Top 101 New Product Design and Development Firms for Services in 2022

For your new product to stand out from the crowd, you need the help of the best companies specializing in new product concept design services and development. This list rounds up the top 101 new product design and development firms for services in 2022 to help you find the right choice to bring your ideas to life!

Top 101 new product design and development firms


1. Cad Crowd

Cad Crowd should be your first stop if you need guidance and assistance for your upcoming product design and development project. The company helps connect clients from across the globe with professional freelance artists who specialize in the design and development of consumer goods, 3D product modeling services, 3D rendering, product development, prototype design, electronics, industrial design, and more.


2. 2ndEdison

2ndEdison is a design and innovation firm that eliminates the gap between design and business. The company combines business analysis with proprietary innovation methodologies to create revolutionary new business opportunities and products focusing on brand expansion and increased profitability.


3. 4Sight

4sight is a strategic package and product innovation firm. They transform the daily brand experiences of consumers and, at the same time, create competitive benefits for their clients. The company’s team of breakthrough mechanical engineers and industrial designers feeds off New York City’s infinite creative stimulation.


4. Altitude

Altitude is an award-winning innovation and design firm that develops innovative products and unique experiences that profoundly resonate with end-users and establish their clients’ long-term business success. With its design, technology, and strategy expertise, Altitude uncovers opportunities and turns them into market solutions that can move businesses forward.


5. Ammunition

Ammunition is a global design group that offers services for brand identity and strategy, product design, graphic design, interaction design, and packaging. Ammunition headquarters are in San Francisco, California, with its founder, industrial designer Robert Brunner, at the helm. He is joined by his partners, strategist Matt Rolandson and creative director Brett Wickens.


6. APG Emerging Tech

APG Emerging Tech is a technology and management consulting service specializing in the full lifecycle development of digital products, process improvement, and facilitation. They intentionally walk in the shoes of their users to design the best technologies and processes.


7. Artkai

Artkai is a digital product development and design company that is made up of more than 80 people. It builds digital products that make perfect sense to both people and businesses. Its human-centered approach helps hone fresh ideas into usable, valuable products that fuel and create spot-on user experiences.


8. B/E Aerospace

B/E Aerospace manufactures aircraft cabin interior products. The company designs, develop, and manufacture various products for business jets and commercial aircraft. The organization’s engineers, researchers, and scientists are committing to improving transformative technologies worldwide. They offer collaboration opportunities to aspiring startups, established companies, or students looking to make a difference through product development.


9. Beyond Design

Beyond Design is a multi-faceted, award-winning strategic design company that uses an innovative design process. It takes projects through from research to development and manufacture.

Beyond Design’s design strategy and research, expertise helps develop compelling products that can connect with users for success in the marketplace.



Bilio is a walled garden of innovation and enthusiasm. The company specializes in product development, industrial design, prototyping, boutique manufacturing collaborations, and material engineering.

The company offers collaboration opportunities from material engineering, industrial design, and boutique manufacturing to product development and prototyping.


11. BlackHagen Design

BlackHagen Design is a progressive product development and user research firm supporting all consumer, commercial, and medical design innovation levels. It offers strategic support to its clients through product solutions and plans that undergo research, design, and engineering that are meant to be sensitive and cost-effective to cater to clients and users.


12. Bleck Design Group

With its headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, Bleck Design Group is a product development and design firm specializing in designing products for its visionary clients, including consumer electronics, office supplies, medical devices, and business equipment companies. 

Apart from product development, they also do usability research, mechanical engineering, collaborations with software and electronic companies, and industrial design.


13. Bresslergroup

With experience that spans more than 35 years, Bresslergroup is a full-service product development agency that provides various services, starting with strategic planning and user research to inform the development and design process. Bressler group and Delve united under one name and guide inventors through the complex process of product development to make it faster, more innovative, and sustainable.


