Top 10 Best Ice Cream Containers in 2020 Reviews

Whether you are making your own gelato or purchasing a store-bought brand, maintain it fresh for as lengthy as feasible by keeping it carefully. Gelato might not last long in our home; however, when it does, we desire it to taste wonderful whenever we consume it. Ice-cream containers have been available in a range of dimensions, varying from little mugs made for a single offering of gelato to huge boxes shaped to be in the freezer and offer upwards of a month’s supply.

What you intend to search for is a form with a high surface-area-to-volume proportion that’ll reveal the mass of the gelato to the chilly air. You can freeze your ice-cream in numerous smaller sized containers, which will undoubtedly freeze up faster than a big one. It’s more challenging to scoop from smaller sized containers; the bigger one provides you lots of space to function with. Ensuring that you’re obtaining the premium quality item, we assembled a listing of the 10 best ice-cream containers that exist in the market for your consideration.

1. SUMO 1.5 Quart Ice Cream Containers (2-Pack, Red)

1. SUMO 1.5 Quart Ice Cream Containers (2-Pack, Red)

The most effective way to maintain an ice-cream from the grocery store or even making your own tasty set to remain chilly and also velvety as feasible; you need to have a trustworthy storage vessel. Furthermore, it should be fit any type of snugly loaded freezer. SUMO Homemade Ice Cream Containers 1.5 Quart is able to enhance your goal. It’s the best vessel for your scrumptious ice-cream collection. Maintain your ice-cream in a cold condition and be ready any time you require to scoop right into it.

These are well made as well as genuinely great looking shape in enhancement to being a convenient dimension for storage space both in and out of the fridge. You will feel impressed with its slender design suit in the upper drawer of many freezers. Due to its shapes and size, the containers can be nicely piled on top of each various other.

The scoop has a sharp end that digs into the icy gelato, and the length of the container enables you to dig simply the correct amount for a full scoop. You simply run the spoon through the length of the container in a shallow direction, and each time you get a nice scoop. The container’s bottom is curved, as you don’t have to excavate around or use spiky objects to get out the last snippets of delicacy.

The cover, external, and internal tub components are made from polypropylene plastic. The grip at the bottom of the outside tub component is made from a product called polycarbonate elastomer rubber. As a result of its superior quality, the item is classified as safe dishwasher storage. When being cleaned, it can endure repetitive direct exposure to high-pressure water as well as high-temperature level.

Key Features
  • Fits in any freezer storage
  • Tough and Insulated design
  • Withstand repeated exposure to high-pressure water and high temperature
  • The lid locks tightly to prevent burning or bending out of shape from the freezer
  • Easy to store due to its slender design
  • Can be washed with a dishwasher
  • Fill one container, and have enough for the family with 1.5 Quart Capacity
  • Lifetime guarantee on these containers is priceless
  • We would feel guilty for not being able to find the bad point of this useful item

2. Tovolo 61-3545 Mini Sweet Treats Ice Cream Tubs, Set of 4, Multicolor

2. Tovolo 61-3545 Mini Sweet Treats Ice Cream Tubs, Set of 4, Multicolor

A lot of the items we are utilizing are constructed from plastic, which indicates it can be tough to remove these from our lives entirely. The expanding alarm to BPA led to the manufacturing of BPA-free plastics. Satisfy the best container for keeping as well as scooping homemade sweet treats. Offering small fridge freezer storage space, a long-lasting BPA-free plastic container, Tovolo 61-3545 Mini Set of 4, carries from gelato to sorbet or ice cream.

A collection of 4 pleasant mini tubs is wonderful for a section control or for allowing every person to customize the mix-ins for their homemade frozen treat. These tubs have the capacity to hold 6 ounces each and also excellent for allowing every family member to make their preferred mix-ins to contribute to homemade desserts. The tight-fitting silicone covers take off and on quickly, which is ideal for maintaining your treats fresh.

It is a sturdy container which categorized as a risk-free dishwashing product. We can say it is far better than a plastic Tupperware container. One great technique we located is to place a sheet of cling wrap under the cover. This provides it a tighter seal as well as protects against fridge freezer burns.

The covers are readily available in 4 enjoyable colors: pistachio, raspberry, pink, and also lemon. We believe this can be taken into consideration as a simple feature, yet we like that the covers are various so you can include multiple components for every individual’s choice.

