The benefits of owning a water ionizer can be many and if you’ve arrived here because the choice of models out there is staggering, then don’t stress, because we’ve put together a comprehensive guide for you


When you’re looking around to find the best water ionizer, you’ll notice that the available information is often confusing and unclear. In reality, there is no need to feel daunted by the task of finding a great water ionizer.

The best-rated unit on our list, earning the honor of being our editor’s choice, turned out to be the Bawell Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine. This is a great ionizer and will suit a large and varied portion of the people out there looking for a new ionizer. However, this model won’t necessarily suit everyone in such a broad range of buyers, so it’s well worth looking at the other six appliances on this list too. There are some great machines, and one for every budget and situation.
Top 7 Water Ionizers Review 2019
So, whether you’re looking to improve the quality and flavor of your output in a commercial kitchen, or looking to get the reported health benefits of owning a water ionizer at home, stick with us and we’ll guide you through the workings and features of a wide range of machines. We’ll look at factors like pH levels, plate numbers and types, filters, dimensions, and even warranties. We’ve spent much time conducting extensive research into what buyers think. Our research has enabled us to develop detailed reviews of the best models and an informative buyer’s guide. Take the time to read through all the information in this article, and we’re sure you’ll find the best water ionizer for you!

28. Bawell Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine Editor’s Choice Features Number of plates: 7 pH levels: 2.0-12.0 Filter life: 5000 liters Dimensions: 8 x 6.2 x 15.2 inches Warranty: lifetime-limited
Extra features: quick installation – no more than 30 minutes; comes with 2 filters
The Bawell Platinum water ionizer machine is the editor’s choice on our list of the seven best water ionizers we could find on the market in 2019. This machine really is a great all-rounder and will prove to be a useful addition to most kitchen and commercial environments. The quality of this machine is very evident, and it’s hugely presentable and pleasant to look at. Given that the Bawell Platinum water ionizer machine is intended only for over the counter installation, the fact that it looks modern, clean, and presentable is a massive bonus here. It’s designed like a modern conventional kitchen appliance, so no problems there.

This machine has the joint highest range of pH adjustment on this list, which makes it suitable for a lot of people, in a heck of a lot of situations. You can go from 2.0 all the way up to 12 with the Bawell Platinum – and that’s about as far as you’ll ever need to go. The filter capacity of this water ionizer isn’t bad at all, at 5000 liters, and the company supply this unit with two extra filters – so you won’t need to worry about sourcing more for a long while.

All in all, this has got to be one of the best water ionizers on the market today, and you’ll have to go a long way to match the looks, performance, and versatility of the Bawell Platinum water ionizer machine.
Pros Huge pH range Great looking Easy install Two extra filters Cons Some leakage issues

29. Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0 Aqua-Ionizer Pro Best-Tasting Water Features Number of plates: 9 pH levels: 3.0-11.5 Filter life: 4000 liters Dimensions: 6 x 12.4 x 8.7 inches Warranty: lifetime-limited
Extra features: 7 water settings; ETL & RoHS certified
Next up on our list of the seven best water ionizers we could find is the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0 Aqua-Ionizer Pro, and this is also a great machine which will serve a lot of people and uses. The first thing you tend to notice about this model is that it has a good number of plates – nine to be exact – and that’s going to make for some sweet tasting water once you begin to use this model. There’s a good balance of efficiency here and a nice aesthetic. The Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0 wouldn’t look out of place in even the most swish of settings and you get a lot of water ionizer for your buck with this machine.

A disappointing aspect, although certainly nowhere near being a deal breaker, is the fact that you’ll find yourself changing filters more often with this water ionizer. The capacity between filter changes is a relatively measly 4000 liters, which isn’t the best on the market by any means.

Back to the positives, though, and the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0 Aqua-Ionizer Pro surprises pleasantly because it is capable of either over or under counter installation – which is a big plus in terms of versatility and will open this model up to many situations and kitchen configurations.

The Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0 Aqua-Ionizer Pro gives a good choice in terms of alkalinity range, running from 3.0 at the lower end, to 11.5 at the top. Overall, you’ll find much worse machines on the market in the same price range, and this water ionizer will suit a great many buyers.
Pros Great to look at Good pH range 9 plates allow for great-tasting water Cons Some users experience difficulties with installation Only 4000 liters between filters

30. Pure Hydration Next Generation Budget Pick Features Number of plates: not applicable (cartridges used) pH levels:0-9.5 Filter life: 2300 liters Dimensions: 5 x 6 x 13 inches Warranty: lifetime-limited
Extra features: touch-free operation – infrared on/off sensor; filter change alert
In at number three on our list of the best water ionizers out there is the Pure Hydration Next Generation – and this model earns our award for the best budget pick available, which is no mean feat.

