20 Gorgeous Rugs, Because We All Deserve to Be Floored Once in a While

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Most problems in the home can be solved with a good rug. Craving cozy? Lay down a rug. Can’t figure out the right furniture layout? Start with a rug. Want to infuse a room with pattern and color? Rug! Let’s just say it, it’s the oldest decorating trick in the book. 

Once you’ve settled on a rug, figuring out what to do with it is fairly intuitive. Buying one, on the other hand, is the scary part. Rugs are a huge investment (and not just for your wallet). Plus, the process of narrowing down your winning pick by size, shape, and material can take days if not months. To help make your shopping journey a smooth one, we rounded up 20 of our favorite rugs by style to inspire your next revamp.

New Neutrals 

Let’s face it: light greys and beiges often get a bad rap. But what some think of as boring or uninspired can actually turn out to be the boldest possible choice. Think of opting for a low-key rug as a sign of confidence. They allow you to build a room from the ground up and play with mixed prints and smaller accessories to add embellishment. When it comes to neutral hues, an unexpected touch of texture, like detailed stitching or tufting, will go a long way. 

Soft Graphics 

The happy medium between no-fuss neutrals and a full-blown wow moment, lightly graphic rugs offer pattern and pizazz to your space without going overboard. Stripes, checkers or tassels set the scene without distracting from other poppy decor choices. Consider these rugs as one piece of a larger decor puzzle–they play a part, but don’t steal the show. Pair them with a vivid wall color and funky furniture, and you’ve got yourself a unique space that’s still easy on the eyes.  

Artsy Abstracts 

Calling all maximalists: this category is all yours. Funky, bold and bright, these options act as modern art for your floor. As the centerpieces of the room, they’re great for layering over larger solid area rugs, but can also hold their own. Abstract rugs that feature bigger shapes look great in airy, open rooms with tall ceilings (scale is their strong suit), while detailed prints with overlapping shapes and colors add interest to a small space. 

Nature Play 

Sometimes, you want to bring the outdoors in, and what better way to do that than with nature-inspired rugs? Pave the way for paradise with woven scenes reminiscent of beaches, like LRNCE’s simple wave motif or jungles like Anthropoligies’s fierce jaguar pattern. Not only will they act as eye candy, but they’ll provide an indoor oasis. 

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