The elegant arch trend bounds on, and we are completely captivated by this charming decor device

Arches Decoration

Here, we discuss the use of the arch form in all areas of the modern home, whether the theme be architecturally initiated or a stylishly retrofit design motif. We’ve got an extensive inspirational gallery of 51 attractive ways to use arches in interior design, from classic windows, door archways and shelving nooks to rounded panel moulding, arch shape home accessories, playful paint effects and a plethora of unique arch decor ideas in between. If you enjoy this collection, be sure to take at look these 51 Archways That Create Seductive Spaces for archway specific trend inspiration.

Visualizer: Natalia Pogorielova  

Roman arches shape a wall of elegant windows in this airy open plan home interior. Pretty sunburst frames accentuate the bow.

Visualizer: Mikhailova Sasha  

These arched windows inspire a cascade of faux interior archway ideas with the use of decorative moulding. A recessed nook arches between the windows, with an arched bookcase and a door archway gracefully shaping the adjacent wall. A curved sofa and round lounge chairs complement the theme.

Visualizer: Mikhailova Sasha  

A custom cut vanity mirror slips into an entryway archway here. For a moment, the reflective niche creates the illusion of a through-archway to another room. A golden Atollo lamp echoes the mirror’s bow with its dome shade.

Visualizer: Bureau Slovo  

The rectangular portion of this faux arched window design is merged with its upper bow with the help of colour coordinated bifold shutters.

Designer: Penda  

This mesmerising installation is at an art gallery in China, but we can draw home style inspiration from the continuous flowing curves that arch and fall like the waves of the ocean.

Visualizer: lululee33  

A squared-off recess would not create the same enchanting effect for this small dining area as this archway smoothly conjures. The element is understated by colour matched paint and base units, leaving only light play to highlight and define.

Designer: Casework  

This sweet little kitchen archway makes a quaint vignette around the sink, and provides a tidy home for some open kitchen shelving.

Designer: Dries Otten  

As a more modern take on the arch trend for the kitchen, this bright red arched backsplash raises the heat over the hob.

Designer: Office S&M  

Colourful and quirky, this unusual kitchen pantry design features a dominating arch silhouette, which is complemented by a rounded kitchen peninsula.

Visualizer: Elemental Design  

The cheapest way to bring the arch motif into any home design is to play around with paint effects. The arch device works especially well when placed behind large pieces of furniture, like sideboards or sofas.

Visualizer: Myka Design  

This sunrise hued TV wall decor features an arch painted across ribbed gypsum panelling for a modern textured finish behind the TV stand.

Visualizer: Kholoud Ahmed Güzel  

Relaxed boho style interiors and the curvaceous arch trend make a harmonious marriage. Think arched shelving nooks packed full with earthenware, wicker baskets and bushy indoor plants.

Visualizer: Catherine Amato  

As the traditional Japanese Wabi Sabi view embraces, there is beauty in imperfection. This perfectly imperfect arch creates a point of charming whimsy.

Designer: Dorothee Meilichzon  

If you’re a stickler for uniformity, a grid of smaller arch shapes make an ideal gallery wall for sculptural art, decorative ceramics or a collection of treasured keepsakes.

Visualizer: Lauri Brothers  

Combine two design trends with an ombre archway. This backlit purple and green design peeps out from behind an oversized vanity mirror to create a layered effect.

$120BUY IT

If you can’t go knocking holes into plaster for a recessed shelving nook, then check out wall mounted alternatives like this delicately framed gold arch shelf

Designer: Burleigh Beach Bungalow  

Of course, you can always build outwards. This wonderfully deep arching framework has been formed around a bench seat to create a cosy reading nook.

Visualizer: NM Interior  

A myriad of tiny arches rotate inside this unique partition wall, as underlings to a more powerful door archway.

Visualizer: Lauri Brothers  

Steel cased shower screens present an opportunity for amalgamating the arch theme into bathroom decor.

Visualizer: Shexia Space Design  

Bespoke wardrobes can include arch shaped doors, or they can be fabricated to form an archway reveal as they pause for a window, dressing table or desk area.

Visualizer: Shexia Space Design  

Decorative arched boiserie proposes a romantic canvas for neoclassical interior design.

Visualizer: Kholoud Ahmed Güzel  

Float plasterboard over exposed brickwork to create a rustic archway reveal – or put in your own faux brickwork panels for equivalent effect.

Designer: Stein Design  

An ogee arch nook would suit a Morrocan style interior, a Persian bedroom, or even a refined setting like this ethereal white suite.