14. Catalano Design

 Carol Catalano founded the company in 1987. This company is a full-service product development and design firm headquartered in Boston. Catalano Design has forged long-term relationships by fostering excellent communication with its clients to understand their markets, technology, and culture. They aim to create products with simplistic and synthesized designs designed to meet customers’ specific needs and deliver results that one can depend on.


15. Concepto Studios

Concepto Studios was established in 2007 in South Florida and is a full-service, award-winning product development firm. The company services top brands and many prototyping, medical, and industrial design firms. They provide a complete spectrum of product development services, from doing research to branding, 3D visualization, design, engineering, packaging, prototyping, and more. They help clients to bring their idea to market from beginning to end.


16. Curion

Curion is a full-service sensory and product insights firm that works with clients to identify the products consumers need, what makes them like the products, and what optimizations can be made. For 45 years, Curion worked alongside leading CPG agencies to define packaging and product insights and help companies to reach product success.


17. Decision Analyst

A decision Analyst is an international lead in in-home usage testing or IHUT, product optimization, and all related analytics. It executes projects focusing on quality assurance systems, processes, and standards. The company has product labeling, consumer panels, shipping, processing facilities, and equipment to perform IHUTs.


18. Delve

Delve is another award-winning design and innovation consultancy that helps clients develop evocative business brands through research, design, strategy, engineering, and even prototyping. The company has been working with global companies since 1967 to identify needs, uncover opportunities, and create solutions that lead to business success.


19. Design Central

As a product engineering and design consultancy, Design Central helps organizations gain power by pinpointing opportunities for more compelling solutions through research, strategy, user experience, product design, and engineering.


20. Designworks

Designworks, a creative consultancy, has been driving for more than four decades. Acquired in 1995 by BMW Group, Designworks allows its parent company and globally renowned clients not part of the automotive industry to expand their businesses through a creative consulting service portfolio. They aim to design alongside communities and their companies for the better, making positive change.


21. Diatomic Product Development

Based in Seattle, WA, Diatomic Product development offers strategic consultative and development services to clients looking for technology-based and innovative solutions for their product design. Their primary mission is to assist partners and clients in developing meaningful products that add value and improve the quality of life. The company has decades of experience designing, inventing, developing, and commercializing products, and they have reached immense commercial success with several of their products.


22. EPAM

Since its establishment in 1993, EPAM Systems has continuously leveraged its core engineering experience and expertise to become the premier digital platform engineering and global product development services company. With its innovative design, consulting, and strategy capabilities and Engineering DNA, EPAM works hand in hand with its customers to provide breakthrough solutions that transform business challenges into real business opportunities.


23. Essential

Essential is a company founded in 2001 and is an innovation and design partner for all leaders who want to speed up the success of their business. The company comprises a focused team of industry-leading engineering, design, and research professionals who think beyond design to transform strategy into revolutionary services and products.


24. Evo Design

Aaron Szymanski and Tom McLinden established the product design firm Evo in 1997. The company has been built on its core expertise of delivering creative designs that focus on the specific needs of its client’s businesses. The firm’s Connecticut was initially constructed in 1972 to use as a water treatment plant. Three years later, the building was transformed into a design studio. The characteristic structure was perfect for expressing Evo’s personality and vision. The idea was to create a functional space where clients and designers can meet but also has the energy and inspiration for designers to come up with exciting new concepts.


25. Fahrenheit Design

This Austin-based award-winning industrial design agency specializes in developing strategies and products for the medical, consumer, and high-tech products industries. The company’s primary mission is to generate products, experiences, and brands that enhance people’s quality of life. They mainly focus on industrial design, but they have a vetted network of professionals for other areas of product design. This gives them the flexibility to have the perfect team for every project.


26. FlatHED

Since 1996, the multi-disciplinary firm FlatHED located in Pearl District, Portland, has made it their business to bring their clients’ ideas to life. Their services include industrial design, project management, and product development. The company cares deeply about product perfection and keeping its customers happy. They strive to ensure that anything that leaves their offices looks great and works efficiently and guarantees customer satisfaction.


