the Weekly Rundown: Style Profiles + Political Candidates

Currently crushing on this peachy-tan fanny pack from Mandrn.

If a pair of everyday linen pants, or a cozy cloud sweater are on your list for spring I am currently running a discount code to muumuu. You can see all the details in this post.

I always love a good style profile, especially when the interviewee talks about her commitment to repeating outfits!

A week of outfits with Grace Ouma-Cabezas (I love her take on lip color!).

Someday I might be brave enough to actually wear something like this on a weekend. (Would you?)

Have you taken a peek at Everlanes coming soon page recently? I am pretty excited about their February offerings, particularly the flare jeans!

Tonya is making me want to wear a matching set.

These days, home renovations are almost as common as hitting the mall for shopping. But are they necessary?

Mr. Seasons and I recently took this quiz to see which Democratic candidates we most align with. It was more insightful (and helpful) than either one of us expected. If youre voting in the Democratic primaries this year, you might want to check it out.

Perhaps it is time for the U.S. to consider following suit with France and hire a minister of fashion to help regulate the pollution generated by the industry

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