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Good travel gifts for men can be hard to find. Dont worry. Help is here! As a nomad for the last 7 years, Ive had a chance to discover exactly what pieces of travel gear can make a trip terrific. Read on to find the perfect travel gift for him.

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Whats in our guide to Travel Gift for Men?

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Whatt the perfect gift for the travelling man in your life?

If you knew that, you wouldnt be reading an article about travel gifts for men, would you?

Its OK though. I know guys can be super tough to shop for (just ask Jane, who finds choosing a gift for me almost torturous!).

If youre struggling to come up with just the right present, help is here.

Ive been travelling full-time for more than 7 years and have visited more than 50 countries, so I know a thing or two about what makes a great travel gift. I have picked my favourite items of travel gear some I already own, some that I would love to have for this list.

stephen walking down bamboo stairs in laos
After seven years of full-time travel, I know exactly what makes a great travel gift.

Some of the travel gift ideas Ive included are big-ticket items that hell use every day, thinking of you each time he does. Others are unique travel gifts, perfect if you have a smaller budget, but are still essential for the travelling man.

Whether youre looking for gifts for a friend going travelling, a travel gift for a business traveller, or a fun travel gift for your boyfriend or husband, youll find it here.

If youre ready to check him off your gift list, read on for your guide to the best

Travel Gifts for Men

If you need even more gift ideas, dont miss our post about Travel Essentials for Men and our recommendations of the Best Travel Pants for Men.

What Makes a Great Travel Gift?

A great gift should be personal, building on the connection you have with the giftee. It should also be something meaningful, that will last for years to come.

The best gifts for travellers should also be:

  • Portable You really dont want to be responsible for overfilling your recipients suitcase. Make sure your gift is packable and portable.
  • Durable Travel is harder on gear than everyday life. So anything you get should be built to last (which is also more eco-friendly).
  • Useful Every item in my suitcase needs to be essential or it stays home. A great travel gift is one that will become essential to the travellers everyday happiness.
  • Fun Sure, you could give him a new pair of travel pants, but whats the fun in that? Ideally, your gift should be something hed LOVE to have but that he probably wouldnt buy himself.

I hope that list didnt freak you out. I know it sounds like a lot but, the great news is, there are lots of gifts for people who travel that will fulfill all these requirements and more.

Keep reading to find out what they are.

Travel Gifts He Cant Leave Home Without

This section is all about the travel basics that can make or break a trip. If he doesnt have great luggage, a perfect day pack, and a secure and slim travel wallet, then start here.

1. Durable luggage hell love for years to come

Is his go-to suitcase an old, stained backpack? Or maybe he carries his worn-out college duffel bag?

man in suit rolling suitcase behind
If this is how you travel, then a hard-sided wheelie suitcase makes sense.

In that case, the only travel gift you should consider is a new suitcase or travel backpack.

Having the right luggage makes a world of difference on any trip. Itll help keep him organized, turn packing into a simple exercise, and make it easier to get on and off the plane, in and out of taxis, or to hitch a ride in the middle of nowhere.

There are two suitcases I always recommend. They happen to be the luggage that Jane and I have travelled with for years.

Hard-Sided Luggage for City Travel

I have been carrying the Haupttstadtkoffer Alex 20 for years now and its just ideal.

orange hard-sided wheelie suitcase makes a perfect travel gift

The inside is divided into compartments so I always know where each piece of travel gear is. The outside is a solid hard-case, which protects my stuff from my often reckless treatment and from the mis-handling of baggage clerks the world over.

The best part is that if the wheels or handle break from too much rough treatment, I can order replacement parts from the manufacturer. Its easy to switch out the old ones and start brand new.

So much better than having to throw out the whole suitcase just because of one broken wheel!

See more photos and details

Convertible Backpack to Take Off the Beaten Track

If he likes to get out of the city and travel to unique, less-touristy destinations, then a convertible backpack might be a better fit.