27. Form Department

Form Department is a product design and development firm that offers creative solutions to different brands and operates as a clothing manufacturing company at the same time. They amalgamate services with product development to generate a central support system for brands to expand and discover their unique identity. The company aims to inspire unique product ideas using carefully sourced materials from concept to creation.



GRAEF is an architectural engineering, design, planning, and multi-discipline company committed to serving private and public clients all over the US. It provides its clients with a wide variety of design services, taking great pride in its dedicated staff, who are skilled in the newest technologies and know about the dynamic marketplace they work within. 


29. HLB

HLB is a Chicago-based, privately owned product development firm with a genuine passion for creating products that create high returns for its clients by focusing on the ultimate satisfaction of its users. Its 50-year history is proof of continually exceeding and achieving the expectations and needs of clients in the consumer, industrial, and medical fields.

30. Ideaz

Ideaz, based in Glastonbury, CT, is another award-winning product development firm that boasts extensive experience developing successful and innovative products. The company offers services over a broad spectrum of product development. From research to industrial design, packaging design, electrical engineering, prototyping, and more, they can help.


31. Ideinn Design

The Los Angeles-based premier product development firm that is operating in Asia. Ideinn Design provides product development, manufacturing, and design services. The company shines in medical and consumer products’ design, development, and production. The agency is considered a premier product development agency in California, USA. They specialize in designing, developing, and manufacturing consumer products, medical technology, and sports products.



32. IDEO

IDEO helps companies and organizations innovate through unique design. International business leaders have independently ranked the firm as one of the most innovative companies in the world. It uses design thinking to guide clients in navigating the modern world’s opportunity areas, complexity, and speed. Ideo designs everything from products to systems, services, ventures, experiences, and more, across just about every industry and domain.


33. Innovaid-iD

Based in San Francisco, California, Innovaid-iD specializes in design research, brand design, design strategy, industrial design, product design, and product development. They aim to offer sustainable design, sourcing, and development for startups and established companies. Their services include industrial and product design, sourcing for any size project, and design development.


34. Integrated Design Solutions

Integrated Design Solutions is a multi-disciplinary product development and design firm. From the early stages of conceptualizing and ideation to tooling-ready databases and prototypes, the award-winning iDS development team follows a collaborative approach. They strive to offer manufacturable and innovative solutions to industry leaders worldwide.


35. Intelligent Product Solutions

Intelligent Product Solutions is a global, award-winning product development and design company with its headquarters in New York. The firm has all the capabilities to ideate, create, prototype, and develop finished products that involve various engineering and design competencies. Their services include anything from mechanical engineering to UI/UX design, electrical engineering, manufacturing services, systems architecture, and more.


36. InvoZone

Dubbing itself the technology partner for all innovators, InvoZone helps tech companies that want to create breakthrough products or grow their current development teams with proactive, friendly, and reliable experts. Their team comprises more than 250 professionals who have already completed over 300 projects for their client base. They are experts in blockchain development, software consultation & development, app development, cybersecurity, and mobile app development.


37. ION Design

ION Design is a valued product development firm that offers a wide variety of design services to cater to companies that manufacture consumer, medical, and scientific products. The company’s design approach is user-oriented and pragmatic, merging engineering’s no-nonsense reality with industrial design’s humanity.


38. Jackson Hedden

Jackson Hedden is an acclaimed designer with products in several major retailers, with clients ranging from brand-new startups in augmented reality to established brands like Lamborghini, Gillette, Ford, Kodak, Lego, and Honda, to name just a few. The company’s motto is that exceptional design is crafted from a fundamental understanding, which is why their products are superior. They believe in designing for people and not things.


39. Just The Facts Inc.

With three decades of new product testing and product experience, Just The Facts Inc works hand in hand with clients to come up with an optimal methodology to reach the results their clients desire. If you need high-quality testing of your products, JTF is the company to call. The company partners with companies worldwide, providing them with their market research needs and giving them valuable insights to make smart business decisions through proven methodologies and one-of-a-kind solutions.


