the selected country.

According to a post on The Keyword, it's now possible to keep track of any changes in the travel restrictions:

If you are signed into your Google account, you can toggle 'Receive an email if this guidance changes.' You'll be notified when restrictions are added, lifted or reduced.
Get Inspired to Travel Using the Explore Tab
Google's Explore map has also been updated. Now, you can access it through a separate tab on

You can use Google Explore's filters to not just find flights but also to get destination recommendations that suit your interests. Whether you want to spend your vacation hiking, exploring historical places, or skiing, you can filter your results accordingly.

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If you already know the country or city that you want to visit, choose it as the destination on Explore, and you'll be able to view details of any travel advisories or restrictions related to coronavirus, plus hotel options, the top sights, and more.
Make Road Trip Planning a Breeze
Last but not least, Google is making it easier to plan road trips.

The most challenging part of planning a long road trip is choosing places to stop along the way, so Google is making it easier to select and add hotels or rest stops to your route on Google Maps.

You can even send the final version of your road trip to your phone to use for navigation when driving.
Be Well-Prepared for Your Next Journey
Planning a journey requires you to think about lots of little things, making it incredibly difficult to keep track of everything. Thankfully, with a little help from Google, planning a trip even with COVID-19 restrictions in place doesn't have to be a nightmare.

Image Credit: Google

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