5 Simple Ways to Enjoy More Healthy Vegetables

Healthy Vegetables – Are You Getting Enough?


healthy vegetables organic foodMany of us don’t get enough vegetables in our diet (even though we know we should!).

It’s not difficult – but busy lives and unhealthy habits can make it tough.

Not to mention the fact that many people just don’t like healthy vegetables.

Or at least they don’t think they do.

As a child I was a revoltingly picky eater.  (My poor mother!).

But vegetables are seriously green and eco friendly  (they have a MUCH lower carbon footprint than meat for example).

So here are some simple tips to eat more healthy vegetables. These tips will also help to get kids to eat more vegetables too!

Healthy Vegetables Tip #1:

vegetables dipvegetables dip cruditesMake healthy vegetables available between meals.

Many parents have found that simply creating a veggie and dip tray and setting it out, results in a delightful surprise. Kids swarm the table and gobble up the vegetables!

What causes this phenomenon when kids won’t eat vegetables at meal time?

There are two theories:

  1. There is dip involved.  Everyone loves dip. You can really amplify the nutritional value and offer hummus as a dip. A good ranch dressing or mayonnaise is an option too.
  2. If kids aren’t being forced to eat the vegetables (as they might at mealtime), then the vegetables are more appealing. If it’s offered as a snack without any expectations, kids (and adults) dive right in.


Healthy Vegetables Tip #2:

Puree and mix them in the meal.

Puree fresh veggies, freeze in ice tray containers and add a few to whatever you’re making for dinner. Taste to make sure you haven’t made the pureed veggies noticeable, and serve.

Adopt this method to suit your lifestyle. For example, add purees to pancakes, muffins, soups, sauces, meatloaf, spaghetti meatballs or mac and cheese for more vegetables at mealtime.

You can even add them to a smoothie– many kids like fresh smoothies.

Or add a layer of pureed butternut squash or pumpkin below grilled cheese.

The options are endless!


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Healthy Vegetables Tip #3:

side salad Offer several options at mealtime.

One of the objections to the puree method is that if the vegetables are hidden, children don’t become accustomed to actually eating vegetables. It’s a valid point.

So, also serve a side dish or two of vegetables at mealtime. This is a great approach even if you’re not pureeing your vegetables and sneaking them in.

For example, together with a chicken piece, fish fillet or burger, offer green beans and a salad. Encourage your children to “try” both.


Healthy Vegetables Tip #4:

Remember that it takes time to like a food. Experts tell us that it takes three to seven tastes for a person to decide if they like a food. That means you have to serve Brussels sprouts to your kids seven times and let them taste the vegetables before they decide.

Generally, a “no-pressure” attitude works best.

Simply ask your kid to try the new veggie. They don’t have to eat a full serving.

When kids are allowed to develop their own taste, they’re more likely to like a vegetable than if they’re forced to eat them.


Healthy Vegetables Tip #5:

Make it tasty.

cashew nuts and green beansLet’s face it – some vegetables don’t taste very good. However, there are things you can do to make them tasty.

For example, you may not like green beans steamed, but if they’re sautéed with a few almonds or cashews they taste amazing.

When it comes to eating vegetables, don’t be afraid to doctor them a bit.

  • Use spices.
  • Use a bit of healthy fat like olive oil to add flavour.
  • Add nuts.
  • Add sauces
  • Offer dips and dressings when the vegetables are raw or in salad form.


Healthy Vegetables Do Matter!

healthy vegetables planningHere’s a quick summary of what you can do:

  • Getting you and your family to eat more healthy vegetables may take some advance planning.
  • Offer veggies several times a day and in several forms.
  • Give your child, and yourself, time to decide if you like a vegetable.
  • Go ahead and be sneaky with the vegetables sometimes too.

When it comes to your family’s health, vegetables matter!

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