The right case will set your Apple Watch 5 apart

The Apple Watch 5 is a versatile accessory that can be made even more useful with the right case. Many cases are intended for protection, while others can help you to change the color and look of your smartwatch. We've put together a list of the best Apple Watch Series 5 cases, no matter what kind of case you need. My personal favorite is the Smiling Clear Case because it combines protection, utility, and minimal appearance. Take a look at the options below to see which one works for you.

Best Overall: Smiling Clear Case for Apple Watch

When it comes to a combination of simple utility and affordability, this is the best overall case for the Apple Watch 5. The thin, clear case is thin yet tough, protecting the edges of the watch face with durable PC plastic. For the screen, it incorporates built-in tempered glass that protects while retaining the responsiveness of the touchscreen. The best of both worlds! I also love that this case is totally clear, so it doesn't take away from the beauty of your Apple Watch.


Clear and minimal
Tough plastic + tempered glass
Easy to put on and take off


Tempered glass can shatter

Best Overall

Smiling Clear Case for Apple Watch

$10 from Amazon$20 from Walmart

Minimal protection

Thin, clear, and easy to install, the Smiling Clear Case for Apple Watch goes on easy and protects from scratches and dings.

Best Case and Band Combo: Supcase UB Pro Case

For the whole case and band combo, look into the rough and tough Supcase UB Pro. It's constructed of polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane for military-grade impact protection. The raised bezel protects the screen while retaining full access to the touchscreen and controls. The case and band are all connected, but the case features an open-installation design that makes it easy to insert or take out the Apple Watch.


Case and band come together
Easy installation


Has a larger profile than other cases
Doesn't allow you to change the band

Best Case and Band Combo

Supcase UB Pro Case

$20 from Amazon$20 from Walmart

Tough combo deal

This shockproof Apple Watch case comes with an equally durable band. Despite its tough build, the angular design is easy on the eyes.

Best Value: BRG Case for Apple Watch

Who doesn't love a good twofer? The BRG is another thin, clear case that protects with a minimal profile. The great thing about this Apple Watch case is that it comes in a pack of two for one low price. Get one for you and a friend for less than $10! Especially if you tend to lose or destroy things, it's always ideal to have an extra on hand. The BRG case is made of ultra-thin, flexible TPU plastic that preserves the lovely simple appearance of your Apple Watch while protecting from minor bumps and scratches.


Great deal
Flexible TPU plastic
Clear, minimal design


Not as protective

Best Value

BRG Case for Apple Watch

$7 from Amazon

Two for one!

Here's a deal for two clear Apple Watch cases for the price of one! The BRG case is made out of a flexible, scratch-resistant TPU plastic.

Best Upgrade Pick: OtterBox Exo Edge Case

As with any Otterbox case, the Exo Edge for Apple Watch 5 is built to withstand any rough treatment. Not even the wildest boxing match or extreme sporting activity will dislodge this tough little case. It protects all the edges and screens of the Apple Watch without covering the screen, buttons, or controls. This is the most resilient Apple Watch case on the market, and it fits like a glove, but this one does come in at a higher price range. This is one of the best Apple Watch Series 5 cases if you have the budget.


High impact resistance
Won't fall off under pressure
Fits perfectly


High price
Only comes in one color

Best Upgrade Pick

OtterBox Exo Edge Case

$40 from Amazon$20 from Apple

Super tough

The Otterbox Exo Edge provides the ultimate protection for Apple Watch 5, and it won't pop off under pressure.

Best Color Combo: Tranesca 4-Pack Apple Watch Case

Now here's the perfect pack for those fashionable folks that need a watch to match every outfit. Tranesca brings you a pack of four colors that are easy to interchange on a whim. Whether you're in the mood for pink, black, gold, or white, there's a case for every style. It's easy to change out, and installation is quick for every change of mood or outfit. The scratch-resistant TPU material is coated with a glossy finish for a bright metallic shine that goes perfectly with your Apple Watch. The only downside to this case is that it's not water-tight, so if you sweat a lot or wear it in the rain, the water may seep into it. The Apple Watch 5 is waterproof, but this may not be the best case for heavy workouts if you sweat a lot.


Comes with four colors to choose from
Easy to switch and install
Low price


Not sweat-proof

Best Color Combo

Tranesca 4-Pack Apple Watch Case

$11 from Amazon

All the pretty colors

This four-pack of Apple Watch 5 cases come in four different shiny colors so that you can switch them out to suit your mood.

Bottom line

Whether you need heavy-duty protection or a different look for your smartwatch, one of these best cases for Apple Watch 5 will be just the thing. Your choice will depend on how you plan to use your Apple Watch, so consider carefully how much protection you need and, of course, your budget.

For me, the Smiling Clear Case is the best choice because of its minimal, almost-invisible look combined with quality materials at a great price. The built-in tempered glass screen protector provides excellent responsiveness, while the PU plastic edges will protect the corners of your smartwatch. This is one of the best Apple Watch Series 5 cases for the price, but take a look at all the options and choose the best one to fit your lifestyle.

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