She’s a Fox Natural Perfume Recipe (PLUS Three Handmade Perfume Methods You Can Make at Home)

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This article is a tutorial on how to make natural perfume with essential oils three different ways: a roller bottle, a solid perfume, and a spray. The best part? You get my special, most popular recipe for my “She’s a Fox” natural perfume blend!

Hey, there, Foxy Mama! You are alluring, sensuous, and unique, right? Well, you need a natural scent that shows the world how Foxy you are! I’ve shared my Sexy Wild Man handmade soap recipe with the world, and now it’s time for me to share one of my most popular essential oil perfume blends: She’s a Fox!

I’ve mentioned before that many years ago, I had an Etsy shop where I sold natural body care items. Well, still, even though it’s been years later, I hear from some of my customers that they want to buy a few of the perfume sprays I used to make.

In honor of YOU, lovely lady (and Valentine’s Day or any gift giving holiday): I’m here to share the recipe for my She’s a Fox Natural Perfume. Because you deserve something as lovely, soft, sweet, sexy, and as FOXY as you are!

This aromatherapy scent is light, refreshing, and has a sexy vibe. It’s quite unique! Scented with woodsy, spicy, and soft essential oils, it’s a keeper.

I still make it for my mom because she loves it so much. She likes to spray it in her hair. She was at the doctor’s office a while back, and get this: the doc couldn’t stop smelling her hair!

She asked him what was up with that? (Er….Hello?)

He told her he’d never smelled hair that wonderful before! When she told me this, I had to laugh. I thought it was cute, all weirdness aside.

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But Why Should You Make Your Own Perfume?

Honestly, making an aromatherapy spray is SO simple, and there is no need to buy one for around $20 when you can make your own for just pennies…or almost. Wouldn’t you rather just make it yourself?

Toxin Free Perfume:

Do you realize that when you go spend your 100 plus dollars on that fancy schmancy Opium or Poison perfume, you really ARE buying poison? Like—-real, honest to goodness poison?

Unfortunately, it’s true….because my friend, when you decide to spritz that chemical syrup onto your skin, you are putting toxins right onto the largest organ in your body—the skin. And molecules of those toxins will eventually get into your bloodstream.

I’ll bet you’re wondering: What kind of toxins?

Well, since our government allows tens of thousands of chemicals that are actually banned in other countries around the world to be allowed in our personal care products here in the U.S., it’s probable you are getting all kinds of nastiness.

In fact, my recommendation is, if you read a label and see the generic word, “fragrance” or even “natural fragrance,” run for the hills.

This is because you are getting poisons like endocrine disruptors, my dear. These are responsible for a large number of medical issues when used over time in and on your body.

Health complaints such as cancer, thyroid issues, and hormonal imbalances accompany endocrine disruptors. You’re not going to notice anything right away…nope. But years later, you’ll be wondering why you’re having all these health issues!

You see, your body stores toxins in your fat cells, and the poisons slowly accumulate over time. Pretty horrible, isn’t it? (You may be interested in this article: Killer Toxins Lurking in Your Soap for more information.)

Allergic reactions to these chemicals are also far more common than with natural essential oils. You may even be alienating the people around you who you are trying to impress! Have you ever felt physically ill when that woman with the overdone perfume waltzed by you in the restaurant?

I know I have!

It’s FUN!

Once you start making your own products, you will not want to ever go back to store-bought. I’m telling you: It’s addicting. And it’s better for you. And these kinds of things are EASY. You can even make perfume with your kids! Wouldn’t that be a great learning project?

Now why on earth wouldn’t you want to make your own natural perfume using essential oils?

So, with no further ado, I’m going to share this “She’s a Fox” essential oil blend recipe with you, as well as how to make a roll-on perfume, a solid perfume, and a simple spray for misting. You’re going to love this She’s a Fox perfume blend!

NOTE: You can use any blend or single essential oil to make your own perfume. So if this recipe isn’t one you want to try, you can buy your own blends (see links below), or you can create your own magical scent.

Choosing your essential oils is actually the most difficult part of making your own perfume—-blending and choosing a scent. Aromaweb has a great article on this topic!

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How to Make She’s a Fox Natural Perfume

Before I get into the recipe for the essential oil blend, I’ll take a moment to quickly discuss the “parts” method of measuring your essential oils. This is a traditional (folk method) way you can combine essential oils to create a nice blend.