Key Features
  • A sturdy BPA-free plastic tub offers compact storage of frozen desserts
  • A tight-fitting cover saves contents from freezer burn
  • Set of 4 and each container holds 6 ounces
  • Dishwasher safe product
  • Robust tube ideal for homemade ice cream, sorbet, and gelato
  • Stack-friendly perfect for a tight freezer
  • Great for permitting every family member to create their favorite mix-ins
  • Various lid colors easy to notice different ingredient of your frozen treat
  • Probably a bit tiny to store ice-cream amount for an adult
  • It only keeps ice cream for a few days

3. StarPack Home Premium Ice Cream Freezer Containers – Set of 2 with Silicone Lids

3. StarPack Home Premium Ice Cream Freezer Containers - Set of 2 with Silicone Lids

StarPack Home Premium Ice Cream Freezer Containers is a fashionable, multiple-use, and also tough product that is ideal for gifting and also keeping homemade ice cream, sorbet, or soup. The silicone covers will certainly never ever break. Each container can carry 1 Liter (simply over 1 Quart) and also gauges 5.3″ high X 4.7″ Wide (Mouth). This collection consists of 2 containers.

Every parent constantly desires every member of a household to remain healthy, balanced, and secure. With the premium quality of the StarPack Home item, everyone is ensured to continue to be sanitary. This functional product was developed to last. It is constructed from food quality products as well as constantly 100% BPA-free. There is no doubt that it can stand with a freezer, microwave, and also a dishwasher.

It will certainly be lasting for years with appropriate treatment. To clean up is like wind, while you just merely clean under warm water or put it in the dishwasher. There are no splits or joints to catch food as well as hazardous germs. The soft silicone covers will not leakage or breeze, after re-using again and again.

Once you purchase your item, you will right away obtain a complementary incentive pdf cooking tips. No concern if you really feel dissatisfied with the item, a complete guarantee will certainly be given to you. Excellent cost, high quality made, thick silicone covers, assistance from the vendor if required, all these points are consisted of with this great container. Once you have these in your hands, you will certainly be thrilled!

Key Features
  • Stylish, sturdy, and high-quality materials
  • Consist of 2 containers per set
  • Each container holds one liter which is over 1 quart
  • Tight-fitting lids and can be stacked together when not in use
  • Reusable ice-cream containers
  • Easy to clean with a dishwasher, microwave safe
  • Free bonus cooking tips PDF with a price of $5.95
  • Full refund or replacement if not satisfied
  • A thick plastic walls and rubber cover may not allow your frozen treat to get as firm as you like

4. BALCI – Perfect Freezer Storage Tubs with Lids (Blue)

4. BALCI - Perfect Freezer Storage Tubs with Lids (Blue)

If you are an ice-cream lover, the BALCI Ice Cream Container is your excellent companion. The artistic style allows this container to keep gelato, ice cream, sorbet as well as numerous various other freezer storage needs with its 1-quart capacity.

As classified, a BPA free product indicates that it is made with the finest quality materials as well as manufactured to the highest of criteria. The insulated container maintained the gelato cool and from obtaining freezer burn till you finish your last scoop. The product is elegant, tough, and reusable. Since it is durable, it can clean up well in the dishwashing machine. Simply rinse with warm water as then throw in the dishwasher when they require to be cleansed.

The tub consists of a shatterproof and non-stick interior feature. Come along with the collection of 2 tubs per pack; it enables you to set up various tastes you wish to desire to keep or create. They are fantastic and so practical. The cover gives an excellent tight seal; also, they have a lot of space for you to keep every of your preferred flavors.

The product is definitely made for the freezer atmosphere with absolute quality and value in mind. We would certainly suggest this item to any person seeking to store frozen materials and keeping it out of freezer burn. With Worry-Free Guarantee, you will certainly never ever regret to acquire this item.

Key Features
  • A sturdy, thick container can hold 1 quart of your favorite treats
  • Made of high-quality product, BPA free
  • Stackable and dishwasher safe
  • Set of 2 per pack
  • Very attractive and practical
  • Confident with warranty: refund or replace the item with no questions asked
  • Never get freezer burn with its flexible and tight sealing lid
  • Non-stick interior makes it stays smooth and offers them a stylish look
  • We can’t find the bad point unless you need more capacity to store your ice-cream

5. Cuisinart ICE-30RFB Freezer Bowl, 2 quart

5. Cuisinart ICE-30RFB Freezer Bowl, 2 quart

As a great homemaker, the most significant pleasure is to amuse visitors with one of the most satisfying meals. It is critical to prepare for advancement if you desire the occasion to be effective. Gelato is amongst one of the most remarkable homemaking menus. You do not constantly have to go for a sherbet store if you desire to take pleasure in an excellent treat time. Whether it is gelato or ice cream, you can make one of your preferred tastes in the house.