Probably the most disappointing aspect of this water ionizer is the very poor filter capacity. You are going to need to perform maintenance on this water ionizer every 2300 liters, which is extremely low compared to other models on the market and is going to put a lot of potential buyers off instantly. On the other hand, it does offer an all-natural ionization without the use of plates an electricity, which makes this a very appealing choice for many consumers. The Pure Hydration utilizes cartridges filled with natural earth elements that alkalize water just the way nature intended.

When looking at this machine, it starts to strike you that this unit is slightly different to other water ionizers out there. It does come with an optional faucet that enables installation under your counter, but it’s tempting to think that this may be missing the point of this unit. The Pure Hydration Next Generation actually looks more like a sleek coffee machine than a water ionizer and it has a very narrow pH range – set between 9.0 and 9.5, which suggests that this appliance is designed to perform a specific task in a particular environment. The Pure Hydration Next Generation is a water ionizer for the masses and designed to be convenient and straightforward to use. It will appeal to many.
Pros Nice to look at Easy to use and install All-natural alkalization Cons Short filter life Narrow pH range

31. Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 Best Compact Water Ionizer Features Number of plates: 7 pH levels:5-11 Filter life: 6000 litres Dimensions: 5.2 x 4.3 x 13 inches Warranty: lifetime limited
Extra features: 7 water settings; ETL & RoHS certified
The next water ionizer on our list is the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0, and it’s another great little appliance when all is said and done. There are some great features here, and this machine only goes to prove what a difficult task it was separating the top few appliances on this list.

What you get with the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 is a solid machine and some great, if not completely outstanding, features. The filer capacity on this appliance is 4000 liters, and while this is not the very best on this list, it’s far from being the worst either. You’ll not have to take to maintenance too often if you choose to buy this machine.

In terms of pH range, the story is a similar one here. The bottom end of the pH scale is specified at 4.5, and the top end goes to 11.0. Again, this isn’t the best specs on the market, or even on this list for that matter, but it’s not the narrowest range either, and it will provide enough variety for most people and most uses.

All in all, the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 isn’t going to blow many minds, but it will do a job for some people, and it’s not the worst equipped unit on the market by far. This solid water ionizer will appeal to some buyers, and all indications are that customer service is excellent.
Pros Decent pH range Decent filter life Good customer service Cons Some connection problems

32. AquaGreen Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine AG7.0 Best Water Ionizer for Home Use Features Number of plates: 5 pH levels: 3.5-10.5 Filter life: 6000 liters Dimensions: 13.6 x 10.8 x 6.7 inches Warranty: lifetime-limited
Extra features: features 7 water settings; Japan coconut shell carbon fiber filter
At number five on this list of the seven best water ionizers is the AquaGreen Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine AG7.0. This machine has some great features that will make it an ideal purchase for many buyers out there. It says a lot about our list that even the fifth choice manages to achieve a rating of 9.0 – and we believe this particular model to be the best water ionizer for the money. You get a fantastic range of features for at a very competitive cost.

The AquaGreen Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine AG7.0 has enough good stuff going for it to make it well worth a look when you’re searching to find your new water ionizer. For a start, you get a full 6000 liters of filter capacity here, which is a great advantage to have when it comes to avoiding maintenance – and let’s face it, we all hate maintenance.

The pH range here is also very respectable, running from 3.5 at the lower end of the scale, all the way up to a decent 10.5 at the higher reaches. That’s enough to provide enough variety of alkaline levels to make this unit a very versatile and user-friendly choice.