How to Measure Out Your Essential Oils

First, determine how much total you’d like to make, approximately. Then from there, you decide on your smallest part. So one “part” could be one drop or four drops….or however many you want to call this one “part.”

The essential oils are blended in ratios, then, using whatever you determine is your “part.”

For this perfume recipe, I’m using “drops” as my parts. The blend with the drop amounts below will create two 10 mL roller bottles, one 1 ounce aromatherapy spray, and a bit less than a 1 ounce tin of solid perfume.

If you are going to make a large amount of the blend, then your “part” may consist of 10 or 20 drops, for example. You’d then just multiply how many actual drops you’d need for each essential oil. Using a pipette helps greatly when measuring larger amounts of essential oils.

Make as little or as much of the blend as you want, keep it in a storage bottle in a cool, dark place, and it will be ready for you whenever you want to make more perfume!

If you are just starting out, my advice is to start with smaller amounts at first. You can always increase later.

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Essential Oil Blend Recipe for She’s a Fox Natural Perfume:

Remember, your “part” may be just a drop, or it could be 10 drops. It all depends on how much you want to make. I always recommend starting small, and see how you like it. It’s easier to make any adjustments that suit you too.

*** 3 parts lavender essential oil

*** 5 parts howood essential oil

*** 5 parts benzoin (you can substitute vanilla) essential oil

*** 5 parts orange essential oil

*** 6 parts tangerine essential oil

*** 7 parts pine essential oil

NOTE: The links above are to Amazon, for your convenience. I need to tell you that I haven’t used all of these brands from Amazon. I’ve left links below for the companies I use regularly and can recommend from experience.

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Learn how to make your own natural essential oil perfume three different ways: Roll-on, Spray, and Solid Perfume. PLUS my most popular aromatherapy blend, She’s a Fox. You will feel sexy, confident, and alluring. You can make this perfume for a friend for Valentine’s Day, too! It’s simple and easy. #natural #perfume #essentialoil #recipe #blend #sexy #valentinesday #gift #diy #easy #fast #Valentines #healingharvesthomestead

About the Essential Oils in This Sexy Blend:
Pine Essential Oil:

Pine essential oil is purifying, woodsy, with a resinous scent. It’s clarifying to the mind, and it reminds you of a beautiful day in the forest.

Tangerine Essential Oil:

Tangerine essential oil is light and sweet, bringing qualities of mood uplifting to play in this perfume. It also contains limonene, which makes is wonderfully purifying.

Orange Essential Oil:

Like Tangerine essential oil, Orange is also uplifting as most of the citrus essential oils are. However, it doesn’t have the sweetness of the Tangerine, and it balances the strong Pine very well while enhancing the citrus of the Tangerine.

Benzoin Essential Oil:

Benzoin essential oil is very viscous and thick. I have to run the bottle under warm water or set it in a warm water bath to measure out the correct number of drops. Benzoin is excellent for your skin, as are these other essential oils.

It has a sweet scent with overtones of a spice not unlike vanilla. If you don’t have Benzoin, you can substitute drop for drop with Vanilla essential oil. Both these essential oils are a little pricey, so if you’d like, you COULD even use a high quality Vanilla Extract, and just double the amount used.

Howood Essential Oil:

Howood is a lesser known essential oil with a delightful scent. It’s distilled from the bark of the Howood tree. It smells spicy-woodsy-with some citrus elements. It’s a very difficult to describe scent, and it’s one of the reasons this blend works so well.

Lavender Essential Oil:

You can find out all about the benefits & uses of Lavender essential oil here, but as far as this blend goes, lavender adds a nice floral touch. It’s a soothing and balancing essential oil that combines well in this small amount.

Where Should You Buy Essential Oils?

There are many good companies out there…and there are also some shifty ones. Please don’t buy your essential oils in the grocery store. It’s likely they are adulterated. Likewise, very inexpensive essential oils are probably not the wise choice.

Here are my favorite companies that I personally buy my essential oils from:

Rocky Mountain Oils

Plant Therapy

Pompeii Organics

Starwest Botanicals

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How to Blend Your Essential Oils:

In an amber storage bottle, combine the essential oils together. When I make this blend, I’ll generally quadruple (or 4 times) it so I have some ready to go for other projects or when people ask me for the spray or other forms of perfume.

