Top 5 popular home office designs for 2020

Now that youve joined the legions of people working from home, youve earned the right to decorate your home office in a style you like. Given youll be spending most of the day in a single room, the smart move is to overhaul the design to suit your taste so that you love spending time in it.

Here is our vision for popular home office design trends in 2020.

Cool colors for classical offices

According to interior office design consultants,Office Principles, the classical office look is en vogue for 2020. Handcrafted wooden desks and storage cabinets are making a comeback. But the key is the color.

Bright colors excite the brains cognitive function but in doing so make it difficult to concentrate. Cool colors, on the other hand, are ideal for retaining focus. Monochrome colors, all-white walls or brown and beige are the shades for 2020 although there is no harm adding a hint of dazzling color to help stimulate creativity and productivity.

Handcrafted wooden desks and storage cabinets are making a comeback in 2020

Functional furniture

A cluttered and ill-planned home office is not conducive to a productive workspace. Whilst you want a creatively designed room that promotes inspiration, your first thought should be to prioritize form over function.

Resist the temptation of buying furniture because you like the way it looks. Instead, assess furniture that performs a double or triple duty such as shelves with hooks, a foldable desk and a versatile ottoman.

Chic filing cabinets or storage units together with adjustable seating and overhead shelving will ensure you fulfil both your desire to have an eye-catching design and a space that is practical for performing your job without distractions or frustrations.

Minimalistic for concentration

Minimalismhas fallen in and out of fashion since the mid-20th Century. With todays focus on living sustainably and stress-free lifestyles, the simple, minimal style is beginning another cycle of popularity.

The minimalistic look and modern interior design are perfect for a home office. Its timeless, fail-proof and provides you with a distraction-free base from which you can ramp up productivity. Choose a glassed-top desk or an impressive hardwood desk as a centre-piece to add sophistication.

Monochrome colors, all-white walls or brown and beige are the shades for 2020

Vertical storage space

If you only have a small space for your home office, create more room by installing vertical storage solutions and making use of free space above. For the ultimate storage facility, custom-built floor-to-ceiling cabinets that create a unique appearance and make the room look larger. Under the desk storage can also be a fun, space-saving way to keep file and paperwork.

Industrial-style home office

The industrial look influenced by cool cafes in the last year is finding its way into homes and offices alike. It should come as no surprise that industrial-style home office designs will be a popular look in 2020.

If you enjoy being in a creative space that rocks an authentic rustic look that contrasts with stylish furniture and accessories, customize your workspace with bare walls, eclectic decor and vaulted ceilings that contribute to dramatic spaces. Shiplap beams, exposed wood and tray ceilings are all unique interior designs that are tipped for the top five popular home designs for 2020.

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