Your front door is the very first thing that welcomes guests to your home and the paint color you select is going to speak volumes for that first impression.

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Whether you’re looking for a contemporary upgrade or something more traditional, your home’s front door color can send a message about the home and the people inside it…if you know what color to pick! Here are a few tips and tricks to help you pick the right front door color for you and your home.

What to Consider When Picking a Front Door Color

There are a few considerations to make when picking a front door color. After all, the color of your front door should be integrated with the front elevation of your home and work together in harmony.

Style of Your Home

The style of your home is going to be one of the top considerations when making your color selection. I love the look of a traditional home with a striking black or red door. Dark blue, too. So classic and elegant!

If your home is more contemporary, you could have a little more variety and choose something that is slightly unusual. I’ve seen plenty of pink, turquoise, and even lime-colored doors.

Also, think about the style of your door. Is it traditional, like your home, with beveled glass cut out in an oval in the middle? Or is more modern with contemporary hardware and windows?

Of course, you can mix a contemporary color with a traditional-style home and vice versa. Think about the feel of your home that you want to convey. Are you welcoming and warm? Elegant and stately? Quirky and optimistic?

The color you pick says a lot about your personality (just look at the color psychology posts!) so break with the rules and mix color psychology and home style if you want to!

Color of Exterior and Trim

Something I’d advise you against is picking a front door color that clashes with your home’s exterior color. The curb appeal on a red-brick home with an orange door might be a little jarring to guests, especially if you’re going for resale value. When in doubt, go for a paint color that complements the other exterior colors.

Also, use color contrast to your advantage! A lighter exterior brick with a deep green door? Stunning. If you’re going for a monochromatic look with a door color that matches your exterior paint, pick a contrasting color for the trim to make it pop as a focal point of your home.

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Landscaping / What Else is Around your Door

To get a cohesive, welcoming feel, take your landscaping into consideration, too. That way, your new front door color will feel like it’s intentionally part of the front elevation of your home and not a slap-dash weekend project that you threw together out of sheer boredom.

Mother Nature is the master when it comes to color. Look at what’s growing in the front of your home for inspiration. Like you would find the right jewelry to pull an outfit together, find a shade around your door that you can draw up to your entrance to complete the look. Playing off of the colors in your landscaping is a classic way to make your front door color feel intentional.

And, please, try not to clash with flowers that will bloom or greenery that’s near your entrance.

Resale Value

Resale value could be a consideration when picking a front door color. Real estate agents love neutrals. Traditional hues like white and red do very well with resale. Not surprisingly, black (and even charcoal) doors could net you $6,271 extra if you decide to sell your home according to a study from Zillow.

What Front Door Colors Say About Your Home

Now that you’ve thought about the factors that contribute to picking a front door color, it’s time to talk about my favorite subject: color!

The psychology of color could play into your decision for picking a new shade of paint for your front door, so I’ve broken down the hues into three categories: natural, bold, and light.

A general rule of thumb when painting your front door: go bold or light, don’t stay in the middle. Mid-tone shades will wash out your home (much like that dress you want but the color just does nothing for you). Middle-ground shades will also be harder to register from the street, making your agonizing color choice for naught.

Neutral Front Door Shades

Neutral doesn’t have to mean boring! For the third time in this post, a black door is stunning (and also a neutral shade)! Other neutrals to consider are variations on that dark hue: grays, blues, and browns. I’ll even throw in red here as a darker neutral as it’s well-accepted as a welcoming (rather than jarring) color for your door. You may also want to go with a light neutral, as in whites and creams, though beware of dirt as these shades will betray any blemishes.

Painting your front door one of these shades says you’re classic and timeless. You most likely have a traditional-style home with elegant furnishings. I’ll bet you even have a Le Cruset or two in your kitchen! Ina Garten would be your best friend if you lived next door to her.

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Bold Front Door Shades

Bold front door shades are dramatic. These richly-pigmented colors stand out, pack a punch from the curb, and don’t hide in the shadows.

Emerald greens, eggplant purples, berry pinks, and cobalt blues are a few bold hues you may want to consider. If you’re feeling especially daring (and your home’s personality can carry the spicy shades) you could probably even pull off orange, yellow, or lime green.

Painting your front door one of these shades says you’re as bold as your color choices. You follow trends if they suit you, otherwise you don’t care. You have an opinion and don’t mind if other folks know it, thank you very much.

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Light Front Door Shades

Like neutral, light doors don’t have to be boring. Minty greens, robin egg blues, and salmon hues are light yet mighty. These impactful shades don’t scream for attention as do their bolder, brighter cousins on the color wheel.

Painting your front door one of these shades says you’re fun and optimistic. Your home is full of happiness and probably golden retrievers. Your style may be eclectic, but it all has meaning to you, from your souvenirs you picked up along your travels to your grandmother’s lace tablecloth that adorns your dining room table.

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I hope you’ve found inspiration for your home’s next front door color. If you’re looking for an easy weekend project, painting your front door will give your home a refresh and welcome visitors anew when you’re able to receive them again.

When picking a new paint color, consider the style of your home, the colors already round it, and what you want your paint to say. After all, depending on you and your home’s personality, the color of your door could convey more about you before a guest ever sets foot inside!

What color is your front door now? Does it match with the tone you want to set for your home?


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