What does let the AquaGreen AG7.0 down is the relatively low number of plates it uses to perform its magic. There are only five plates in this unit, and while that will probably be a plus for efficiency, it isn’t the best-equipped water ionizer out there for this reason. However, for home use, it’ll work very well. Overall, the AquaGreen Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine AG7.0 isn’t a lousy water ionizer at all, and it has some sweet features.
Pros Good pH range Great filer life Lifetime warranty Cons Only five plates

33. Tyent UCE-11 Under Counter Water Ionizer Best Under Counter Water Ionizer Features Number of plates: 11 pH levels: 2-12 Filter life: not specified Dimensions: 18.5 x 18 x 9 inches Warranty: lifetime-limited
Extra features: lead- and BPA-free; removes 99% of contaminants; displays % of filter life remaining
The Tyent UCE-11 Under Counter Water Ionizer is in at number six on our list, and this is a specialized under the counter water ionizer that will appeal to a great many potential buyers. There’s a lot to like about this appliance if you need a dedicated below the surface unit, and it’s well worth considering if your kitchen layout or installation demands such a model.

The pH range on the Tyent UCE-11 really catches the eye instantly. You can produce water across a very wide range with this appliance – starting down at 2.0 and running all of the way up the scale to a whopping 12.0. Also impressive here is the number of plates. As soon as you see the figure eleven when you’re looking at water ionizer plate numbers, you know you’re in reassuring territory. This unit will handle a lot of work, even if it will eat up a little more power running that many plates.

What you’re looking at when you look at the Tyent UCE-11 is a luxury product. There’s no denying that this thing is made for the best of kitchens and the performance levels reflect that. The unit is discreet and elegant, the faucet supplied has impressive controls built in, and installs atop your counter to be the only indication you’re running a water ionizer at all. A lot of thought has gone into the design of the Tyent model.
Pros Great pH range Great controls Discrete installation Cons Expensive luxury

34. Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 5.0 Best Basic Water Ionizer Features Number of plates: 5 pH levels:5-11 Filter life: 4000 litres Dimensions: 16 x 13 x 9 inches Warranty: 5 years
Extra features: active carbon water filter; self-cleans using reverse polarity and auto-plate washing
Last but not least on our list is the humble Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 5.0. Now, you might be forgiven for thinking we’re into pretty dodgy territory at number seven on the list, but you’d be wrong. This appliance offers some very decent features and statistics, and we’re by no means done yet.

When first looking at the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 5.0, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the pH range, which runs all of the way from a lower 4.5 up to an impressive 11.0. That’s not the best out there, but it’s going to be enough to keep a lot of buyers happy.

You get a reasonably generous 4000 liters between filter changes. Again, that isn’t the best filter life out there, but it’s also nowhere near being the worst. The Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 5.0 is by no means the worst looking water ionizer you’ll see either. It will hold its own in most kitchen environments and not draw too many disappointed looks. This is also a pretty compact unit, so if you’re looking for a more portable water ionizer, this is a model to consider.

Probably the most attractive feature of this particular model will be the self-cleaning plates. The appliance reverses polarity after each use, and this causes the plates to descale themselves – which is an outstanding feature to include.

All in all, the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 5.0 isn’t going to win the race to be the best water ionizer in many peoples’ eyes, but it is a decent unit for the cost, and it will appeal to a specific section of the market.
Pros Good pH range Self-cleaning plates Compact Cons Some connection issues

Buying Guide
So, you’ve decided to buy a good quality water ionizer, and you’ve realized that the range of machines available is positively massive, right? You’re also looking around and reading about features you do not recognize, there’s confusing scientific-sounding terminology being offered around, and you don’t k now whether just to guess or to enroll at MIT first?
We know where you’re coming from, so don’t worry. The task of finding a new water ionizer can seem confusing at first. We’ve put together a quick buying guide here to help you with the basic ins and outs of water ionizers. Take the time to read through this section and use it to select a machine from our comprehensive list of the best water ionizers out there.

Benefits of having a top-quality water ionizer
Many people believe that there are health benefits from having a good water ionizer from which to source drinking and cooking water. It’s even been claimed that artificially adjusted levels of alkalinity in water for domestic use can help with conditions such as acid reflux. It’s always advisable to conduct your own research with regard to health matters and benefits, but there’s no doubt that a water ionizer can be a great addition to a home or business.

If you’re doing a lot of cooking regularly, and perhaps you even own a restaurant business, many professional chefs and amateur cooks swear by the ability to adjust the pH levels of the water they use for cooking. You can adjust pH levels to obtain sweeter and more palatable water, and it’s possible to manipulate water so that it doesn’t overpower other flavors, in particular when you’re adding water to more delicate recipes and foods.

