Elie Bleu – The French Brand Of A Luxury In A Cigar Box

When speaking of branding, quality, and luxury we believe that today is your lucky day. We found the brand that is a very prestigious one coming from France. The elegance and luxury emanate from each model of cigar boxes, ashtrays, and lighters that they have. Yes, we are speaking of Elie Bleu! Their products are based on quality, so every model is made by meticulously chosen materials such as porcelain, ebony, cedarwood, metal, or sycamore. Elie Bleu cigar boxes are considered the ultimate luxury item for cigar lovers.

At Elie Bleu, everything is thought out and worked to make the world of smokers a true art. Cigar enthusiasts will find at Elie Bleu a whole collection of refined articles, with a neat design that will make people envious. So it’s your turn to grab the best the brand has to offer. Become the proud owner of a magnificent top-of-the-range cigar humidor, which will be the object of all eyes and which you will never tire of. Elie Bleu is handcrafted in France in very small numbers, which only adds to their rarity and reputation. The high standards and creativity of designers and artisans limit production. All of the wood used to create these heirloom-quality products has been air-dried for ten years, making undermining, cracking, and warping trouble-free.

Owning an Elie Bleu is a status symbol, a statement of your good taste and appreciation for exceptional craftsmanship.

The collections available in the Elie Bleu line of luxury products are distinctive. Appealing to the traditional as well as the extraordinary and daring, Elie Bleu has designed cigar boxes to suit a wide range of tastes and preferences. Among the most popular and best-selling collections are the Flor de Alba collection, the Classic collection, and the Medal collection. Also, we loved The Signs of the zodiac collection and the Casa Cubana collection.

1. Flor de Alba Collection

“Flor de Alba” – Elie Bleu

This collection brings back the flavor of Cuban tradition in a vintage cigar box style, with an iconic label. There is a growing interest among collectors in vintage cigar boxes, as well as an appreciation for the retro artwork depicted on these vintage treasure chests. The popularity of Elie Bleu’s Flor de Alba collection testifies to this rising trend. Also in this collection, you can find the most elegant ashtray and lighter that will complement the cigar box.

“Flor de Alba” – Elie Bleu

2. Classic Wood Collection

“Bois Classique” – Elie Bleu

You can never go wrong when going for a classic design and the continued popularity of the Classics collection over the past 40 years proves that sentiment. Timeless and traditional, these stunningly simple pieces rely on true wood craftsmanship to impress. Macassar ebony, rosewood, mahogany, walnut, Bubinga, and fruitwood are some of the raw materials sourced from around the world to create these enduring masterpieces.

“Classic Wood” – Elie Bleu

3. The Signs of the zodiac collection

“Lion” – Elie Bleu

The zodiac series represents the twelve signs of the zodiac (Aries to Pisces) in their stellar sector coordinates. The corresponding symbol is etched into the wood finish. There is a small selection of different finishes and colors, but due to the high demand for this line and its limited initial production, availability is quite limited. Besides the signs of the Zodiac, Elie Bleu directed the Year of the Dragon (2012) and the Year of the Snake (2013). We picked our favorite to present to you  – the Tigar!

“Tiger” Walnut flamed – Elie Bleu

4. Casa Cubana Collection

“Casa Cubana” Orange Palace

The extremely limited collection has all the beauty and charm of Old Cuba in a one-of-a-kind artist rendering. The splendor of the Spanish influence is seen in every little detail. Each cigar humidor in the Elie Bless Casa Cabana collection mimics the vibrant lifestyle of Old Havana. The colorful Spanish colonial architecture is replicated in detail from the 17th century when European aristocrats began settling in the Caribbean island nation.

“Casa Cubana” – Ashtray Tête-à-Tête

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