40. Kablooe Design

Yet another award-winning company that specializes in product development and industrial design, Kablooe Design uses its proprietary Design Driven Development or D3 process to develop breakthrough product solutions for their valued clients. The company is a full-service research product development agency specializing in developing medical devices, and however, they have the expertise to create whatever product their clients desire.


41. Karten Design

Karten Design is a product innovation and design consultancy with more than three decades of experience, partnering with consumer and medical companies to help them establish their businesses through innovative design. They leverage the long history of their team in developing consumer products to offer an added focus on emotion and people to the healthcare industry.


44. Luana Ram Design

Luana Ram Design is based in Houston, Texas, and specializes in product design engineering. Their services include UX/UI web and mobile design to user research with competitive analysis, hardware & software product prototyping, and concept design and product strategy. They offer a full-service package from research at the start to final product development and testing.


45. Mage Design

Mage Design is based in Los Angeles and is an experienced full-service design company. Founded in 2001, the studio comprises a remarkably talented team of marketing experts and designers that primarily deals in the action sports industry. Its task is to influence and identify cultural trends and fashion aesthetics through design.


46. Manuel Saez

Manuel Saez understands the power of collaboration and diversity, which inspired him to establish the company in 2008. The firm enlists a collective of expert talents from different parts of the world. It covers all creative disciplines, from strategy, research, engineering, design, and sourcing to brand development, graphics, new media, and user experience.


47. MindFlow Design

MindFlow Design is an innovative product development company based in California that follows the strategic development of products for its clients, which include startups and Fortune 100 companies. The company specializes in the design and development of medical devices for companies. Their specialized services include strategic design research, user interface & industrial design, engineering, and usability testing.


48. Mindtribe

Mindtribe is an engineering team in San Francisco, California that helps companies develop connected hardware faster. They specialize in designing and developing innovative hardware products from start to finish, using an interactive and integrated approach. Mindtribe is part of Accenture that, emphasizes a cross-discipline amalgamation strategy to ensure flawless integration.


49. Metaphase

Metaphase is one of the leading companies in the world for the research, design, and ergonomics of handheld products. Bryce Rutter, Ph.D., one of the top handheld design experts in the world, founded the company in 1991. The company uses the most recent human factors engineering and research tools to create innovative designs to promote product sales and boosted revenue.


50. Morphix Design

Morphix Design is an industrial design firm that offers an extensive range of technical and creative services to bring your following innovative product to life. The company provides imaginative design solutions shaped by understanding how products make a functional and emotional connection.


51. Morrow Design

Morrow Design offers a complete range of creative services for industrial design, product development, graphic communications, and structural packaging. They specialize in developing and designing consumer, industrial, and medical products. The award-winning design company also assists clients with branding, luxury print design, business design, content creation, and web design.


52. Motiv

Motiv is a leading product and brand development firm based in Boston and specializes in the consumer home industry. The company is acclaimed for developing robust design solutions that cater to clients’ strategic initiatives and complex problems. Their services include packaging and product design, and branding. They pride themselves on collaborating with clients to expand market share and engage with consumers.


53. Nectar

Nectar is a product development firm that was founded in 1992. Nectar is committed to helping clients develop products that grow their markets and connect to their users. It follows an interdisciplinary approach that combines prototyping, mechanical engineering, and industrial design to execute designs into production successfully.


54. Neoforma Design

Neoforma Design offers industrial and graphic design for all companies and organizations looking for robust usability and stunning visual language. Their expertise primarily involves branding design, industrial design, visual interaction design, print collateral, and corporate identity (websites, stationary and guidelines, colors, etc.).


55. Nextpage Agency

Nextpage Agency designs differentiation for all innovators. The company consists of engineers of perfection who believe in individuality and intelligence, two of the most critical aspects of any business. They assist companies with brand identity, web design & development, and mobile app development for iOs and Android.


