Algebra Two

Course Length: Full academic year (30 weeks)
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Aims of the Course

This course would suit students who have already taken a full course in algebra, so that they are already familiar with manipulating basic algebraic expressions and solving for equations in one unknown. Knowledge of quadratic equations might be helpful but is not necessary.

The course will cover polynomial equations in one variable (which include quadratic equations as a particular case), before moving on to systems of linear equations in several variables. We will spend a large part of the course developing the algebra of matrices, including the notions of eigenvalues and singular values. We will explore the importance of these ideas for data science. 

We will introduce complex numbers where needed for the general aims of the course, without assuming any prior knowledge.  Students should be willing to work with a mix of symbolic algebra to establish general results, coupled to applying general results in specific circumstances.

Who Teaches Algebra Two?

Dr Robert Leese has taught mathematics at one of the most prestigious universities in the world for over 25 years, and is CTO in a systems engineering company. He sees a role for himself in conveying mathematics as a set of analytical skills instead of a collection of facts and formulae that few students know what to do with. He's the father of four children whom he has homeschooled for over a decade, and is an avid collector and repairer of antique fountain pens.
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