Visualizer: Denis Kozhar  

This keyhole arch headboard nook is surrounded by small circular counterparts, which are filled with art, a bedroom chair and an open closet arrangement.

Visualizer: Slovo Design Bureau  

Instead of recessing an arch headboard feature, an upholstered headboard does the trick without the hard graft.

Visualizer: VAE  

This glorious semicircular headboard feature is brightly illuminated around its perimeter, where koi fish swim in the glow.

Designer: Mary Lauren  

Satisfy the bedroom shape and colour theme in one go with a bold colour block headboard design. Add colour matched cushions to create union.

$1100BUY IT

This pink accent kids room is picture perfect with an arched 4 poster bed. Heart shaped motifs curvaceously complement the arch aesthetic.

$990BUY IT

Consider all of your angles when creating an arch decor theme. The end-to-end arches on this racetrack dining table would make a strong statement from a mezzanine level.

Visualizer: Shexia Space Design  

In this spectacular living space, an impressive parabolic arch window peaks over a lush garden view. A smaller arched doorway widens the panorama, whilst a ceiling mounted fireplace adds a mini arch on the opposite side.

Visualizer: Bùi Giáp  

Ceiling arches bound across this boho snug, where arch shaped niches tuck into whitewashed walls.

Visualizer: eeStairs  

Looking like the entry to an extraterrestrial spacecraft, this staircase design takes the classic arch to a futuristic place.


Boho style wall hangings offer a playfully small scale introduction to arches.

Visualizer: Studia 54  

Arches offer a contained spot in which to flood a moment of colour. Add LED ribbons around the curved outline to highlight the hue.

Source: Kast  

This colour blocked arch is exaggerated with an arch mirror and an arch shaped bathroom sink.

Designer: Ksenia Bortsova   Visualizer: Svetlana Shadrina  

In this luxurious bathroom design, a floating linear vanity design carves out an edgeless inverted arch bathroom sink.

A freestanding bathtub always makes a great focal point in the bathroom, particularly when coupled with a grand window design. Throw and arch over the pair, and you’ve got the envy of the town.

Visualizer: Maria Marinina  

This arch-backed accent chair would make a superb addition to a bedroom or living room reading nook.

$3200BUY IT

An occasional seat made from steam bent American Ash, rattan and velvet upholstery, the Arch Chair by Douglas & Bec loosely draws on Thonet’s classic Parisian brasserie chair.

$180BUY IT

The Kartell’s Air Du Temps Clock hovers a colour blocked face inside a clear arch frame. The versatile design would make a great freestanding addition to an arched shelving nook, or wall mounted by a painted motif matching in shape and hue.


Alternatively, this neutral grey metal pendulum clock features a sleek numberless design.

$245BUY IT

If you’re looking to accessorise with arch themed lighting, the Marset FollowMe Plus Table Lamp features an oak veneer basket handle over a cute mushroom cap light source.

$250BUY IT

Dome rattan pendant lights are a clear match for arch themed boho style home interiors.

$3457BUY IT

Taking arch shaped lighting up to the ceiling, The Volta L92.2T Linear Chandelier hangs lustrous gold finished cylinders from captivating black steel arches. A winner for high-end dining rooms, large kitchen islands and commanding work spaces.


It’s all in the details, and this decorative concrete arch tray would add intriguing textural detail to a kitchen countertop or boho shelf decor. Team with rattan pieces and terracotta pots to spread harmonious warming vibes.

Designer: Onion Architects  

And finally, let’s take a look at some outdoor spaces, like this stunning arch themed home exterior. An indented basket handle arch encompasses a Roman arch doorway and a semi-circular arch seating nook. A rounded patio design spreads curves across the horizontal plane.

Source: Zantzinger  

This masonry arch doorway is complemented by a subtly rounded doorstep design.

Designer: South Coast Architects, Inc.  

Another fabulous masonry arch, this time regally elevated on a pair of stone columns. The traditional archway makes divine framing for a magical courtyard design, where the branches of a majestic tree reach up to fill the arches bow.

Architect: Johnston Marklee   

Cut away in every direction, this is not a block of Swiss Cheese but an extraordinarily perforated home exterior.

Source: Rooted Garden  

Garden arches form nature’s framework. Train climbing plants around the steel to create tunnel archways that will engulf you in the fruits of your labour.

Source: Made In The Shade  

When all the work is done creating your arch themed living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom feature arches and home exterior archways, take a well earned rest in an inverted arch frame hammock. You deserve it!

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