Crystal Grid pendant light by Preciosa Lighting

Crystal Grid chandelier by Preciosa Lighting

Dezeen Showroom: tubes of hand-blown crystal with tiny sparkling air bubbles are combined into clusters to form the Crystal Grid modular pendant light by Czech design company Preciosa Lighting.

The Crystal Grid chandelier has an orthogonal structure with light tubes available in various lengths, allowing the design to be tailored to different-sized spaces.

Crystal Grid chandelier by Preciosa Lighting
Preciosa Lighting's Crystal Grid chandelier is formed from a cluster of crystal tubes

Equally, the light's metal connectors are available in five different surface finishes to suit various interior schemes.

"Designers have the opportunity to create something truly personalised and original," said Andres Klug, co-creative director at Preciosa Lighting. "It is versatile and can fit many different projects."

Crystal Grid chandelier by Preciosa Lighting
Tiny air bubbles are encapsulated in the glass

The crystal tubes are illuminated by light sources on both ends to ensure an even distribution of light along their length.

Crystal Grid's modularity also allows individual light tubes to be replaced, repaired or rearranged to extend the life of the product.

"The grid can expand or contract to create a new look instead of replacing the entire fixture," Preciosa Lighting said. "This can be done with Preciosa's assistance economically and quickly."

Product: Crystal Grid
Brand: Preciosa Lighting

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