You merely require a 2 quart Cuisinart ICE-30RFB Freezer Bowl to ensure that you can create it through and experiment with different ingredients for your family and patrons’ satisfaction. The bowl was made for the pure extravagance ice cream, sorbet, as well as ice-cream manufacturer. In fact, this freezer bowl operates as a substitute item or 2nd bowl, which is no requirement to include or mix ice. The dual wall surface maintains the dish at even temperature level as well as you will not need to concern with the coolness.

The blades of the ICE-30BC leave a layer of shielding ice that decreases the freezing process. This indicates that a more frozen blend is spatula from the bowl’s sides and relocated into the bowl’s central part. So, the ice cream freezes up quicker with its ideal dimension of 7.5″ X 7.5″ X 6.5″. The container keeps its temperature level exceptionally well once it’s gotten rid of from the freezer. This suggests that when you’ve included your fluid gelato mix, the dish remains chilly sufficient, for enough time to freeze it right into even more solid gelato.

This alternative bowl includes a basic 3-year guarantee. The ideal point regarding this kind of bowl while it is simple and not that easy to go wrong. You’re, in fact, not likely to ever require the guarantee.

Key Features
  • Double-insulated freezer bowl
  • Optimized for Frozen Yoghurt, Sorbet, and Ice-Cream Maker
  • The capacity can hold up to 2 quarts
  • Consists of ICE-30BC blade
  • Can be functioned as second bowl/replacement item
  • No need to fill the ice or stir
  • 3-years warranty
  • Able to make large quantities of ice cream
  • Needs to maintain a low temperature for high speed and even to freeze of components
  • Need accurately check the dimension of your freezer to make sure the bow perfectly fit in the frozen maker

6. Benail Paper Ice Cream Cups with Paper Lids

6. Benail Paper Ice Cream Cups with Paper Lids

Whether you are an ice-cream seller or homemaker, takeout containers are among one of the most crucial things for maintaining your company running efficiently. Benail Paper Ice Cream Cup is made from the premium quality product of dual poly-coated paperboard that comes along with its lid. They are food-grade products, as well as appropriate for hot/cold food items.

It has a multi-function of being an excellent container for hearty stews, chicken noodle soup, gelato, cold frozen yogurt, or Hot/Cold Ice Cream. These mugs are ideal; if you do not finish all of your ice-cream at once, you can place on the cover and obtain it back to the refrigerator, as well as it will constantly wait on your return. We have actually discovered that this item is tough as well as really resilient with the hot temperature. The sturdiness lasted after remaining in the refrigerator for a number of days.

The classic round style of the mugs has a tendency to give an individual with ease to hold. While it is a paper cup, it is difficult to damage and also light. There are great deals of benefits to making use of paper mugs because of its benefit, recyclable, aid to minimize the air pollution in the society, and it can additionally duplicate using energy saving.

The production procedure of paper mugs is to pre-heat plastic sheets at high-temperature level, stretch molding, and also blow. Producers then take the paper and applying a thin coating of plastic, which makes it waterproof. In this procedure, paper mugs are sanitized at heat, eliminating dangerous germs as well as lowering the injury to human wellness. Hence, we recommend you to make a great option for keeping and also offering any kind of chilly or warm food items with this paper mugs.

Key Features
  • Package quantity of 40 cups with a size of 8 Oz
  • Paper Ice Cream Cups with Lids
  • The classic round shape of the cups easy to hold
  • Double poly-coated paperboard
  • Multi-use for both cold and hot foods and ice-cream
  • Perfect for personal and commercial foodservice usage
  • Value for money with its good resilience without concern of leaking
  • With white color, you will quickly notice whether it’s dirty or not
  • Nothing complain about this qualified paper cup

7. Sweet Bliss Cup Containers, 25CT, White

7. Sweet Bliss Cup Containers, 25CT, White

Recently, paper items are one of the most generally utilized item not just in our house yet additionally in one-stop stores, food chains as well as various other organization facilities. Due to the large-scale usage of the mugs, many tools have currently been replaced by paper items. Sweet Bliss Cup Containers is one of the most vital elements that everybody can count on.

