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Don't just sit there in the dark.  Turn on a light!  Today's puzzle gives us the anatomy of a lamp.  How many mystery writers does it take to change a lightbulb? §

18-Across. *  Ocular opening: EYE  SOCKET.
23-Across. *  Noise blocker: EAR PLUG.

51-Across. *  Parachute opener: RIP CORD.
55-Across. *  Fall planting in a flower garden: TULIP BULB.

And the unifier:
35-Across. Facetious comment when turning on a device whose components end the answers to the starred clues: LET THERE BE LIGHT.

And a bonus clue/answer:
66-Across. Two-time Oscar nominee Naomi: WATTS.  [Name # 1.]

After completing the first two theme answers and seeing EYE and EAR, I thought we might be going for body parts, but we had that theme a week or so ago.

1. Dangerous African snake: MAMBA.  Everything you wanted to know about the Black Mamba.

6. Test score: GRADE.

11. Anti-narcotics org.: DEA.  As in the Drug Enforcement Administration.  //  And 59-Down. 11-Across employee: Abbr.: AGT.  As in an Agent.

14. Make furious: ANGER.

15. Churchill Downs events: RACES.  Churchill Downs is the home of the Kentucky Derby.  It's been in the news a lot this year as numerous horses have been injured or died.

16. PC key near Ctrl: ALT.

17. Japanese noodle dish: RAMEN.  We saw the Ramen noodles two weeks ago when it was clued as Instant Noodle Option.

20. Misted (up): FOGGED.

22. Roam around: ROVE.

26. Paths to take: ROUTES.

28. Shoe bottoms: TREADS.  Because Soles doesn't have enough letters.

29. "All's __ in love and war": FAIR.  Do you known the origin of this phrase?

31. Hill-building insect: ANT.  //  Add a vowel, and you get 32-Across. Informal contraction: AIN'T.

33. Tablet alternative: GEL CAP.

41. Alpine warbles: YODELS.

42. Taunting syllable that's usually repeated: NYAH.  For future reference, you may be interested to known that Nyah is also the name of a town in Victoria, Australia.  I can see this being a clue/answer to a Friday level puzzle.

43. Chew the fat: GAB.

46. Perches in churches: PEWS.

47. Illinois county or its seat: PEORIA.  But will it play in Peoria?

49. Yearly pro golf event: US OPEN.

52. "No kidding?": IT IS.

53. Like many a coastal drive: SCENIC.  I highly recommend the scenic loop in Acadia National Park in Maine.

58. Lunar cycle part: PHASE.

62. Had some grub: ATE.

63. Vowel fivesome: A E I O U.  This vowel quartet appeared in last Tuesday's puzzle.

64. Four pairs: EIGHT.

65. Rosy: RED.

67. Prominent: NOTED.

1. St. Patrick's Day mo.: MAR.  St. Patrick's Day started out as a religious holiday, but now is known for parades and festivities.  I live near the end of my city's St. Patrick's Day parade.

This is the street the morning after the St. Patrick's Day Parade.

2. Former "SNL" regular Gasteyer: ANA.  Although she has subsequently appeared in several sit-coms, Ana Gasteyer (née Ana Kristina Gasteyer; b. May 4, 1967) is best known for her tenure on Saturday Night Live.  She often portrayed Martha Stewart.  [Name # 2.]

3. __ Grand: Las Vegas casino: MGM.

4. Hamburger choice: BEEF PATTY.

5. Golfer Palmer: ARNOLD.  Arnold Daniel Palmer (Sept. 10, 1929 ~ Sept. 25, 2016) is regarded as one of the greatest professional golfers.  He is also known for "inventing" the Arnold Palmer drink, which is half lemonade and half iced tea.   [Name # 3.]

6. Actor Clark of Marvel films: GREGG.  Although I am not familiar with the Marvel films, I recognized the Clark Gregg (né Robert Clark Gregg, Jr.; b. Apr. 2, 1962) from other shows and movies.  [Name # 4.] 

7. "I Think About You" country singer Collin: RAYE.  I am not up on my country music singers, so am not familiar with Collin Raye (né Floyd Elliot Wray; b. Aug. 22, 1960).  He is also known as Bubba Wray.  [Name # 5.]

