The Naming Trend Of Girls With Boy Names

Theres been a bit of a change brewing in the world of baby names, and like all good trends, Stay At Home Mum is on the case.

This time, its baby girls being given names that you usually associate with baby boys. We arent talking the unisex Alex and Jesse, were talking boy names galore! Heres all the info. So stop reading only half of the traditional baby names book and start looking for a gorgeous name that will suit your little Miss!

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Celebrities On Board

There have been quite a few celebrities embracing this gender-spinning craze, from Jessica Simpson and her daughter Maxwell Drew to Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds daughter, James. Thats just the beginning! Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis named their daughter, Wyatt Isabelle, Teri Hatcher named hers, Emerson and Heidi Klum named hers, Lou.

So whats behind it?

Strong Names For Girls

Some parents who chose more masculine names for their daughter say that the name is a family one, and they simply wanted to honour their relatives more than they wanted to stick with tradition. Others say that they were never really that taken with stereotypically girly names, particularly, the association that these names indicate girls have to be overtly feminine.

Male names often have inherently strong meanings, and parents of daughters like the fact that theyre raising strong and independent kids right from the start.

Yes, it is terrible that we might judge someone so harshly based on their name, but as a society, its often one of the first things we know about a person, and therefore, the first part we make our assumptions on.

Balancing It

If you like the male naming trend, but you still want your daughter to have a feminine aspect to her moniker, you could also choose a more feminine name for her middle name. Alternatively, you could choose a stereotypically male name as a middle name, and choose either a feminine or unisex name as a first name.

OptionsFor You!

If youre seriously considering the trend for your own daughter, here are some ideas to get you going.


Originating from an Irish name that means fire.


A female version of Son of Adam. The strong female character in Greys Anatomy called Addison saw a huge resurgence of popularity of this name for girls!


The feminine version is usually spelt Adrienne, but pronounced the same. We are all for equality so spell it the original way!


Usually short for Alexandra which is the female form of Alexander, many are just shortening the name altogether!

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A widespread name meaning Lion in Hebrew, Eagle in Old Norse, and Brave in Armenian. Also a great shortened name for Arianna.


Ainsley means meadow in Gaelic and was a common surname.


Derived from the Greek name Andreas, meaning man or manly

Ashley or Ashleigh or Ashlee

Means Meadow of Ash Trees.


Named after the Ash Tree. Famous person include Ashton Kutcher.


Derived from the name of the god of astronomy and travel.

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Not just a month, a very old English name!


The Capital of Texas is also a super cute little girls name!


Meaning Powerful Elf.


Became popular from the TV Show Nashville, means Elf Ruler, so really good for the Lord of the Rings fans!


Means Infant.

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Heartthrob McSteamy and his wife Rebecca Gayheart called their daughter Billie.


Comes from one of two surnames meaning either black or pale.


It is an old nickname meaning Yellow


Means Dweller of the Plain.


English for A native of France. Typically a boys name, it is gaining popularity as a cool name for girls.


Even shortened to Cam totes adorable!


A Gaelic name meaning crooked.

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A Scottish surname with an unknown meaning.


Traditionally a boys name, but has been used as a girls name more often in the last 10 years.


Made popular by the TV Show Friends, it is a very old-fashioned and respectable sounding girls name.


Usually the male version of Charlotte, but it suits girls so much!


A Latin name meaning To be Christian, it has become popular recently due to the 50 Shades of Grey movies.


Claude is actually a traditional girls name many French Queens were called Claude.


Variant of COREY, meaning unknown.


Means Handsome, and great for the Twilight fans!


From an English surname, thought to belong to a person who lived near a dale or valley.

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It is an Old English name meaning From Denmark.


Not just a form of cheap sandwich meat or a place in England, it is also a gorgeous name for both boys and girls!


First used by Oscar Wilde in his book,The Picture Of Dorian Gray (1891) about a man whose portrait ages while he remains young.


Drew Barrymore is a famous Drew with a boys name now thought to be a girls name.


