The Best Non Candy Easter Egg Fillers For Teens and Tweens

Selection of easy and fun Easter egg fillers for teens and tweens that they will absolutely love.

These great ideas can be used in conjunction with the traditional chocolate eggs or separately for a non chocolate Easter.

Easter candy isn’t the only thing that makes an Easter hunt fun!

Selection of easy and fun Easter egg fillers for teens and tweens that they will absolutely love. These great ideas can be used in conjunction with the traditional chocolate eggs or separately as a non chocolate Easter. Easter candy isn't the only thing that makes an Easter hunt fun!

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One of the all time favorite activities to occur on Easter Sunday is the Easter hunt.

Little kids and older kids love an Easter hunt and they are guaranteed to have so much fun (although the teens and tweens might not easily admit it).

Whilst the Easter hunt is totally awesome, there comes a point when there is simply too much chocolate.

There is just a lot of eggs! Even the chocoholics will admit to this.

Whilst chocolate can be substituted with candy or jelly beans, there still comes a point of sugar overload.

These Easter egg filler ideas are therefore all chocolate free and easily fit into the plastic Easter eggs. They are extra special treats that the kids just wont be expecting.

It’s a different, yet still totally awesome kind of Easter hunt, which can be full of all their favorite things.

There is nothing to say that this can’t be combined with a traditional chocolate egg Easter hunt. In fact, it would make it even more awesome.

Plastic Easter eggs and chocolate bunny

If you are catering a hunt with specific gifts for boys and girls then simply let them know which color eggs they need to find. Teen’s don’t believe in the Easter bunny, so this makes things a lot easier to manage.

If you have young kids playing, then maybe leave a sneaky note from the Easter bunny letting them know that the hunt will be a little different this year. The big kids will help you with this.

The non-candy Easter egg fillers are also great to be used as Easter basket stuffers if you already have enough chocolate for the teens to consume.

Only small items can be placed into plastic eggs, so you do need to be a bit creative with some of the ideas. You may also find that some of the ideas come in different sizes, so play around with this to find items that are suitable.

Bigger items you might just want to place into a separate Easter basket or have them on the hunt but not used as actual Easter egg stuffers.

Box of non candy easter eggs

Read on to see a the awesome ideas that you can use for the teens and tweens this Easter, to undertake an Easter hunt that will be a huge hit.

Useful Easter Egg Fillers For Teens And Tweens

1. Dollar Coins and Dollar Bills – If really stuck for ideas, a great idea is to simply include a dollar coin or a dollar bill into each egg. I don’t think you will hear too many complaints.

2. Water Bottle Decals – A decal will help personalise their water bottles. Choose from many different styles.

3. Rocks and Minerals – If your teen or tween is into their rocks and minerals then they will love this idea. The best part is that there is so much variety available that you can fill several eggs with different rocks and stones.

Tweens on an Easter hunt

4. Novelty Erasers – There are so many different styles of erasers that it’s easy to find something that will be loved.

5. Pencil Sharpeners – Another great supply for taking to school

6. Mini Pop It’s – Kids love pop it’s. A mini one is a great idea to be able to put in the pocket and take with them.

7. Stationary Items – Pick the fun stuff, not the boring stuff. Choose decorative washi tape, paper clips or binder clips that the teens can use to personalize their items.

8. Keyrings – Teens are starting to get to the age of carrying their own keys, so it’s a great time to get them a keyring.

9. Magnets – There are a lot of fun magnets that can be obtained, with different styles and sayings on them.

10. Colorful Shoelaces – Do the teens love experimenting with colors? If so, they will love having a few different colored shoe laces to change up the look of their sneakers.

11. Scratch Lottery Tickets – Imagine how excited the teens will be to receive a lottery ticket. And then double the excitement if they actually win something.

12. Mini Highlighters – Teens love their highlighters and these mini highlighters are perfect for taking to school.

Fun Easter Egg Fillers For Teens And Tweens

13. Lego Minifigures – If the teens love their Lego, then they will be thrilled to find some Lego figures. The great thing is that you can fill several eggs with different figures.

14. Mini Rubik’s Cube – A miniature Rubik’s cube would keep them occupied over Easter!

15. Temporary Tattoos – There is such a large variety of temporary tattoos available that it is easy to cater for everyone’s tastes.

16. Bouncy Balls – Regardless of age, kids love bouncy balls.

Hidden Easter Eggs

17. Punch Balloons – Something a little bit different to normal balloons. The teens will love playing with punch balloons.

18. Mini Squishies – Squishies are always popular, and mini squishies are just extra adorable.

19. Water Balloons – Regardless of the weather, kids of all ages love water balloons.

20. Mini Tub of Slime – It’s amazing how excited kids get over slime and this doesn’t change much as they get older.

21. Fidget Toys – Teens and tweens all love fidget toys. Obtain some mini ones that can easily slip into a pocket.

Easter Egg Fillers For Teen Girls

22. Hair accessories – Hair accessories can include hair clips, scrunchies or hair ties. They would all fit in perfectly to an Easter egg.

23. Nail polish – With so many different colors available, there will be a nail polish to suit every teen and tween girl.

24. Nail Stickers – Nail stickers are an added bit of fun to add onto the nail polish or straight into the nails.

Tween girl at Easter

25. Lip Balm – Practical and fun. With lots of different scents of lip balm available, it’s easy to add several into different eggs.

26. Lip Gloss – Mini lip gloss is a fun idea to put into Easter eggs.

27. Eye Shadow – Another easy and simple idea that is available in multiple colors to suit all tastes.

28. Earrings – If the teens have pierced ears then this is a wonderful gift. Otherwise clip on or stick on earrings are just as fun.

29. Friendship Bracelets – Tween and teen girls love their friendship bracelets. Add several for them so that they can hand out to their friends after Easter.

Easter Egg Fillers For Teen Boys

30. Mini Flashlights Mini flashlights are such a cool idea and the boys will love them.

31. Marbles – Whilst younger kids also love marbles, it’s something that teens and tweens also still love. Add one or several marbles into each egg.

32. Hot Wheels Cars – Tweens and teens still love their toy cars, which makes this a great idea to add into an egg.

33. Sports Headband – Tween and teen boys will love showing off their new sports headband.

34. Pedometer – This is great for the teens that love to be active. A pedometer will get a lot of use.

Activity Ideas as Easter Egg Fillers

Now I’m not suggesting that you put an activity into an Easter egg, but what you could do is write out homemade coupons for different activities that you can do together either over the Easter holiday or after.

The teens and tweens would love this.

Ideas include:

35. Bowling

36. Lazer Tag

37. Going to An Amusement Park

38. Bowling

39. Attending an Escape Room

40. Attend a Cooking Class

Plastic easter eggs on grass

There you have it. A ton of Easter egg fillers for teens and tweens that they will absolutely love.

The good news is that they are all easy to place into the plastic eggs and can even be organised at the last minute.

In fact a lot of these items can even be found in your local dollar store. They will be put to good use rather than just consuming so much candy and chocolate.

So rather than go over board with an overwhelming amount of chocolate this Easter, consider some of these non-candy Easter gifts that will be just as much appreciated and won’t bring on a sugar overload!

If you would rather do an Easter basket than an actual hunt then all these are all great teen Easter basket ideas that can easily be collated together.

Do you have any favorite Easter egg fillers for teens that you love to use?

Please share your good Easter egg hunt ideas with us below.

Need some more ideas? Check out these easy and fun Easter ideas that the whole family can enjoy. You will have a ton of inspiration for recipes, printables, crafts and more.

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