56. Nexus Design

Nexus Design is a product development firm that has a highly experienced staff of industrial engineers and designers. It provides engineering development services in industrial, electrical, and mechanical design, and its strength in handling multiple projects is that it links ideas to reality for its clients. Apart from evaluating which existing products best suit an application, the company also provides product design and manufacturing services for applications requiring specialized or customized solutions.


57. NEY & Partners

NEY & Partners design structures. The company boasts an international presence, and its designers, architects, and engineers have diverse global backgrounds. The team embodies a wealth of insights combined with extensive empathy and adaptability, reinforcing expertise. Besides the head office based in Brussels, they also have offices in Luxembourg, Delft, Bordeaux, Tokyo, and Hanoi. Architect, Laurent Ney 1996, founded the company.


58. Optimal Design

The Chicago-based firm Optimal Design offers a complete spectrum of product development services, including industrial design, engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing. Its integrated engineering and design approach allows the company to provide intelligent and fast solutions that go beyond the expectations of manufacturers and users.


59. Origin

Origin is a full-service product development and design company serving clients in the consumer, industrial, laboratory, or medical markets. It specializes in delivering design solutions that cater to its client’s needs and the product’s end-users. The company has been assisting clients in creating products that make a difference in people’s lives for over thirty years. Their mission is to develop products that matter.


60. PDT

PDT was established with a fresh vision of how the development of products should work. Their unique approach has helped propel its growth to become a top-notch firm that spans the world with more than 125 dedicated experts and nine offices. The company strives to deliver exceptional product designs, engineering, and manufacturing services for clients around the globe.


61. Pensa

Pensa offers exceptional product experiences through invention and design. The company conceives, develops, and engineers rewarding, beautiful, innovative products. Its methods are founded on a good understanding of people, their products, and the contexts in which they use them. They combine design, strategy, and engineering to create exceptional product experiences.


62. Pixelmate

Pixelmate specializes in developing digital innovations and successful products for startup clients and corporates. The agency is made up of 30+ designers, developers, and professionals in the industry that are passionate about contemporary technologies. Since the triumph of any business depends on the exact combination of functional business model, thought-through innovations, and startup freshness, the company strives to preserve its thinking as that of a startup.


63. Plan Z

Plan Z is a full-service agency that focuses on the design of stunning digital products, experiences, and brands. They consider themselves creative superheroes who provide innovative solutions to startups, enterprises, or businesses. The company comprises professionals in San Francisco, Dubai, Karachi, and Kyiv. They tick all the boxes if you need a company to help you explore, develop and scale your applications.


64. Point Innovation

Point Innovation is a collaborative design firm that creates new product development solutions that are to the point and innovative. The culmination of its specialized performance, process, and people helps its clients successfully dive into the market faster through well-balanced, innovative products while saving critical time and development dollars along the way.


65. Precision Research Inc.

Precision Research Inc. has years of experience in performing research on product development. They can help with the initial concept development, usability lab testing, or home-use product evaluation. With years of experience, they assist companies with optimizing products and developing new opportunities. They also offer research in optimizing products and concepts or understanding customer expectations and needs.


66. Product Insight

Product Insight is a globally renowned product development firm specializing in creative problem-solving, industrial design, innovation, and engineering. The company has been assisting startups and established firms in developing experiences and products over a broad range of industries since 1991. The idea is to help brands reach business goals and expand market share by overcoming challenges and delighting customers with exceptionally designed and developed products.


67. Promwad

Promwad Electronics Design House develops embedded software and new devices for the international market, taking the client’s products from conceptualization to mass production. This company is also the official design partner of leading tech vendors such as Intel, Microsemi, NXP, and more. They are the go-to company for software development, robotics, hardware design, and mass-producing electronic devices.


