The best paint colours for your home, according to your personality type

Just like having a preference for perfumes, picking a colour to wear or paint your home with is personal for every individual. And since no two people are the same, their choices differ as well. However, this preference and its suitability can depend on the personality type. So, what are the best paint colours for your home based on your personality type, and how do they correspond with each other? Read on to know more.

Although personality analysis and colour psychology are topics that might seem extremely different, they can help us understand how some of us are drawn to certain colour palettes. This is because they overlap in terms of how colours reflect certain aspects of our personalities.

Socionics, which can be loosely defined as a personality type theory, distinguishes various kinds of people through personality traits based on cognitive functions like extraversion (E), sensing (S), thinking (T), judgement (J), introversion (I), intuition (N), feeling (F) and perception (P).

Thus, the types of personalities and the names they identified by are ENFP (The Champion), ENTP (The Visionary), INFP (The Healer), INTP (The Logician), ISFJ (The Protector), ESFJ (The Caregiver), ESTJ (The Director), ENFJ (The Giver), ISTJ (The Inspector), INFJ (The Idealist), ISTP (The Crafter), ESTP (The Persuader), ISFP (The Artist), ESFP (The Performer), INTJ (The Architect) and ENTJ (The Commander).

The ideal paint colours for the personality types that work best together

The Healer: White, sky blue, baby pink and peach

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Image Credit: Ralph (Ravi) Kayden/Unsplash

A natural healer’s personality traits are introspection and aspirational. This makes them prefer light hues such as white, sky blue, baby pink and shades of peach, as they denote peace, calm and hope — primary aspects of healing. These people are compassionate and idealistic, and softer shades appeal to them.

The Visionary: Navy blue, orange and turquoise blue

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Image Credit: Pasha Chusovitin/Unsplash

A visionary has a unique outlook on everything they possess or plan to do. Moreover, guarded and balanced emotions are the highlights of their personality trait, and they prefer dark shades. Colours like dark navy blue, orange and turquoise blue complement their demeanour because they represent knowledge, power and enthusiasm.

The Protector: Teal green and aqua blue

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Image Credit: Maria Orlova/Pexels

This compassionate personality type shows an inclination towards cool colours like teal green or teal blue and aqua blue with a hint of green, which denotes generosity and unity. Additionally, these colours reveal the emotional satisfaction that they draw from being there for their loved ones.

The Logician: Hunter green, grey and black

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Image Credit: Max Rahubovskiy/Pexels

A logician advocates innovation backed with reasoning. This implies intellect for logical thinking naturally gravitates their liking towards dark colours like hunter green, grey and black. Also, hues of subtle yellow and blazing orange reflect their personality because they analyse various underlying concepts of life associated with nature.

The Caregiver: Blush pink and pastel blue

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Image Credit: Max Rahubovskiy/Pexels

Bearing the true personality traits of a caregiver, this personality type exudes empathy and has a fondness for soft and breezy colours like classic blush pink and pastel blue. These radiate tenderness and loyalty. Particularly, all shades of pastels fit in well to describe this personality type, as they believe in fostering kindness and selflessness.

The Director: Nude brown, beige, white and light grey

the director
Image Credit: Max Rahubovskiy/Pexels

A personality type that believes in living life through tried and tested ways and has boundaries that bring balance to them is the Dictator. This typical trait outlines their predilection towards neutral hues of nude brown, beige, white and light grey, as such colours define how being simple is their flex.

The Champion: Bright ocean blue, mild yellow and sunset orange

the champion
Image Credit: Max Rahubovskiy/Pexels

The champion personality trait exudes vivacious energy, which drives their focus towards vibrant colours. Considering this, bright ocean blue, mild yellow and sunset orange are the ideal shades to match their personality. Also, when keenly observed, they are charming, outgoing and independent, which makes room for bold choices. So, any bold colour can be a good choice for them.

The Giver: Deep purple, fuchsia pink and fossil grey

the giver
Image Credit: Stephanie Hau/Unsplash

As an empath who reckons ‘giving’ to be the purpose of life, this personality gauges others’ trust with adaptability and realism. And, just like their personality, they have a sight for colours that are pleasant and welcoming like deep purple, fuchsia pink and fossil grey. These colours represent altruism and a sense of accomplishment, which they idealise.

The Inspector: Ivory cream, walnut brown, graphite grey and charcoal black

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Image Credit: Max Rahubovskiy/Pexels

Like an inspector, they possess a strong regard for conventional wisdom while being pragmatic and strong-willed. This makes the Inspector a seeker for classic neutrals like ivory cream, walnut brown, graphite grey and charcoal black. And being someone who loves freedom and independence, these colours legitimately complement their personality.

The Idealist: Yellow, azure, refreshing pink and grassland green

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Image Credit: Charlotte May/Pexels

As an idealist, this personality type prefers to take the road less travelled to discover how life actually functions. Being creatively fearless is synonymous with the Idealist who directs their focus towards day colours such as sunny yellow, azure, refreshing pink and grassland green. These colours compliment their demeanour and spirit.

The Crafter: Bottle green, oxford grey and orange

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Image Credit: Max Rahubovskiy/Pexels

The crafter reveals that they believe in exploring the unknown with an action-oriented approach. And as a preacher of hard work padded with logical thinking, they don’t get emotionally attached to anything easily. This makes them fall for darker shades of colours with a pop of bright shades like bottle green, oxford grey and orange, as they represent maturity, detachment and modesty.

The Persuader: Yellow, orange, coral blue, red and lilac purple

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Image Credit: RODNAE Productions/Pexels

Doing utmost justice to their personality type, a true persuader does not give up on things easily. They are high on energy with an eye on their goal. And colours they associate with are those that shine through darkness like yellow, orange, coral blue, red and lilac purple.

The Artist: White, royal blue and deep purple

the artist
Image Credit: Markus Spiske/Unsplash

The Artist projects their emotions as their source of strength, which serves as a catalyst for their creative spirit. Their perseverance and detailing are exemplary and are reflected through colours like snow white, royal blue and deep purple. These are the ones which depict depth, independence, creativity and comfort.

The Performer: Navy blue, glittery gold, and flamingo pink

the performer
Image Credit: Max Rahubovskiy/Pexels

Be it fueling energy from socialising or seeking to be the centre of attraction, this personality’s characteristics include impulsiveness, exuberance and fun-loving. They prefer a lively explosion of colours such as white and navy blue paired with glittery gold or flamingo pink. Basically, the contrast of colours works well with their personality, as they believe in living life to the fullest and exploring everything that comes their way.

The Architect: Mud brown, tropical green and mountain blue

the architect
Image Credit: Emre Can Acer/Pexels

Spending time in solitude is their way of garnering strength and sanity. Nature is the healer of the soul and this makes the Architect an earthy person. Likewise, earthy colours like mud brown, tropical green, tan and mountain blue suit their personality.

The Commander: Red, black, brown and white

the commander
Image Credit: Louis Hansel/Unsplash

Being born with the qualities of a leader, they put their faith and efforts into what they want to achieve. They don’t get disheartened easily and know exactly where their energy is to be spent. Thus, they love colours like red, black, brown and white, which are the colours of power, energy and faith that can blend with any other colour.

Hero image: Courtesy Christina Winter/Unsplash; Featured image: Courtesy RhondaK Native Florida Folk Artist/Unsplash

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