WiziShop: After France, the Ecommerce Solution Goes Worldwide

Digital marketing is essential for all ecommerce stores. Because the field is so competitive, brands need an effective strategy to get their products noticed by consumers. One of the best ways for stores to build their credibility and expand their customer base is to utilize search engine optimization, which involves both web design and content creation.

Ecommerce entrepreneurs are experts on their own brand and can create engaging, informative content regarding their products. However, the web design elements of SEO pose more of a challenge for business owners who don’t have a background in tech. And this, WiziShop, an all-in-one ecommerce platform, has understood it perfectly.

WiziShop launched in France in 2008, but they are now planning to expand to a global audience. Its international launch will allow entrepreneurs from all over the world to benefit from a turnkey platform, with a reinforced optimization on the SEO lever. The sites benefit natively from many technical elements of referencing to gain maximum visibility on search engines.

SEO-powered Ecommerce

All of WiziShop’s stores are optimized for search engines. They include a sitemap that allows search engines to easily crawl and index the site, and they use tools like caching and AMPs that increase page speed and improve user experience. The other core elements of a comprehensive SEO strategy are also present in WiziShop stores, such as canonical tags, well-configured pagination, and structured data.

Retailers do not need to be SEO experts and have technical skills. These optimizations are automatically included in every store. WiziShop sites are also highly customizable, so business owners can adjust their design and SEO elements if they wish.

Built for All Businesses

Since their launch, hundreds of thousands of retailers have worked with WiziShop, and WiziShop states that their platform is meant for everyone. Their approach to ecommerce design isn’t limited to certain industries or business sizes, and they work with both small brands and massive online companies.

Some of the retailers using WiziShop employ a team of digital marketing experts, and some are solo business ventures with only a few sales per month. The platform’s goal is to make ecommerce accessible for everyone, so their team strives to offer templates and features that suit businesses of all sizes and industries.

Additional Features

WiziShop’s subscription includes several features that can help entrepreneurs maximize their profits and convert more customers. Their software uses a secure online payment system, and they offer abandoned cart emails, customer segmentation, and other important marketing tools.

In addition to their ecommerce hosting services, WiziShop will offer other helpful features for retailers looking to grow. For example, the platform employs a team of business coaches who provide technical and strategic advice for retailers.

WiziShop is offering a 15-day free trial so that their new international customers can experience the benefits of the software before committing to a subscription. If retailers decide to stay with their current ecommerce platform, they can cancel their WiziShop service at the end of the trial with no strings attached. However, WiziShop is confident that their new worldwide clients will be satisfied with the service.

Ready for an International Launch

WiziShop’s expansion to an international audience reflects the dramatic growth of the ecommerce platform. Every year, more ecommerce shops enter the market, and the need for an SEO-powered ecommerce solution is greater than ever. WiziShop is ready to showcase their platform to the world, and they look forward to helping businesses across the globe elevate their digital marketing strategy.

For more information on the e-commerce solution and to take advantage of the 15-day free trial, click on this link: https://wizishop.com

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