Individuals from all professions utilize paper items because they are very easy to bring along. With this 8 oz. paper mug, you can maintain your homemade desserts fresh for many days. Considering that it is a terrific technique to offer homemade ice-cream as a present for your visitors, a well prepared frozen items are ready to serve your special ones any time they arrive.

A white coloring offers adaptability for your procedure as well as makes it very easy to create your favored taste note on the exterior for quick recognition. A tight-fitting cover has consisted of each container to offer protected and accurate transportation from one place to another without concern of leaking. It has a laminated heavy paper board construction, such as the ice cream containers sold in the store.

In each package, there are 25 One-Cup Containers, which are excellent for keeping your homemade frozen treats. We ensure that its easy white product packaging will definitely permit you to individualize the way you desire.

Key Features
  • The simple white package allows you to show off your personality
  • Comes with cup and a tight lid
  • Laminated heavy paper board manufacturing
  • The lid diameter is approximate 95mm
  • Great for messy foods that you don’t want to deal with cleaning task
  • Keep the ice cream in a fresh condition for several days
  • Eco-friendly product
  • The takeaway cups are convenient to carry and use
  • It is not insulated, so it would not keep the soup warm for a prolonged period

8. Belinlen 50 SET Disposable White Ice Cream Cups with Lids

8. Belinlen 50 SET Disposable White Ice Cream Cups with Lids

Belinlen cup is a disposable item constructed out of paper as well as built with dual poly-coated paperboard, exceptional durability. It prevents the fluid from dripping out or saturating with the paper. It was made from recycled paper and also is extensively utilized around the globe. Its appeal, as well as demand, has actually enhanced at a quicker speed.

These 6-ounce paper mugs are utilized in a lot of the locations consisting of health centers, malls, colleges, workplaces, etc. These disposable mugs bring a wide range of advantages. These mugs are relatively useful if you make a comparison to the plastic or Styrofoam mugs. It is ideal for appetizers of all kinds and medium servings.

With disconcerting international warming problems as well as various other ecological degeneration, today one of the most typical aspect to remember is that the item extensively made use of need to be biodegradable. Because this item is not composed of plastic or Styrofoam, the product that is utilized is eco-friendly. As these mugs are made from disposable material, it breaks down rather conveniently. The cups are composed of pulp removed from the trees as well as water. Hence, there is no doubt of it being toxic.

The best part in favor of this white paper ice cream cup is easy to handle, and it does not contain chemicals components. Give these 50 count cups and 50 count lids a decent choice for stocking and serving any of your hot or cold food items.

Key Features
  • Made of double poly-coated paperboard
  • Good resilience and leak prevention
  • 50 Count 6 OZ Disposable White Ice Cream Cups
  • Two-layer lids consist of two holes for the outside layer and four holds for the inner ideal for hot/cold food
  • Perfect for cold and medium hot food items
  • Wide range of personal or commercial foodservice usage
  • Fantastic product and great value for its cost
  • Comparable to other containers while it made well and does the job perfectly
  • We cannot find any inconvenient of using this paper cup

9. FancyClancy’s Insulated Ice Cream Container with Scoop

9. FancyClancy's Insulated Ice Cream Container with Scoop

Encounter the supreme container for homemade frozen treats to be stored and scooped. Offering portable freezer storage space, this resilient BPA-free as well as a dishwasher-safe container in charge of storing from gelato to sherbet, sorbet, or ice cream. Its long, slim shape commands your hand towards the perfect scoop.

With a 1.5 quart capacity, a FancyClancy’s Insulated Ice Cream Container is the excellent storage space option for every one of your tasty homemade frozen treats. It is a slip-resistant base and also an unbreakable cover that’s constructed for piling. Its lengthy, slim style advertises cool, simple scooping and also fits nicely right into tiny freezer racks.

The straightforward yet imaginative style of this gelato tub permits the optimal scoop of your favored taste. Unlike the typical deep round containers, this distinctive design will undoubtedly allow you to easily glide your scoop through the gelato producing the best scoop shape.

Double-wall construction maintains condensation from based on the outside. You don’t have to wait for a couple of minutes before you can scoop your favored frozen from the tub while the gelato has actually never ever been easier to scoop up with this ingenious dual wall surface insulation. One more benefit of purchasing this product is to obtain a free yet top quality scoop that consisted of the bundle.