**If you are selling your perfumes, you’ll want to make even more after you get a feel for how popular it is in your circles of influence.

Add your essential oils to the bottle. If you are using open bottles, you may need a pipette to measure out the drops accurately. These are very inexpensive, and I keep them on hand all the time.

Gently swirl the essential oils together. Then allow them to sit for a few hours if you have time. This gives the essential oils time to synergize together, mellowing the stronger overtones.

Now, you are ready to make your perfumes! I’ll discuss how to make three different kinds of perfumes.

Natural Perfume Method #1: The Roll-On

To make a roll-on perfume, you’ll need a carrier oil of choice, a 10 mL roll-on bottle (or two), and about 15 drops of your essential oil blend.

Most roll-on bottles are 10 mL, which is approximately 1/3 of an ounce. For this size bottle, you’ll want about 12-18 drops of the essential oil blend above, or the essential oil blend of your choosing.

First, add about 15 drops of the essential oil blend to the roller bottle. Then fill to near the top (leave a little space so the roller ball will fit without it overflowing) with your carrier oil of choice. I like to use sweet almond oil because it is so emollient, but fractionated coconut oil is also a good choice.

Gently tip the bottle back and forth to incorporate the essential oils into the carrier oil.

Snap the roll on tip on the bottle, and that’s it! enjoy!

Natural Perfume Method #2: The Spray

I love aromatherapy sprays! They are just wonderful to spritz all over after a shower, just on your hair, or even in a room as a room spray. This She’s a Fox perfume makes a lovely light spray perfume that you’ll get compliments on for hours!

To make your spray, you’ll need witch hazel or vodka, distilled water, your essential oil blend, and a two ounce amber glass spray bottle.

This is going to sound very unscientific, but I don’t actually measure out my blend for the spray. What I do is approximate 1/16th of the spray bottle I’m using.

To do this, I place my finger at the halfway point, then half of that (1/4 of the bottle), then half of that (1/8 of the bottle), then half that again (1/16th). It should be around 1/4 inch or a little bit more from the bottom of the bottle.

Then I fill the spray bottle to just below the shoulder with the water. Fill to the neck of the bottle with your witch hazel or vodka.

Shake it gently before spraying to mix your essential oils into the liquids.

Natural Perfume Method #3: The Solid Perfume

OK—-to make this type of perfume, you’ll need equal parts beeswax and carrier oil. You’ll also need a small tin, like this 2 ounce slide tin, but you can use any small container.

Since four teaspoons by volume will fit nicely into one 2 ounce tin, you can go from there. I use about 50 drops of the essential oil blend to one two ounce tin (about four teaspoons, give or take).

Here are the basic steps:

1) Take two teaspoons of almond oil and combine it with two teaspoons beeswax in a double boiler system. (I just use a pint mason jar placed in a small pan of water.)

2) Then set the stove to low, and allow the heat to gently melt the beeswax into the oil.

3) Once your oil and beeswax is melted together, remove the jar from the heat. Add your essential oils. Stir gently to incorporate the essential oils into the mixture.

4) Then pour into your tin (or tins). All to cool completely, and you’re all set!

NOTE: This blend may smell a bit light for you. I’ve stayed within safe ranges of dilution here. I tend to like more of a scent, so for myself only, I’ll add more.

SAFETY: The orange essential oil may cause photosensitivity if it’s on your skin and exposed to the sun. This means you may get a little burn or a rash. Therefore, do not use this perfume directly on skin that is exposed to sunshine.

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Final Thoughts About Natural Perfume, and She’s a Fox Essential Oil Blend

You could actually use any essential oils you like in your own natural perfume! Even a single essential oil can smell delightful. The very cool thing is our body chemistries are all slightly different, and scents will smell differently on each one of us!

With that said, though, I have found that most women really REALLY love the recipe blend I’ve shared with you here. In fact, I’m wearing it right now! :-)

Making your own natural perfume is so quick and easy! And isn’t it great that you can choose between three styles of perfume? Or make all three!

Nothing is more personal as a handmade gift than a perfume you make especially for a special person….and that includes YOU, mama! :-) You deserve to smell as beautiful as you are!

Do you make your own natural perfumes? I’d love to know what your favorite scents are! Please leave comments in the comments section—-including questions!

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Hugs, Health, and Self Reliance,


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