‘Unprecedented’ Range: FUELL E-Bike Boasts Dual Batteries for Long Miles

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We’ve seen this one before: a virtuoso in a craft gets bored and shifts gears, hunting fresh challenges in a new field. We’re in for a treat if Erik Buell’s magic touch on gas-powered motorcycles translates to electric bicycles. We’ll find out with the FUELL Flluid-2 and Flluid-3.

The Flluid-3; (photo/FUELL)

Unveiled today, the bikes bring an “unprecedented” range of 225 miles (for the Flluid-2). The 750W/130 Nm mid-drive Valeo Cyclee motor boosts riders up to 28 mph in the special “S” line.

And an integrated automatic gearbox (max ratio 450%) “gives you smooth power no matter how challenging the terrain is.”

The Flluid lineup’s Valeo Cyclee motor; (photo/FUELL)

Buell serves as Chief Technical Officer for FUELL. Now in its second plunge into the e-bike realm following the pricey Flluid-1, the company now takes direct aim at passenger cars.

“We used the knowledge gained from our initial foray into the electric bike market with Flluid-1 to develop a superior urban transportation solution, making sure that Flluid-2 and Flluid-3 are true and viable alternatives to cars,” Buell said in a press release.

Flluid-3; (photo/FUELL)

FUELL points the bikes at “EV enthusiasts,” touting their long-haul comfort and ability to compete with traffic. The performance specs available now indicate exactly that.

The Flluid-2 accomplishes its claimed 225-mile range with two batteries, which combine to deliver a 2,000W boost. If it can meet FUELL’s claim, it would be a much sleeker option than some challengers.

Weight specs were unavailable as of this writing. The step-through, single-battery Flluid-3 should be a little more svelte — it offers a 110-mile range.

The Flluid-3; (photo/FUELL)

Elsewhere, the automatic gearbox seeks to let riders hit the easy button, especially on climbs or in traffic. There’s a manual option for old-schoolers. If the suspension fork is unchanged from the Flluid-1 (it looks like it is), it’s a 120mm travel Suntour. Riders can use the FUELL Rider app to locate, lock, and unlock it, view data and usage stats, and more.


Commuter touches like integrated lights and rear racks are there. An aluminum frame, Tektro disc brakes, and the maintenance-easing Gates Carbon drive belt complete the bikes.

The (beefier) Flluid-3S; (photo/FUELL)

The FUELL Flluid-2 and Flluid-3 suit a huge range of riders, from 5’1” to 6’4”. Each one comes in two versions: Flluid-2 and Flluid-3, (max speed 20 mph), and Flluid-2S and Flluid-3S (max speed 28 mph).

FUELL had not made prices available as of this writing.

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