Did you dig that big trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker? Did you buy your tickets? Well, even if you’re all set there, every good parent knows that Star Wars keeps happening well outside of the movie theater


To do Star Wars is to play Star Wars, and that means you need Star Wars toys. And what are the best Star Wars toys? Lightsabers, of course.

We’re talking about toy lightsabers. Since the late ’70s, people have wanted the best toy lightsabers, and we should all feel lucky we don’t live in the late ’70s anymore. Vintage Star Wars junk is, for the most part, rad. But old school lightsaber toys actually suck. The renaissance of the best lightsaber toys and props is exactly right now. Congrats. You live in the best time to buy a more elegant weapon for a more civilized age and then lightsaber-fight with your kid.

But which lightsabers are the best? Which are the worst? Here’s five from all different price points, for various ages, all which will make you a true master of the Force.
Star Wars Scream Saber Lightsaber Toy
This lightsaber lets you record your own sounds.
Buy Now $28.29
Apparently Ewan McGregor made his own lightsaber sounds on the set of ‘The Phantom Menace’ and had to be told not to. So, yeah, channel your inner Ewan here.
Star Wars: The Black Series Luke Skywalker Force FX Lightsaber
Okay, so this one is a little pricier, and certainly for big kids and that means dads. This one doesn't have a retractable blade or anything like that, but it's pretty sick..
Buy Now $124.97
Everyone talks about Luke’s first lightsaber, but his second one in Return of the Jedi is the jam
Disney Star Wars The Force Awakens Kylo Ren Electronic Lightsaber
This is the original Kylo Ren saber from 2015 is still pretty formidable..
Buy Now $44.95
If you want to be the bad guy, it doesn’t get any badder than this
Star Wars Rey Force Action Electronic Lightsaber
Let's get nerdy. Originally this was ANAKIN'S lightsaber, but the prequels are like a high school memory, right?
Buy Now $24.91
Now, this is Rey’s saber. And if you’ve got a little girl, this is literally the best saber you can get her. Classic.
Star Wars Disney Lucasfilm Yoda Lightsaber
Here's a lightsaber for the youngling in your life. This is a replica of Yoda's lightsaber.
Buy Now $28.45
It’s not super-expensive and it’s totally adorable. Plus, unlike some of the other sabers on this list, this one is for very small kids.

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