Variant of the name Edward or Edmund, thought to mean rich guard.


Once a surname that came from the medieval name Elias, a biblical name.


Its meaning is Youth Warrior. Evan Rachel Wood is a famous actress with the beautiful name!

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The name means brave as a wild boar. Grow beautiful and strong, Everett!


Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world and the origin of the name is not clear. But your baby girls probably going to grow up loving the mountains or she is someone whos going to reach great heights! Ahh the possibilities!


Means help in Hebrew.


Originating from an Irish surname that means descendant of Flann, with Flann meaning red.

Francis or Frances

A name which means free.


A shortened version of Frank or Francis, both thought to mean Frenchman. Also a good shortened form of Francesca.

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A biblical name which means God is my strength. For girls, the name Gabriel is usually spelled Gabrielle or sometimes Gabriela/Gabriella.


The name Garrett means defender or rules by spear. Its a beautiful name for a girl or a boy.


Glenn is also a great option to name a baby girl or a boy. It means from the valley.


From an English surname relating to the colour.


A gorgeous unisex name gaining in popularity in 2018.


Because of the fictional supervillain character Harley Quinn, Harley has become a popular option to name baby girls. The name meanshares meadow.

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Harper is such a pretty name and it is what the Baby Girl Beckham is called. The name means someone who can play the harp.


Thought to be an English surname that means either hay valley or hay hill.


It means descendant of fire. Either your baby grows up to be a super hot gal or shell have a really hot temper. May the odds be in your favour.


A biblical name, James was the name of two apostles in the New Testament.


It means son of James. So if your hubbys name is James, then this is a really great name to consider. But it sounds like an alcoholic drink to me. Lol!


This moniker comes from the Roman name Julius, which may be related to the Roman god Jupiter.

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Means Ugly Head but think of the infamous Kennedy family! Or maybe your baby does have an ugly head!


This ones an Irish name which means church.


Ive met ladies named Lane, and I think its pretty. The name meansalong meadow, path or road.


Fingers crossed shes going to grow up and become someone amazing like Abraham Lincoln.


A Scottish surname that derives from a place name that meanslittle hollow inScottish Gaelic.


A Scottish baby name which means Macs stream or spring or well. Yep, Macs well. Jessica Simpson called her first daughter Maxwell super cute!


A traditional boys name that has really changed over the last 50 years.

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Originally an English surname meaning stoneworker.


While famous for its biblical associations, Noah is derived from a Hebrew name that means rest, comfort.


A name found in Wales, England and Ireland. It may mean either born from the yew tree or well born.


Quinn is an Irish name usually used as a surname.


An English surname that became a first name. This one means keeper of the park.


It means wild garlic from Rams island. Perhaps your baby will grow up to be a feisty lady!

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Ray or Raye

Shortened version of Raymond, which means advice and protector, but many people associate it with the meaning beam of light.


This ones a really pretty name for a baby girl. It is a name that indicates someone who lives near a rye field.


This name means regal or little king. #BossBabe alert!


Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind was just delicious. Now, you can transfer that deliciousness to your new baby daughter!


An Irish surname that, when used as a given name, is accepted to mean little king.


This also comes from a surname which means sawer of wood, but it was made famous by author Mark Twain.

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Classy! I can definitely imagine this paired with a cute baby girl name. It meanskeeper of provisions.


This name means little dark eye.


This one means leather worker.


It means tailor. Taylor is actually a surname but is now popularly used as a first name. Famous bearer of the name is Taylor Swift.


The medieval form of Tobias, which in turn is derived from a religious Hebrew name.


This name means maker of bricks and tiles.

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Shortened form Valentine, which means strong, vigorous, healthy in Latin.


This has been used as a baby girl name for a long time but became popular because of the Kardashians I guess. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian named their baby girl North West.


Sounds like royalty. The name means riverbank with a winch in German.


The name was originally a medieval given name that meant battle and brave, hardy.

Are you interested in giving your daughter a typically male name?

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