Key Features
  • The tight-fitting lid prevents the freezer burn
  • Sturdy BPA-free tub provides compact storage of frozen treats
  • A practical yet simple slim design ideal for your favorite flavor scoop
  • Double-wall insulation convenient to scoop up the ice cream
  • Free bonus scoop which is included in the package
  • Easy to clean with dishwasher
  • Large enough to store your favorite flavor with 1.5-quart capacity
  • You will never worry about a toxic product while it is a BPA free
  • With a premium quality product, you will never ever fall in trouble

10. Carlisle CM101202 Coldmaster Insulated Ice Cream Server, 3 Gallon Capacity

10. Carlisle CM101202 Coldmaster Insulated Ice Cream Server, 3 Gallon Capacity

Many people regularly fail for granted the safety of their water, food, and consumer goods. It is a challenge to making sure that the item you make use of satisfying stringent requirements for public health protection.

Picking an item licensed by National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) allows you to recognize the manufacturer conforms to rigorous requirements and treatments enforced by NSF. From substantial item screening as well as product evaluations to unannounced plant assessments, every element of an item’s advancement is extensively examined before making accreditation. It is good news since this ice cream server is one of the various other items that are accredited by NSF.

A lot of benefits can be observed via this product. Without the demand for a troublesome and unpleasant ice bath, this tub has the ability to maintain your frozen food cold for up to 8 hours. Just freeze the unit overnight for the non-toxic coolant gel to charge. The gel is bordered by layers of the insulated wall to maintain your gelato cool much longer. The mobility makes this gelato server perfect for usage at churches, wedding events, colleges, and even more.

The item holds a sized of a 3-gallon gelato tub. It consists of a clear polycarbonate cover to safeguard versus ecological impurities. Do not sweat regarding your gelato melting outdoors with this shielded gelato cool crockery. Without assistance from a typical freezer, this server has the ability to maintain your gelato prepared as well as ready to offer for an extensive time period keeping your visitors cool down.

Key Features
  • It was checked by the FDA and certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF)
  • Dishwasher safe and a BPA free product
  • Come along with a see-through lids
  • Smart design with white color
  • Goes beyond the Health Department’s food safety requirements
  • Portable ice cream ready to serve for outdoor events
  • Keeps food safely below 41 degrees Fahrenheit up to 8 hours
  • Eliminates the need for refrigeration or ice baths
  • You may have to put the unit to be frozen for many hours before using

Factors to consider when purchasing the best Ice Cream Containers | Buyer’s Guide

Ice cream containers have been available in a large range of dimensions, as well as styles. Selecting the ideal containers can assist you in providing the best choices to your relatives, visitors, or perhaps clients if you are an ice-cream vendor. Listed below, we’ve offered 3 reliable yet straightforward tips to aid you select the appropriate gelato containers for your homemade frozen treats.

Design and quality of the product

Please keep in mind that professional-grade units are constructed to endure years of penalizing misuse; however, you’ll have to pay even more for that high quality. In selecting a perfect ice-cream container, its style additionally matters. The color, dimension, and also shape includes taste to the food that people are eating. This implies product packaging your cold treat needs to be ideal. Together with the excellent product, the layout has to have the ability to tempt your guests or even potential customers.

Compute your size requirements

Among one of the essential variables to think about while you do the comparison of gelato containers and the mugs is the ordinary serving size, you would certainly use for your relative or visitors.

Which is ideal between plastic and paper?

Both paper and plastic containers have negative aspects and also benefits. Paper mugs are nearly utilized continuously for portions of ice cream, gelato, as well as frozen yogurt since it offers an affordable price that reduces the expense as well as much better biodegradability. The disadvantage of making use of a paper mug is that it does not supply a side-on sight of the gelato, making it much less than perfect for a magnificently provided sundae or parfait. Typically, a lot of gelato shops utilize paper mugs for most of their common ice cream items, with plastic mugs are great for sundaes, parfaits and also unique meals that call for extra visibility a plastic mug provides. For take-home gelato planned for storage space in the freezer as well as duplicated portions over a duration of months or weeks, paper containers are utilized exclusively.


Whatever form or dimension your container, adhere to plastic over glass or ceramics. Both are inadequate conductors of warm, and also in an adequately cooled freezer, gelato kept in glass take lengthy to freeze up. We hope you find this review significant and helpful in assisting you with a clue to purchase the right item for your homemade frozen treats. Best of luck!

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