The Best Daddy Shark Inflatable Costume

In today's post, I'll share a glimpse into our family's life with a toddler and how we found the perfect Halloween costume for my husband from TVStoreOnline. I predict that this costume will be very popular - the Inflatable Shark Chub Suite!

If you follow pop culture, you know that the Baby Shark song is incredibly catchy, especially for those of us with little ones. It has been viewed over a billion times! Even Kylie Jenner has tweeted about Baby Shark. It seems to be stuck in everyone's heads.   Now, that's where the Halloween costume comes into play -- your very own Daddy Shark can dress the part with an inflatable costume.  We ordered the Inflatable Shark Chub Suite which is perfect for Halloween.  Here is the product description from the TVStoreOnline website:
Costume Agent Shark Inflatable Halloween Costume Cosplay Jumpsuit
Sizes: Teen (145-170 cm) / Adult (160 - 190 cm) Includes: Inflatable suit with attached fan and battery pack Requires and does not include 4 AA batteries WARNING- Keep Away From Fire

The costume has a fan and battery pack to inflate the costume. For instance, here is a picture of the fan and battery pack.

My husband then wore the costume while the fan continually ran. It was pretty cool.

Personally, we love the happy memories that this costume creates for our little baby sharks that listen to the Baby Shark song on repeat.  They were thrilled to see Daddy Shark and to dance with him!  PS - Spoiler alert - Don't be surprised to see our Daddy Shark handing out goldfish crackers and Swedish fish on Halloween! 

If you are in search of the perfect Halloween costume, visit TVStoreOnline.  You'll also want to check back around the holidays because they have Ugly Christmas Sweaters too!

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