Top Pinterest Picture of 2019

I have kept a Pinterest account for some time, now. It’s a great way to curate pictures from the huge amount of online sources available these days. As this time of year is the perfect time to look at your online footprint’s overall success over the last year, let me present the most popular picture my account had this year.
This is wonderful for a couple of reasons. Firstly it is a selection of Formal looks. As overall Men’s Tailoring has been going through a more casual cycle for the last few years, a lot of my customers often have questions about the benefits of Formal wear, but don’t usually follow through with either a Made-To-Measure purchase, or even buying an off-the-rack formal outfit that could be altered for them. Perhaps the idea that one would be ‘nice to have’ is offset by the cost. After all, if you are only going to wear a Dinner suit a few times over the next decade, the changes in a customer’s body profile throughout that time period may make a purchase look too exorbitant.
Perhaps the idea of constantly exercising in order to keep a customer’s current weight and body shape in order to fit ‘close fitting’ looks such as a slim-fit dinner suit means ’just too much work’. These reasons are understandable, but a simple black suit can do double duty when accessorized with Formal shirts, ties and shoes and do double duty for you. Remember that if your Tailor makes a suit for you, they will always build in some growing room so that you will continue to look great, even if your shape changes.
My second reason for being excited by this choice is that it is aimed at youth. Originally, this was a ‘Prom’ picture, but the fact that younger men are interested in dressing more formally for any occasion is a great one. As Youth culture has moved more and more into the famous ‘Urban’ looks that we all see on the street and in the malls, it is very positive to see that looks like these more ‘dressy’ ones are still interesting o the younger generation. After all, dressing like this does make men of all ages look more professional and shows someone that cares about how they look. I have promoted my services to the younger generation before this and have always received positive feedback concerning at least having a more formal suit look at home, despite not wearing one very often.
As you can see from this picture, it isn’t simply a Tuxedo that is represented: Black suits, looks with and without ties, accessorizing of colour and footwear, these looks would look good at a wide range of social situations, like Weddings, Evenings out and many more.
So, if you are looking for positive trends for the year to come, the idea that men’s fashion is still interesting; that the younger generation are looking at how to look their best for special occasions; that there is a movement – no matter how small –toward a more formal look, is great news.
No matter how you need a tailoring service in 2020; be it for repairs, alterations, re-styling or even a full made-to-measure wardrobe, we hope you will think of us. You are never too young or to old to look your best, and if today’s teenagers are interested in ‘dressing up’, you had better get your own sartorial game in order!

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