8. Scored against, as on a tennis serve: ACED.

9. __ Moines, Iowa: DES.  The history of the city.

10. That, in Spanish: ESO.  Today's Spanish lesson.

11. Actress Fanning: DAKOTA.  Dakota Fanning (née Hannah Dakota Fanning; b. Feb. 23, 1994) got her start as a child actress.  [Name # 6.]

12. Late news hour: ELEVEN.  I live in the Central Time Zone, so local news comes on at 10:00 p.m.

13. Swear (to): AT TEST.

19. French wine classification: CRU.  Today's French lesson.  Everything you wanted to know about Cru but didn't know to ask.

21. Gloomy __: pessimistic one: GUS.  [Name adjacent.]

23. "And others" abbr.: ET AL.  Today's Latin lesson.

24. Singer India.__: ARIE.  India.Aire (née India Arie Simpson; b. Oct. 3, 1975) released her first album, Acoustic Soul in 2001.   [Name # 7.]

25. Tenant's monthly payment: RENT.

26. __ and beans: RICE.  A Red Beans and Rice is staple in South Louisiana.

27. Face-to-face exam: ORAL.
29. Has a hunch: FEELS.

30. Clerical robes: ALBS.  A brief history of the Alb.

33. Got larger: GREW.

34. Geppetto's boy: PINOCCHIO.  “Centuries ago there lived… ‘A king!’ my little readers will say immediately. No, children, you are mistaken. Once upon a time there was a piece of wood.”  The true story of Pinocchio.  [Name # 8.]

36. Partner of faith and charity: HOPE.  A Biblical reference from the New Testament (1 Corinthians 13).   Faith, Hope and Charity is the name of a vineyard in Oregon.

37. Paradise: EDEN.  Paradise is not Lost this week.

38. Greek lamb wrap: GYRO.  Yummers!

39. Tresses: HAIR.  Also the name of a Broadway musical that was later made into a movie.

40. Jazz trumpeter Jones: THAD.  Although born in Michigan, Thad Jones (né Thaddeus Joseph Jones; Mar. 28, 1923 ~ Aug. 20, 1986), moved to Copenhagen, Denmark in the late 1970s, where lived the rest of his life.  He even has a street named for him in Copenhagen.  He is considered one of the best jazz trumpet player of his time.  [Name # 9.]

43. Rock instrument: GUITAR.

44. Sharp-witted: ASTUTE.

45. Heated to bubbling: BOILED.

47. Code entered by a debit card user: PIN.

48. Hand-held allergy treatment: EPI-PEN.

50. Tire inflation abbr.: PSI.

51. Puzzle with symbols: REBUS.  A is a puzzle device that combines the use of illustrated pictures with individual letters to depict words or phrases.  ‡

53. Spades, but not shovels: SUIT.

54. Thicken, as cream: CLOT.

56. Friendly dog's offering: PAW.

57. Actress Arthur: BEA.  Although best known as an actress, Bea Arthur (née Bernice Frankel; May 13, 1922 ~ Apr. 25, 2009) joined the Marine Corps just days after that branch of the military began accepting women into their company.  [Name # 10.]

60. "Murder, __ Wrote": SHE.  Murder, She Wrote was a long-running cozy mystery series about mystery writer and amateur detective, Jessica Fletcher, played by Angela Lansbury (née Angela Brigid Lansbury; Oct. 16, 1925 ~ Oct. 11, 2022).  She lived in the tiny village of Cabot Cove, Maine, which must have been the most dangerous town in the United States because a murder occurred there every week for 12 years.

61. Gate update: Abbr.: ETD.  Estimated Time of Departure at the Airport.

Here's the Grid:

§  Two ~ One to screw it in most of the way in and the other to give it a surprise twist at the end. 
What is your favorite light bulb joke?  Please share.

‡    51-Down.  The answer to the rebus is Up For Grabs.


Many thanks to C.C. who stepped in for me last week.

Congratulations to the LSU Tigers who just won the College World Series!  Geaux Tigers!

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