Romantic North Carolina is Perfect for Valentine’s Day

 Known for its historic sites, charming towns and breathtaking scenery, North Carolina is a popular spot to take a break. Whether you’re planning to stay in one place or to organize a packed itinerary that takes in a host of destinations, it’s natural to want to make the most of your time. If you have a trip in the pipeline, here are some tips to make your break extra special. 

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Finding the perfect hotel

North Carolina has a diverse range of accommodation options available to suit all tastes and budgets. If you’re celebrating a special occasion, or you’re keen to indulge in a touch of luxury on your travels, look for North Carolina hotels with hot tub in room options online or search for 5-star apartments to hire or country hotels that offer suites with panoramic views. You can set a budget to filter out results and choose a location that affords the possibility of crossing off all the attractions or activities included in your itinerary. When you’re exploring hotels and making short-lists, it’s always beneficial to read verified reviews and to ask for recommendations if you have friends or colleagues who have traveled to the locations you’re looking at previously. 

If you are organizing a romantic break, or you’re celebrating a landmark birthday or an anniversary, for example, get in touch with the hotel or resort once you’ve booked and see if it’s possible to plan a surprise for your partner or a relative or friend you’re traveling with. A bunch of flowers, a bottle of bubbly or a fruit platter in the room will make your arrival that little bit more memorable and set the tone for the rest of the trip. 

Planning a dream itinerary

It’s always nice to have time to roam when you book a getaway, but it’s also wise to do some planning in advance to ensure that you see everything you want to see and you make time for the activities or excursions you’ve been looking forward to for weeks or months. Draw up a rough itinerary before you go, check opening times and ticket booking options for popular attractions and don’t forget to factor in travel time if you are moving around. Make the most of the time you have. Research the area, get some tips for people who have already visited and read reviews and travel blogs. From theater shows and live music to fine dining and tours of historic homes, you want every day to be a highlight. 


North Carolina has something to offer everyone, and most travelers arrive with a varied, diverse itinerary. Exploring Charlotte is high on most people’s lists, while the Great Smoky Mountains provide an unforgettable day out. A trip to the coast comes highly recommended and fans of history and architecture will be spoiled for choice when planning visits to estates, historic homes and gardens. There are several museums spanning a broad spectrum of interests, including natural sciences, basketball and civil rights, and animal lovers will also enjoy a trip to the zoo and aquarium. 

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North Carolina offers all kinds of vacation options, and it’s a wonderful place to enjoy a relaxing break, a cultured getaway or a romantic trip. If you’re keen to make your visit extra special, take these tips on board.

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