The best US cellular deals of June 2023

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UScellular is the fourth-largest carrier in the States, and it excels at offering creative discounts. You can usually save a nice chunk of change if you’re willing to make the switch. We’ve picked out a handful of the best UScellular deals currently available. 

If you’re serious about making the switch, you might want to check out the best UScellular plans and phones as well. In the meantime, take a look at these potential savings.

Featured deal: Save $1,100 on the Galaxy S23 without a trade-in

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Credit: Ryan Haines / Android Authority

The Samsung Galaxy S23 range is still the talk of the tech world, and UScellular has excellent offers on the latest Samsung smartphones. With the right service plan and any old trade-in, you can Save up to $1,100 on any of the new flagship handsets without requiring you to switch up your old device. 

How does it work? All you need to do is buy the Samsung S23, S23 Plus, or S23 Ultra on an Unlimited Evolved Everyday or Even Better Plan. You’ll then receive your rebate of as much as $1,100 in the form of bill credits, paid over 36 months. 

This obviously means a lengthy commitment to the network, but if you were tempted by UScellular already, it’s quite a deal breaker. It would allow you to pick up the Galaxy S23 Plus for free or pay less than $100 for the highly-coveted Galaxy S23 Ultra.

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Best UScellular deals

  1. Save up to $700 on any smartphone without a trade-in
  2. Get $600 back when you switch and bring a phone
  3. Save up to $600 when you trade-in
  4. Get an unlimited data plan and a free phone for $40 per month
  5. $60 off the Google Pixel Watch
  6. Military and Veteran discount

Editors note: We’ll make sure to update the list of deals as we find new savings and these deals expire. Check back often if you’re thinking about switching.

1. Save up to $1,100 on any smartphone without a trade-in

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Credit: Ryan Haines / Android Authority

This deal is as simple as it is appealing. Whatever phone you have your eye on, committing to UScellular for 36 months will knock up to $1,100 off the price of your new handset without the need to trade in your old one.  All you have to do is sign up for any unlimited Evolve plan and let UScellular do the rest.

It depends on which state you’re in as to the discount you can get, but if you’re eligible for the full amount then you could pick up the likes of the iPhone 14 Pro for free.

On top of that, you can include unlimited data for as low as $30 per month when you sign up for four lines.

2. Get $600 back when you switch and bring a phone


Credit: UScellular

If you want to make the switch but don’t necessarily want to buy a phone, there are still UScellular deals that have you covered. They’re currently offering a great option to save when you switch and bring your own phone. The important part is saving money, and you can get up to $600 back in the form of a virtual promo card when you sign up. All you have to do is make sure your device is eligible with the IMEI number and sign up for an unlimited plan.

The amount you get for switching actually depends on the device you bring to the network. You can check out how much your device will land you via the link below. 

3. Save up to $600 when you trade-in

UScellular 600 Trade in Deal

Credit: UScellular

Trading in an old phone should become standard practice if you’re not doing it yet. You can save hundreds of dollars every year and consistently have the latest and greatest that companies like Samsung and Apple have to offer. While this isn’t the greatest trade-in deal we’ve seen, if you’re keen on staying with UScellular, it’s one to keep an eye on when it comes time to upgrade to a new device.

4. Get an unlimited data plan and a free phone for $40 per month

UScellular 40 Unlimited Plan Deal

Credit: US Cellular

We’ve been talking about high-value phones and lengthy contracts so far, which will suit many users. But UScellular also has options for those who don’t need to top flagship and just want a decent phone on an affordable plan.

This deal will suit such users. Right now, you can sign up for a prepaid unlimited plan with UScelluar for just $40 per month. A good deal in itself, but with an added bonus of a free phone. 

The phones available are more on the budget side, but they’re extremely capable daily drivers. They include the Samsung Galaxy A14, which was only launched in January. The moto g Power is another great option.

This deal is in-store only, but you can find out more and locate your nearest store via the button below.

5. $60 off the Google Pixel Watch

Google Pixel Watch Shapes

Credit: Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

It’s not just about phone deals at UScellular. If you’re in the market for a wearable,  you can save $60 on the Google Pixel Watch.

This is the LTE version of the Google smartwatch, and the deal drops the price from $400 down to $339.99. It combines a great Wear OS experience with many of Fitbit’s top health and fitness tracking features. If you’re a fan of the Google ecosystem, you won’t be disappointed.

6. Military and Veteran discount


Credit: UScellular

This deal is sweet and simple while respecting those who serve their country. Any serving military personnel or veterans are entitled to a 15% discount on cell phone plans.

You can find out if you’re eligible on the UScellular site. If so, your discount will be reflected on your billing statement within one to two billing cycles of your new single or family plan.

That pretty much wraps up the best UScellular deals available right now, but we’ll keep updating the list as new deals become available.

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