68. Protonshub Technologies

Protonshub Technologies continually strives to create new dimensions and bring something innovative to individuals and society. It provides services that exceed expectations and believes in long-term business relationships with its clients. They are professionals in software design & development, and their proactive approach to designing, consulting, and delivering custom software development services ensures a 100% success rate.


69. Prototype House

Prototype House based in Miami, Florida, specializes in product development, prototyping, manufacturing, inventions, and patents. Whether you need help with designing, prototyping, engineering, or manufacturing your invention idea, they can help. They offer a full-service package, all under one roof. The company was founded in 2013 and has assisted clients with their product design and development needs.


70. Ran Lerner Design

Ran Lerner Design was founded on bringing unique design concepts to products sold in both the mass and private markets. The company has designed for several clients, including Adesso, Reed & Barton, Yamazaki, Kikkerland, Nambe, Starwood Hotels, and other premier manufacturers. Industrial designer and founder Ran Lerner graduated in 1998 from the prestigious Domus Academy in Milan, where he got his master’s degree. Lerner believes in environmentally friendly manufacturing practices through efficient material usage and energy fabricating technologies. He often designs affordable, multi-functional products for public use.


71. RKS

RKS is another innovation consulting firm that delivers human-focused solutions with global impact. Established in 1980, the company uses design as a strategic tool that advances the clients to focus on the aspirations and needs of people while achieving benefits to society and sustainable business results. Their services include UI/UX design, brand design, digital marketing, industrial design, product development & engineering.



Rogov is an American industrial design and brand development agency based in San Diego. The company has helped create the feel and look for some of the world’s most respected, used, and recognized brands and products. It caters to the companies it works for and the users the products aim to satisfy.  They specialize in guiding marketers and manufacturers with market research, brand development, and the design of high-technology products.


73. Schlesinger Group

Schlesinger Group has a product test team that is highly skilled at executing and planning complex product testing and development programs. It supports various product testing methods, from central and facility location testing to on-site or in-home testing, using quantitative, qualitative, or hybrid approaches that best suit your test and product objectives.


74. Sewn Product Services

Seattle-based Sewn Product Services is an independent product development, manufacturing, and research firm that offers textile and sewing solutions for soft goods, innovation, and wearable technology industries. The company provides a strategic and customized experience for each customer. If their product is assembled with a sewing machine and includes textiles, Sewn will help build it.


75. Shark Design

Shark Design is the premier global company specializing in developing consumer products. Its Miami-based design studio comprises an innovative team of product designers who cover a scope of prototyping products. They offer eclectic concepts in design solutions for companies, inventors, and individuals in various industries.


76. Shea+Latone

Shea+Latone Incorporated creates award-winning and innovative products, which it has been doing since 1996. It provides an international base of comprehensive product development and industrial design services under a single roof. Its in-house ISO-certified test lab and prototype shop can put your products to the market faster.


77. Simplehuman

Everyone has tasks they wish to do faster, with things that may occupy a lot of space and various projects they need to organize. Simplehuman is committed to designing and developing products to help clients efficiently reach their goals. The company’s mission is to bring high-performance innovation to be simple but vital tasks in their clients’ everyday routines. They refer to their products as tools for efficient living.


75. Source Design International

Source Design International is your top source for everything you need, including product development, manufacturing sourcing, and industrial design. It is an engineering and product design consultancy based in Pittsburgh. The company aims to speed up the product design process and create prototypes to bring new products to market more efficiently and faster. Their services are a combination of prototyping, product design, and manufacturing.


76. Spark Design

Spark Design was founded in 1992 and comprised over thirty talented engineers and designers who create innovative and meaningful designs for clients worldwide. The company offers full-service consultancy for product design. Their services involve creative product development, including design documentation, concept innovation, model making, and graphics. The company understands the tricky process of bringing a new product to the shelves and has the expertise to assist clients.


