There’s nothing like discovering a small brand doing it well

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Case in point, these three small brands flexing their creativity in street, outdoor/EDC and travel carry spheres. Well deserving of a closer look, these brands are ones to keep on your carry radar…
Founded by rock climbing enthusiast Carlos Granon, Japan-based Topologie stands out with clean street styling and hints of outdoor heritage. Giving off real Rains vibes but a lil’ nicer. The brand’s urban reinterpretations of rock climbing gear make for interesting plays on classic forms. Sleek silhouettes nod to alpine-inspired bags, while the durable, lightweight and weatherproof materials make their gear ready for most any urban adventure.

Gear of note:

Chalk Bumbag Dry
Rope Tote
Haul Backpack
Multipitch Backpack Large Dry
HENDRIK VORMANN is a German brand quietly (and expertly) exploring the intersection between outdoor, streetwear and EDC. HENDRIK VORMANN designs and manufactures their own gear out of their Dortmund-based workshop, making sure to uphold the highest of build standards. Playing lots in tech fabrics and hardware and not afraid to experiment across niches, it’s one of the most exciting new brands we’ve come across. Clean, unique, and minimal.

They also offer customized packs and bags that’ll cost you serious coin, but will surely stoke the savvy pack enthusiast. Most notably their FRT and its many configurations and fabrics options. Well worth checking out!

Gear of note:

FRT Rucksack
Horizn Studios
Horizn Studios are all about pushing boundaries, encouraging exploration and curiosity, and making travel as easy as possible with smart travel technology. The Berlin-based luggage pioneers were the world’s first brand to integrate removable charging functionality with optional GPS tracking in luggage. They were also the first brand to provide luggage with a personal travel assistant service. And they’ve even set their sights on designing luggage suitable for space travel. But there’s plenty of options for earthbound explorers, whether you’re after backpacks, daily commute companions or travel pieces (available with or without on-the-go charging capability to suit your preferences).

Gear of note:

M5 Cabin Luggage
H6 Check-In Luggage
Gion Backpack Size M
Habitas Backpack

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