Water ionizers also purify your water. Purification is always an added benefit and ensures that, when properly maintained, a water ionizer will be a valuable addition to any commercial or domestic situation. Ionized water is also an excellent aid for cleaning.
How a water ionizer works
A water ionizer isn’t the most complicated piece of kit you’ll ever own, and with the right level of maintenance, you’ll get purified and ionized water from it for many years. It’s worth buying the best water ionizer you can afford because the longevity and performance of the appliance will be affected by the price. If you’re using a water ionizer at home, you’ll plumb your machine directly into the domestic water supply, and you’ll more often than not site the appliance in your kitchen. A water ionizer doesn’t treat your water by adding anything to it; instead it converts minerals which naturally occur in the water into a form which are more comfortable for your body to absorb. The correct terminology for this process is electrodialysis, and it’s the primary function of your water ionizer.

Mains water enters your water ionizer and the plates inside – which are made of titanium and platinum – work to separate the mineral components of the water. The resulting output is more alkaline, and purer than the water you started with.
Features to consider when choosing a water ionizer
The good news is that when you’re looking for a water ionizer, although a lot of the stuff you’re reading sounds a little scientific, you won’t need a degree in rocket science to make a great choice. You’ll need to keep in mind some of the basic principles when you look around, but a lot of the factors you’ll be considering will be the same as with other less mysterious appliances. Be careful about the size and dimensions of your new machine, and make sure that it physically fits where you want it to be sited. Performance and efficiency levels, much like with a lot of appliances, will be affected by the size of the unit, and by how much you invest. Keep a sharp eye on the confidence a manufacturer exhibits when it comes to their model, and always consider length and level of warranty when you buy. It’s also always worth noting how easily available spare parts such as filters are.
Water ionizers use titanium and platinum plates to function. When you’re deciding which water ionizer to buy, make sure to check out which plates the machines use. Some water ionizers use different numbers of plates. More basic water ionizer models may only feature five or so plates. At the upper end of the price range, you’ll see machines which feature twice that number of plates. One thing to consider here is that the more plates, the more electricity your water ionizer will use.

You can also find ionizers that don’t use any plates at all, and alkalize water without the use of electricity – a great example is our budget pick, the Pure Hydration ionizer, which uses a cartridge with natural earth elements to produce great-tasting alkaline water.
pH levels
The range of pH levels available to you will differ from machine to machine. Some appliances have a more comprehensive range of setting for pH levels, and so you may be able to save some cash if you intend only to use your water ionizer to produce drinking water, for instance. If you want to use the machine to make water to use in the kitchen, or if you’re a budding chef, you may need to go for a water alkalizer and ionizer which provides more choice when it comes to pH levels, such as the Bawell Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine or the Tyent UCE-11, which both offer a pH range of 2-12.0. Pick a machine that suits you.
Filter life/ capacity
The recommended capacity and expected working life of your filter is something to take into account when you’re looking around for your new appliance. The main benefit of a longer capacity is that you’ll need to do less maintenance on your machine. It’s far more convenient to have to change your filter less often, and this will especially come into play if you live in a hard water area.
Water pressure required