77. Sprocket Studio

The industrial design firm Sprocket Studio specializes in consumer, medical, and industrial products. The company believes in elegant design solutions, enjoys working amidst constraints, and strives to forge long-term relationships with its clients. They offer a full-service package from sketches to 3D surface models and project management. The company is based in Northern Virginia, where they help develop superior quality products for local, international, and regional clients.


78. Stantec

Founded in 1954, Stantec offers expert consulting services in engineering, planning, architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, project management, environmental sciences, and project economics for facilities and infrastructure projects. The company has offices all over the globe, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Taiwan, the Caribbean, New Zealand, and more.


79. STEEN Solutions

One of Arizona’s top engineering firms, Steen Solutions, helps established organizations and startups by turning product ideas into reality through top-of-the-line product engineering and design services. The company was founded in 1993 and aimed to provide high-performance, innovative, affordable design solutions. Their team of professionals is committed to delivering responsive, knowledgeable, and reliable service to their diverse client base. They are licensed in fifty states and offer advanced engineering systems and solutions for remodeled and new electrical and mechanical construction.


80. Streng Design

Brothers Christopher and Daniel Streng established Streng Design in 1994. The award-winning branding and industrial design firms are in Chicago, NYC, Los Angeles, and New York. It is a globally acclaimed firm for developing products in the consumer goods, bath, and home appliances industries. They offer forward-thinking design solutions – brand strategy & development, product design, package design, and user experience design for world-renowned brands and companies.


81. Studio Backs

Studio Backs is a product design firm based in San Francisco that helps companies gain a competitive edge through product innovation. The company delivers exceptional experiences and product design in the houseware, packaging, computer, and medical industries. It works on projects ranging from cameras to monitors to packaging, and some of its top clients include Vaska, Logitech, and Samsung.


82. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey has global panels integrated into its comprehensive survey platform and a brand-new collection of solutions for concept testing. The company is an ideal fit for iterative and fast product development research regardless of budget. The market research surveys provide consumers and developers with actionable insights and information to make smart buying and product development choices.


83. Symmetry Product Design

Symmetry Product Design is based in San Francisco. It has a team of experienced product development consultants who deliver quality results to every client who entrusts the company with their projects. Their services include mechanical engineering, manufacturing support, quality assurance, and program management. The company pride itself in providing intuitive, affordable, aesthetically pleasing, and quality-driven design solutions across several industries.


84. Tanaka Kapec Design Group

Tanaka Kapec Design Group is an acclaimed full-service packaging and product design consultancy that works with international and national clients from conceptualization to manufacturing. The company has honed its skills for over four decades. They specialize in designing medical devices, consumer products, creative packaging solutions, engineering designs, and complex equipment.  They are committed to providing high-quality, budget-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing product designs.


85. Tata Elxsi

Tata Elxsi provides customized design solutions to various industries worldwide, including consumer electronics, enterprise, automotive, telecoms, media, storage, entertainment, and aerospace. The company offers time-to-market and cost-effective solutions through a highly motivated and skilled workforce that is ignited by its ethical business practices, strong design principles, and highest levels of quality.


86. Target Research Group Inc.

Target Research Group Inc. is an international full-service consumer insight and sensory research company. They are experts in strategic product research, including packaging, segmentation, and advanced modeling. Some of the biggest brands rely on them for beverages, food, healthcare, legal research, and personal care. The company has experience of more than thirty years in managing risk and making the most of legal and product analysis.


87. Teague

Teague is an innovation and design company based in Seattle that combines a deep understanding of human behavior and technical design expertise to provide what lies ahead for companies in big data, personal mobility, smart cities, aviation, space travel, and beyond.  Their services comprise research and strategy, product and user design, and experience and systems prototyping.


88. TEQZO Consulting

TEQZO Consulting is a product or industrial design company composed of a team of 19 experts established in 2014. This firm, based in Bangalore, India, helps midmarket and small businesses with product design. The company has experience in consumer products, manufacturing, and healthcare industries. The company strives to transform companies with winning strategies and empower them through design, innovation, and product development.


