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Organizing your closet is a generally overlooked item on the home improvement to-do list. And for good reason, the majority of house guests will never stumble into your closet. But that doesn’t mean it should be overlooked! In fact, choosing to ignore your closet completely can harm the expensive garments you hang there, which is why we make it a priority.

One easy way to start getting your closet in order is by doing a simple hanger swap. Incorporating new hangers can not only change the look of your closet but can also help maintain the lifespan of your clothes. We have chosen wooden hangers as a great way to start your closet upgrade as they have numerous benefits including durability, providing the ultimate support to your clothing and giving an elegant look to your closet.

The wooden hangers below are made to support your heftier clothing options and have a contoured, wide shoulder design that imitates the human shape, thus helping retain the integrity of your clothing. Other benefits include space-saving versatility with their strong, non-slip pant bar that allows you to hang a heavy suit jacket and matching slacks all on one hanger and extra-thick hanging hooks that rotate 360 degrees for easy, everyday viewing.

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