Before you decide on a new water ionizer, as yourself if the machine you’re considering will work with the water pressure that your home features. Different houses and buildings exhibit various levels of incoming water pressure and the conditions in your neighborhood will define this. Always check the manufacturer's specifications, especially if you’ve experienced water pressure problems or fluctuations in the past. Better to be safe than to be sorry, so check it out thoroughly before you make a decision to buy. In our list of the best seven water ionizers, for example, our top pick, the Bawell Platinum, requires a minimum of 20lbs per square inch of constant water pressure (20psi) – supplied by tap or well water pressure – for it to work correctly and maintain a healthy state. Water pressure is an essential consideration when you choose your new water ionizer, and great care should be taken to accommodate water pressure conditions before you buy.
Installation can be a biggie when it comes to choosing an appliance such as a water ionizer. You’ll need to carefully consider how much work is required to install the new appliance. Consider all aspects of installation before you make your choice and work out if the water ionizer you’re looking at is the right one for you. For instance, some ionizers need installation under the counter, and some ionizers require installation above the counter – ask yourself, is this the right one for your needs and your site conditions? Some, including the Bawell Platinum and the Pure Hydration Next Generation Water Ionizer, can be installed both under and over the counter.
Dimensions and weight
It’s essential to make sure that your new water ionizer is a good fit for your home or business. Appliances vary in size and are large pieces of equipment, so make sure to choose an ionizer which fits the space you intend to site it. Take care to check out the dimensions for each product before you commit to choosing one. You’ll need to allow enough space for your new water ionizer. If you’re looking for a portable alkaline water ionizer, you’ll obviously have a different set of preferences and concerns than the person looking for a commercial quality model. Look for the water ionizer that suits your unique wants and needs.
A warranty is always a desirable thing to have, and the longer the warranty you can get, the better. Not only is a warranty a guarantee against future technical or performance issues, but it’s also a great sign that the manufacturer of your new appliance has confidence in the build quality and the materials used to make the ionizer. Different warranties will have different lengths and terms, so always make sure to have a good read of all the warranty information for each appliance before you make a final choice on which one to buy. Most of the units in this review have lifetime warranties, which makes the investment even more worth it.
FAQ Does it work with well water?
Whether or not your appliance works with well water is going to very much depend on the particular brand and model of water ionizer you’re considering. It’s essential to check the exact specifications of all of the items you view during your search and make sure that you choose one that suits the water supply you’re going to be using. For instance, in our list of the seven best water ionizers, our top pick, the Bawell, does work with well water, whereas the Aqua Ionizer 5.0 model does not. Always check before you buy. The last thing you need or want is an ionizer which is unsuitable for your own water supply.
Do I need to clean it?
You’ll certainly need to give your water ionizer a clean every now and again to keep it operating optimally. The frequency with which you need to clean your machine will depend a lot on how hard the water in your area tends to be. Different geographical locations have different water supply conditions, and some are harder than others. It’s a good idea to clean your appliance more often than the manufacturer recommends – at least when you first buy your new water ionizer, as this will ensure that the machine doesn’t get in a state which requires removal, repair, and reinstallation. Follow the cleaning and maintenance guidelines set by the manufacturer at all times. Not only will this ensure prolonged use of your appliance, but it will also guard against warranty violations.
Which pH setting do I need to use?
The setting you use will depend very much on your preferences and the intended use of your ionized water. Various alkaline levels are more suitable for different applications. Most people set their machine for relatively mild alkalinity when they’re primarily using the appliance to produce drinking water. A lot of users prefer higher alkalinity for cooking purposes, and so on. Some machines have a more comprehensive range when it comes to alkalinity levels, so you’ll need to choose a water ionizer that is capable of delivering the standards you require during day-to-day use.
Are water ionizers safe?
Water Ionizers are perfectly safe and are widely used in the modern world to supply water. They’re a clean machine which produces water for all sorts of uses, and they’re an essential addition to many homes and businesses. Look around, and you’ll spot water ionizers everywhere. They’re a little-noticed but often used, modern appliance.
Aside from drinking, what else can I use ionized water for?
You can use ionized water for a variety of purposes. There are purported health benefits to drinking water that has an artificially raised alkalinity level, and many people believe that some of the harmful effects of oxidation on the human body can be alleviated by drinking this water. Ionized water is also a useful cleaning aid, and it’s a great advantage for some cooking techniques. With the right water ionizer, you can gain much use and get many benefits. The more extensive the pH range on your specific machine, the more applications you’ll be able to find for the water your appliance produces.
Our Verdict
So, we’ve taken a thorough look at seven of the best water ionizers on the market, and we’ve come up with a list that should feature a model to suit almost every user, situation and site. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our index, and taken away some useful facts from our buyer’s guide too. Our undisputed top pick for best water ionizer was the Bawell Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine, which proved to be a great all around machine and a brilliant package. It thoroughly deserves its place as our best buy, and we’re sure it will attract a lot of people out there who are looking to find a water ionizer.
In second place on our list of the best water ionizers, but by no means a slouch, was the excellent Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0 Aqua-Ionizer Pro, which also ticked a lot of boxes in our buyer’s guide and represented outstanding value and adequate performance levels. This list was a tough one to find a place on, and the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0 did that with flying colors. This model will be exactly the type of ionizer a lot of potential buyers are looking for in their new water ionizer.
Last but not least by any means, and occupying the third slot on our list of the seven best water ionizers we could find, was the Pure Hydration Next Generation Water Ionizer. This great little machine did everything you could want a water ionizer to do, didn’t cost the earth, and will catch the eye of a lot of people who are searching for a new appliance. Our top three here was a tight one, and all of these machines are well worth a look.
Whichever water ionizer you pick, make sure to read our buying guide and have a good idea of what you need before you buy – we’re sure you’ll find the right model if you do.

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