89. Thames Infotech

Thames Infotech was founded in 2016 and is a creative digital design company based in Manchester, United Kingdom. They are a leading design agency focusing on speed, innovation, and quality. The company uses technology to bring results that grow its clients’ businesses. It takes pride in exceptional integrity, work ethics, and results.


90. The Dieringer Research Group Inc. (The DRG)

Established in 1974, The DRG helps its clients make crucial product development decisions with complete confidence by exploiting data-driven customer feedback on almost anything from optimization of concepts to packaging design, prototype testing, launch communications, and pricing. It brings more than 45 years of research experience and strategic consulting, uncovering opportunities to enhance services and products based on perceptive customer feedback.


91. The Metcalfe Group

The Metcalfe Group is a full-service product design firm based in Cleveland, Ohio, that can help you take your projects from the early stages of conception to the official launch. The company specializes in helping companies to design and develop new products while emphasizing effectiveness and quality. From product design to prototyping, engineering, and testing, they can help.


92. The National Food Lab

A Eurofins company, The National Food Lab is a product innovation and development leader. It has a cross-functional and technical team of sensory scientists, food scientists, process engineers, and consumer researchers, offering unparalleled end-to-end solutions and closely working with clients to ensure the success of their products in the marketplace.


93. The Product Manufactory

The Product Manufactory is a product development firm based in Chicago, Illinois, specializing in engineering and product design. They are a full service company with an impressive team of engineers and designers with years of experience in the field. They assist company’s with product development from concept to manufacturing.


94. Trig

Trig is an award winning premier product design firm composed of expert industrial designers. Its industrial designs involve seamless conversations during the various stages of the project to allow each phase to impact the other. They help design and develop quality products specifically catered to the clients needs and offer guidance throughout the entire process.


95. Triple Ring Technologies

Triple Ring Technologies is an innovative product development and technology company that serves the life and mid-tech science, defense and security, industrial automation, and Cleantech industries.  They are a co-development agency that works alongside entrepreneurs and developers to tackle challenging problems, create new businesses and launch forward-thinking products.


96. Toluna

An ITWP Company founded in 2000, Toluna offers consumer insights designed to empower success in the modern world’s global on-demand economy. Toluna provides real-time, rich, and reliable insights to both individuals and all sizes of companies.  It is an influencer community-based platform where individuals can voice their opinions about products or services and get instantly rewarded through participating in market research campaigns that are relevant to them.


97. TXS Industrial Design

The Dallas-based TXS Industrial Design has more than three decades of experience providing design services for Governmental markets. They are experts in the field of industrial design for consumer products, graphic design, medical, telecommunications, stage lighting, and transportation industries. Their line of products are now used in over 100 million national hotel rooms.


98. UENO

UENO is a full-service agency that specialize in designing and building stunning electronic products, experiences, and brands. They have offices in Los Angeles, San Franciso, Reykjavic, and New York where they assist companies from start to finish with their design projects, creating brands, seizing new opportunities, and creating innovative brands.


99. Vertex Product Development

Another full-service product development agency, Vertex Product Development, provides services that range from industrial design to prototyping, production documentation, and engineering. They primarily serve semiconductor processing, industrial equipment, information technologies, and laboratory and medical, and consumer industries. They also assist inventors to bring their new products to market.


100. Whipsaw

Whipsaw is an experience, innovation, and product design company established in 1999. It is among the most highly accomplished and acclaimed product design firms worldwide. The company has introduced over a thousand products in various sectors such as scientific, medical, housewares, robotics, and consumer electronics.


101. Y Line Product Design

Y Line Product Design believes that products are ideas that can be transferred into brands. Their experienced team of professionals capture the emergent value to create actionable innovations. The company also strives to deliver desirable, usable, and valuable solutions. With their extensive expertise in product design and development, they are viewed as experts in the field of brand stewardship.

Final thoughts

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