My hard-sided suitcase is great when conditions are good for rolling, but as soon as I hit a dusty road or a giant staircase, I wish I had a bag I could throw on my back.

Jane carries the Standard Luggage Convertible Suitcase. With the straps away, it looks like a stylish suitcase, with the straps out, it turns into a backpack. Thats why Jane always beats me to the top of the stairs.

Check prices and photos

If youre thinking of getting him a new travel backpack or suitcase, definitely make time to read our complete guide to the best minimalist backpacks for travel.

2. Anti-theft carry-on day pack

cyclist drinking water with backpack nearby
The Standard Daily backpack is the perfect travel daypack and is also great for everyday use.

If he already has a suitcase he loves, what is his daypack situation like? A small backpack that fits under a plane seat and makes a comfy daypack is a perfect travel gift for men.

Standard Luggage Daily Backpack (which Jane uses and I want) is ideal. Its loaded with features that will keep his most important gear organized, dry, and safe from thieves, including:

Looking for the best anti-theft backpack for travel (and daily life)? We have put the Standard Luggage Daily daypack to the test, on planes, trains, busses, bikes, beaches and more! Here's what we think of this theft proof backpack. #travel #backpack #antitheft
  • An RFID passport pocket
  • A dedicated laptop sleeve
  • Lots of zippered compartments for keeping things organized (no more lost wallets)
  • A hidden zipper to foil thieves
  • Water-resistant fabric and a waterproof cover

This bag also looks better than your average backpack, meaning he can carry it almost anywhere. He can sling it on his back to commute to work or throw it over his shoulders on a countryside bike ride. If he has a business meeting, the backpack straps fold away for an even more stylish look.

Check prices and specs

See our full review of this backpack

3. A game-changing travel wallet

man holding travel wallet on a dusty road
Have you ever seen a wallet that looks like this before? The Ridge transforms the wallet game and will last for years. Photo via The Ridge.

Wallets are pretty stuck in the past; they havent really changed in decades. Well, welcome to the future.

The Ridge is a complete re-thinking of what a wallet should be. And its about time.

I often leave my wallet behind at the hotel, since its so bulky and I pay for most things with my iPhone. This leads to endless annoyances as I never have my extra credit card, my ID, or my bank card handy when I need it.

The Ridge slims everything down so its easy to slip into a pocket. Plus it:

slim travel wallet gift
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee its built to last
  • Has RFID blocking to protect from digital theft
  • Fits up to 12 cards without stretching out
  • Comes with a built-in money clip or cash strap

Even though I dont have one of these yet, its still one of my favourite travel gifts for men something hed never buy himself but that will be tucked in his pocket for the next decade. This one is going on my Xmas gift list!

Amazing Travel Experiences for Him

If youre looking for a gift that will bring your man true happiness, consider giving a travel experience. After all, its well documented that possessions dont make us happy but experiences can.

Plus, one of the best things about giving an experience is that you can invite yourself along!

Here are a few great travel experience gifts that will make his eyes light up.

1. Give him a travel experience gift box

travel gift experience box from tinggly
If you want to give an experiential travel gift, the Tinggly gift box makes it easy.

Tinggly is doing something pretty cool. You choose an experience gift box based around your giftees tastes and the amount you want to spend, then he gets to choose from hundreds of travel experiences all around the world.

Experiences range from mountain biking to river cruises to surf lessons to driving a supercar on the Autobahn!

Tinggly has different collections to appeal to the tastes of different types of men. Check out the Perfect for Him Collection, which offers street food tours, mountain biking adventures, snorkelling trips, brewery tours and much more.

For something a little more adrenaline-fuelled, try the Superman Collection, which offers bungy jumping, flexwing microlighting, kayaking, SUP, and lots more.

As a bonus, the gift boxes are made of recycled materials and Tinggly offsets the carbon emissions of each experience by 200%. They also remove 33lbs (15kg) of plastic in the Philippines, Indonesia or Haiti for every gift box sold!

