With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it’s about time to get out the Christmas tree, that is if you haven’t already

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What better way to beef up the decorations than by picking up some of the 2020 Hallmark Christmas Ornaments that are being released this year. We’ve featured a variety of pop culture-based ornaments that are already available, and this time we’re focusing on a bunch of them from movies like Back to the Future, Jaws, and The Wizard of Oz, as well as TV shows like Stranger Things, Friends, The Muppet Show, Animaniacs, Looney Tunes, and more. Check them all out below.

The Wizard of Oz

This movie is a classic, and there’s a staggering amount of Christmas ornaments featuring Dorothy, Scarecrow, The Tin Man and The Cowardly Lion, not to mention the famous ruby red slippers and the Wicked Witch of the West. Hallmark alone has dozens of ornaments inspired by The Wizard of Oz, and this year they have Dorothy being taken away by flying monkeys and a gorgeous, shimmering metal version of Emerald City with a small sliver of the yellow brick road.

Back to the Future

There are already ornaments featuring the DeLorean time machine from Back to the Future, but now Marty McFly gets his own decoration with sounds from the movie. Marty’s eyes are bugging out a little too much, which makes this one a little unsettling, but he’s about to go back in time, so his reaction is appropriate.


Bruce the shark from Jaws is back with a new Hallmark ornament, and though it’s not nearly as cool as the one released a few years back, it’ll do for those who don’t want to spend extra money on tracking it down on eBay to celebrate Steven Spielberg’s classic.

Despicable Me

Bee-do! Bee-do Bee-do! That’s the sound that this Minion makes in Despicable Me 2, and with lights and sounds, this ornament of the little yellow guy will let you know anytime someone gets too close to the Christmas gifts.


So no one told you 2020 was gonna be this way. You’re life’s a joke, you’re broke, and your love life is DOA. It’s like you’re always stuck in second gear, when it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month…but maybe you can still have some holiday cheer. See what we did there? It’s the Friends couch as an ornament and it makes sounds with lines from the show. What else do you need to know?

Sesame Street

What would Christmas be like without cookies? It just wouldn’t be the same. That’s why Cookie Monster is here with his trust Foodie Truck and some help from Gonger. The Foodie Truck traditionally has more than just cookies, but we only care about stuffing our faces with delicious crumbs, so we won’t worry about that.

Stranger Things

I’m not sure why Hallmark doesn’t have more Stranger Things ornaments, but this grotesque Demogorgon is a good place to start, and it probably has much cheaper likeness rights. The monster from the first season of Stranger Things isn’t exactly full of Christmas cheer, but the show has a famous scene with Christmas lights, so it’s all good.

The Muppet Show

It’s time to play the music. It’s time to light the lights. It’s time to celebrate Christmas with The Muppet Show tonight. The classic theme song plays out of this ornament with Kermit the Frog sitting atop the show’s iconic sign. Now you just need to get yourself some ornaments from The Muppet Chrstsmas Carol.


Make your Christmas zany to the max with the Warner brothers Yakko and Wakko and the Warner sister Dot as they get ready to belt their catch theme song from the safety of the Warner Bros. water tower. There’s no song to play from the ornament, but it has an outstanding paint job.

Looney Tunes

A pair of Looney Tunes ornaments bring some more cartoon holiday fun to your Christmas tree. One features the abominable snowman and Daffy Duck in a rabbit suit from the 1961 short “The Abominable Snow Rabbit.” You can hug him and pet him and squeeze him and name him George.

Then Taz the Tasmanian Devil is having a disappointed Christmas with his stocking being stuffed with coal. I guess that’s what happens when all you do is spin around in a tornado and destroy things.

You can check out all the rest of the 2020 Hallmark ornaments we’ve featured throughout the year over here.

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