The Best Sneaker Bags Help Protect Your Shoes When You Travel

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The task of transporting the best sneakers can be a difficult one to navigate. Unlike clothing, which can be neatly packed in packing cubes or crammed in however you see fit, most shoes sport rigid soles, which makes them harder to fit into your luggage. Add into the equation the fact shoe soles are often covered in dirt, which will likely transfer onto nearby surfaces like your clothing, and it’s easy to see why so many people turn to the best sneaker travel bags.

Aside from helping to transport your shoes from point A to point B, there are a number of other reasons to use sneaker travel bags. These benefits include: 

  • Storage – Most of us have more pairs of shoes than we really need, and we don’t wear all of them as often as we promised ourselves we would when we bought them. Storing your shoes in sneaker travel bags helps to keep them organized and saves having mismatched shoes strewn all over the place.
  • Washing – Some styles of travel shoe bags, such as the Kimmama Shoe Travel Bag, double up as wash bags, too. By holding the shoes closely together when in the washing machine, mesh shoe nags prevent damage and encourage more effective cleaning. 
  • Protection Odor and dust control are just two of the ways in which sneaker travel bags can protect your shoes. There’s also the issue of bending and creasing that most people want to prevent, especially when it comes to protecting your favorite pair of designer shops or Jordan sneakers as you travel. Protective travel shoe bags aren’t just relegated to newer kicks. Sometimes our oldest shoes are our most loved, so taking them with you on vacation could be important. Having them in a sneaker travel bag in transit will protect them from potential damage and also lessen the chance of smells transferring from your sneakers to your clothes.

Take a smart step towards protecting your sneakers when traveling with the best sneaker travel bags. We’ve rounded up a selection of the best styles, including traditional multi-use options as well as duffle bags and backpack designs. Whichever type of travel shoe bag you choose, your shoes will be better protected and more secure once they are inside.

levitate Sneaker Duffle Bag in black


Levitate Snkr Co. Sneaker Duffle Bag

This sneaker travel bag from Levitate Snkr Co. features removable dividers to store and travel with your kicks without issue. With it, you can tote up to four pairs of shoes without worry. It’s made of high-quality material and is large enough to fit clothing and other items conveniently.

There are multiple side pockets to hold smaller items also. It currently holds a 4.8-star rating on Amazon, with one enthusiastic buyer calling it a “must-have for sneaker addicts.”



Private Label Sneaker Duffle Bag

Similar to the Levitate shoe travel bag above, Private Label’s duffle bag is a great bag to have if you need to travel with multiple pairs of shoes.
Made of durable materials, it also features removable dividers and can fit up to four pairs of shoes at once. TSA-approved, it is the perfect carry-on for sneakerheads and even has a rear slip-through pocket so you can easily slide it over top of your luggage handle. Versatile and secure this bag is ideal for every purpose — from business trips and vacations to an athlete heading to a game.

sneaker travel bags misslo


MISSLO Portable Nylon Travel Shoe Bags

With a price tag of under $12 and a 4.5-star rating from Amazon users, the MISSLO Portable Nylon Travel Shoe Bags are ideal for anyone looking to protect their shoes for a budget-friendly price. Each bag is large enough to carry men’s shoes up to size 13 and women’s heels up to size nine. In addition, the bags are made of durable, lightweight nylon, which is tear-resistant. You’ll also find a handy, top-mounted loop for an easy carrying option when you’re on the move.

The Best Sneaker Travel Bags For 2023


Shrine Sneaker Weekender

The Shrine Sneaker Weekender is the perfect backpack to take your favorite sneakers on the go. Offered in smooth leather, it helps separate your shoes from your clothing and features several zippered pockets designated for hats, watches, and other belongings.

sneaker travel bags kimmama


Kimmama Shoes Travel Bag

The Kimmama Shoe Travel Bags are a versatile storage option for your sneakers that are best suited to travel, organization, storing, and washing. With over 16,000 reviews and a 4.5-star rating, the quality of these sneaker travel bags is clear. They’re available to order in sets of two, three, or four and in different lengths to suit varying shoe sizes. The walls are also made from a durable white net to provide better visibility and allow water to pass through inside the washing machine. An investment in these bags will see your shoes better cared for both at home and on the move.

DIOMMELL Transparent Shoe Bags


DIOMMELL Transparent Shoe Bags

Despite their disposable appearance, the DIOMMELL Transparent Shoe Bags for Travel are made for multiple uses and should be used for as long as possible before being replaced. Each pack includes 12 clear bags with a black drawstring to secure your sneakers inside. These durable PVC sneaker travel bags are a great option for both men’s and women’s sneakers and a great option for anyone looking to transport multiple pairs of shoes simultaneously.

sneaker travel bags tenabort


Tenabort Portable Shoe Bags

The clear front panel and dark background of the TENABORT Portable Shoe Bags make them an ideal option for sneaker collectors looking for a convenient way to store shoes. The all-black backing makes it easier to identify the identity of the shoes being stored inside. Each pack includes 12 identical bags, which measure 12.6 by 17.3 inches, making them capable of storing shoes up to men’s size 12. Furthermore, the material combination and handy viewing window of these bags make them great for storing clothes and other items, too.

yamiu travel shoe bags


YAMIU Travel Shoe Bags

The YAMIU Travel Shoe Bags are handier for shorter trips, such as switching sneakers for work shoes when you get to the office in the morning or swapping shoes out once you reach the gym. The bags are available in sets of two or four and can accommodate all kinds of shoes, from basketball sneakers to casual styles. Plus, as the bags are made from durable and waterproof nylon and secured with sturdy zippers, they are well suited to regular or even daily use.

zmart travel shoe bags


Zmart Shoe Bags for Travel

Featuring fabulous floral designs, the Zmart Travel Shoe Bags make a great gift idea for the lady in your life. Both functional and fashionable these sneaker travel bags are both functional and fashionable and come in a range of different prints. They can also double up as a trendy wash bag. Each pack includes five bags that can accommodate women’s shoes up to size nine. And, as multiple designs are included, it’s easy to assign a different pair of shoes to each color.

pack all water resistant shoe bags


Pack All Water Resistant Shoe Bags

If you have a particular pair of shoes that you want to protect, then the Pack All Water Resistant Shoe Bags could be the answer you’re looking for. Although only two bags are included in each pack, these well-reviewed shoe holders are designed for durability and reliable protection. Furthermore, their large size allows them to accommodate shoes up to size 16, while the built-in handle makes carrying your shoes just that little bit easier.

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