This is the ideal gift for frequent travellers or for someone who is already travelling. But even if his next trip isnt yet booked, the Tinggly box never expires, so hell have his Tinggly experience waiting for him whenever he gets there.

2. Take him on a wellness retreat

man carrying surf board on the beach at sunset
A wellness retreat doesnt have to be girly or boring. Give him a surf and yoga retreat to transform his next trip.

Its hard to believe that in 2019 wellness is still often seen as a female thing. Screw that. Guys need self-care, too!

Thats why I think that one of the best travel gifts for him is a wellness break.

For the man who has everything, a wellness retreat makes a great and unusual gift. You can choose a standard retreat, with spa services, healthy food, and a daily yoga session, or amp up the action with an active retreat.

This 6-day surf and yoga retreat in Bali sounds like a lot of fun. It takes place in Canggu and the yoga portion happens at Desa Seni, our favourite place to do yoga in Bali. If not surfing in Bali, how about a yoga and hiking retreat in Arizona, or a yoga and climbing retreat in Portugal?

If none of those ideas appeal, there are hundreds of options available all around the world. Youll find them on BookRetreats.

Find his perfect retreat

3. Send him on a bicycle adventure

bike bangkok hidden oasis
A bike tour, long or short, is still our favourite way to experience a new destination.

Theres nothing that fills me with joy more than sight-seeing from the seat of a bicycle. Getting on a bike helps bring back the child-like sense of wonder that most of us said goodbye to a few decades ago. Plus, its the perfect mode of transport to get away from over-touristed areas and immerse yourself in the local life.

For the best bike trips in Asia, we recommend Grasshopper Adventures. They offer everything from half-day city tours to month-long bicycle adventures.

There are plenty of similar options in Europe and North America. You can probably even find a great bike tour in your home city a great way to give him a travel experience without leaving home. Start by searching on GetYourGuide.

Essential Techie Travel Gifts for Men

At My Five Acres, we dont buy every new gadget thats released. Instead, we try to make our tech last, buying only the essentials and using them for years on end.

That said, we do buy gear occasionally (after months of agonizing) and the gifts I recommend here have made a huge difference to our life on the road.

So if you think a techie gift might be right for him, these gift ideas come with our seal of approval!

1. An action camera to capture the moment

stephen crouching on beach using the osmo action camera
I love the Osmo Action Camera which has made taking shots like this one so much easier.

An action camera is perfect for anyone who is going on an adventure and loves to shoot video. A few months ago I got the DJI Osmo Action camera and it has transformed the way I capture my travels.

My favourite things about it?

osmo action cam
  1. It is tiny, so I can bring it everywhere without it weighing me down.
  2. The stabilization technology is incredible even when Im running or riding a bike my videos come out smooth.
  3. The wide angle lens is perfect for capturing all the action, no matter where I am.
  4. It takes pretty amazing still photos, too!

Best piece of travel gear Ive bought in years!

Check reviews and prices

2. Phone camera lenses for amazing photos

Does he shoot most of his travel photos and videos on his phone?

moment phone camera lenses are perfect for travel

If so, then help him up-level his photos with a set of interchangeable phone camera lenses.

There are lots of kinds available, but we like the Moment lens system. They make a bunch of high quality lenses that really will transform the way his phone photos come out.

The kit starts with a Moment phone case. It is designed so that the lenses can screw right into it, holding them stable and in the right position every time. Then, he can add on whichever lenses he wants. I recommend starting with the Wide 18mm and Tele 58mm lenses.

Note: Moment lenses are available for iPhone, Galaxy, Pixel, and OnePlus.

Check prices & reviews for Moment lenses

3. Noise-cancelling headphones to keep him sane

Buses, trains, airplanes all can be made immeasurably better with a pair of noise-cancelling headphones.

About a year ago, after months of research, I finally got a set of Sony noise cancelling headphones.

black noise cancelling headphones

They truly keep me sane while I travel. I wear them on the plane, in the airport, on busses, in crowds, watching Netflix while Jane sleeps, and even when Im trying to get to sleep at night. Yup, Im even wearing them right now.

If the man in your life travels a lot, commutes on public transport, or is at all sensitive to noise, noise-cancelling headphones will be a life-changing gift.

Check prices & reviews

4. Portable travel speaker to bring the fun in

I have been looking at portable travel speakers for several years now.

small travel speaker

I finally gave in and bought one a couple of weeks ago and I am so happy I did. For years I have been watching Netflix on my laptop with terrible laptop sound. For years Ive been listening to music on my iPhone speaker.

Finally, the madness is over!

I got the small Xiaomi bluetooth speaker. It has great sound for the size, its super affordable, lightweight, and easily packable. If you want to go for something a little more rugged, the Bose SoundLink Micro is designed for outdoor use. Its waterproof, durable, and comes with a tear-resistant strap, so it can be carried anywhere.

5. Spotify Premium membership for music-filled trips

Is he a music fan? If he is, and hasnt subscribed to Spotify Premium yet, this is the perfect gift for him. With a Spotify Premium account he can listen to whatever, whenever, wherever including music, podcasts, meditations and more.

On its own, a Spotify membership makes a great stocking stuffer or you can pair it with the speakers or headphones above for the perfect audiophile gift. I use mine every day.

Travel Gifts to Bring His Sexy Back

While travelling can be life-affirming and energizing, it can also be exhausting! The gifts in this section will help your guy feel fresh, rested, and like his best self while hes on the road. Nothing can eliminate the effects of jet lag completely, but these gifts will definitely help.

1. A stylish travel blazer (or suit!)

man putting a passport in his blazer pocket
To up his on-the-road style game, a travel blazer from Bluffworks is ideal.

Is he the kind of guy who can rock a blazer with confidence? Or maybe he needs a little help to look effortlessly stylish? A blazer thats specifically designed for travel is a great way to dress up any outfit while still being comfortable.

One of my favourite clothing companies, Bluffworks, makes the ultimate travel blazer.

The Bluffworks Gramercy Blazer is packable, machine washable, and wrinkle-resistant. It has a total of 7 inner pockets some with zippers, some completely hidden to keep everything safe, from his passport to his iPad (Seriously. Thats not a typo!).

If you really want to make him feel dashing, get him the matching Gramercy pants too.

2. Travel skincare kit

Travel is tough on skin airplanes dry it out, smog seeps into pores, and dust, dirt, and sweat collect on the surface. Help him stay looking his best with a set of eco-conscious moisturizers and cleansers.

travel kit of men's face products

The Organic Male OM4 line has a travel starter kit that makes an ideal gift or stocking stuffer.

It includes a Microblended Bionutrient Face Wash, Surface Refining pH Balancer, Age-Defying Antioxidant Serum and Environmental Defense Hydration Complex. Im not sure what all that means except that it will help his skin recover from a long-haul flight, a dusty day on the trail, or late nights in the big city.

Plus, Organic Male uses ethically sourced ingredients and works to be a socially responsible and eco-conscious company. Bonus points!

3. Tempur-Pedic travel pillow

tempur-pedic travel pillow

I cant really understand how I travelled so long without a decent travel pillow.

Ever since I got my Tempur-Pedic Travel Pillow I have had much better sleeps it has become my number one essential travel item.

A pillow might not seem that sexy, but hell look and feel much sexier after a solid sleep than he is after tossing and turning all night.

4. Ergonomic eye mask

An eye mask might not be manly but trust me on this one!

ergonomic face mask from mavogel

I can sleep in almost any situation but a good eye mask turns that sleep into a long unbroken night of bliss. It doesnt matter if Im sleeping on a crowded plane, on a night train, or in a hotel with flimsy curtains, an eye mask is the answer.

I still use an eye mask I picked up in a supermarket in Ho Chi Minh City, but my ideal one is the handmade Mavogel eye mask. It is designed to keep your eyes free from pressure, block out all light seepage, and be so soft and comfortable you dont even notice youre wearing it.

This mask will help him sleep better anywhere and that will lead to many happy days of travel!

5. The ultimate coffee nerd kit

coffee travel gifts for men
My travel coffee kit has kept me happily caffeinated in more than 50 countries.

Its amazing how many men I meet on the road who are almost as picky about coffee as I am.

If your giftee is the type of guy who sneers at Starbucks and will only drink coffee from speciality coffee shops

If hes the type of guy who is a miserable monster until he has his first cup of coffee

then he definitely needs a travel coffee brewing kit.

No matter where we are, I brew my own coffee each morning, starting with whole beans and finishing with the perfect cuppa.

This is the gear that I carry everywhere (from camping in Canada to luxury in Bali).

Leak-Proof Travel Mug: Whether hes brewing his own coffee or sampling the local specilities, a leak-proof travel mug is essential. Not only does it help save the world but it will save him from drinking coffee from a paper cup.

travel coffee mug from klean kanteen

I love my Klean Kanteen coffee mug and have travelled with it non-stop for 7 years. Make sure you get him one with the Leak Proof Caf Cap 2.0 because the old lids totally leaked!

Travel Coffee Grinder: Hario recently updated their portable Ceramic Coffee Mill. So why not splurge and buy him the Mini-Slim Pro, an amazing hand grinder that will help him make a perfect cup of coffee every day.

Pour-Over Coffee Maker: A key piece to the coffee puzzle is a coffee maker. For travel, a pour-over coffee dripper is ideal. I pack the GS Outdoors collapsible pour-over coffee maker. It holds any #4 filter and makes great coffee, as good as youd get at the nearest hipster coffee shop. This one collapses into a flat circle, so its perfectly packable.

Reusable Coffee Filters: You dont want him to spend his travel days searching for paper filters, so be eco-friendly and buy him CoffeeSocks instead. Ive used these organic cotton coffee filters for 9 years and love them. Get the #4 filter to use with the pour-over coffee maker above.

Pro Tip: Dont buy him coffee. Hell definitely want to choose his own beans.

A Final Word About Travel Gifts for Men

Men can be picky, particular, and hard to please. Finding the perfect travel gift for the travelling man in your life might seem like an impossible task.

What if he really has everything he wants and needs? Or maybe hes travelling right now and wont have room in his suitcase for another thing?

If youre still stuck for ideas, get him a charity gift card that he can use to help a cause hes passionate about anywhere in the world.

Then think about giving a charitable gift in his name.

Figure out what hes most passionate about whether its bikes, movies, education, food, or just travel and find a related charity. After that, make a donation, get a personal card, and wrap it all up in an elaborate package for that special day.

If youre not sure which charity to pick, a gift card from Global Giving will allow him to pick his favourite project.

We hope youve found this guide to mens travel gifts useful. Our goal is to help your travel be transformational journey, so why not help transform his travel with one of these great gifts? If you have any questions about this list, give me a shout on email or Instagram.

Happy transformational travels, Jane & Stephen

Were not going to lie, it takes a LOT of work to create travel guides like this. But its easy to help us out! If you book or buy something using one of our personal links in this post, well earn a small fee at no extra cost to you. Of course, we would never recommend anything we didnt 100% believe in! Huge thanks in advance! S&J

Good travel gifts for men can be hard to find. Don't worry. Help is here! As a nomad for the last 7 years, I've had a chance to discover exactly what pieces of travel gear can make a trip terrific. You'll find all my faves in this post. Ready to find the perfect gift and check his name off your list? Click to get it done. #travelgear #travel #myfiveacres #gifts
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