Reviewed: Is the Amazon 2022 Kindle the Best Affordable E-Reader Right Now?

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There’s no arguing technology has revolutionized the way we live. And while going digital has made it easier to do things like find important documents, take and share photos instantly, and look up information on just about anything, there are still some aspects of non-digital life that we continue to hold on to. That’s why there’s still a raging debate over paper books versus e-readers. If you sit in the tactile paper camp, now might be a good time to consider making the switch to the new Amazon 2022 Kindle e-reader.

Amazon’s 2022 Kindle e-reader is a substantial upgrade from older versions and select alternatives. We’ll also quickly point out that you can opt to pay extra for a version with no ads or save some money and put up with advertising on the lock screen. For our money, we think it’s worth it to pay the extra and nix the ads. Like other Kindles, the 2022 Kindle is used solely as an e-reader and does not have any other distracting apps. It does have a simple web browser which can be handy for doing quick dictionary lookups. But unlike a full-service tablet, the screen is still in grayscale, though this wasn’t a downside until coming across something like a cookbook.

After spending weeks testing this new e-reader, we’re finally ready to present the SPY Kindle review. Ultimately, here’s why we think this is a great purchase.

the amazon 2022 kindle we tested for this review


Amazon Kindle (2022 edition)

The ultimate e-reader


  • Amazing battery life
  • Easy on the eyes
  • Lightweight & easy to hold
  • Excellent high-res screen with Dark Mode
  • USB-C charging
  • Audible audiobooks integration (for Bluetooth connection)


  • No sound
  • Can be a bit laggy
  • Greyscale can detract from photos
Capacity 16GB
Dimensions 6.2 in. x 4.3 in. x 0.32 in.
Weight 5.56 oz
Colors Black, Denim
Resolution 300 ppi
Battery 1,040mAh, up to 6 weeks
WiFi Compatible Yes

Amazon 2022 Kindle Review: New Features

One of the most noticeable upgrades we found during our Amazon 2022 Kindle review? This e-reader is finally using a USB-C port instead of the dated micro-USB port found in some of the older models.

The Amazon 2022 Kindle comes with a larger storage capacity of 16GB of memory compared to the 2019 model’s 8GB capacity. I can also confirm the new Kindle is exceptionally light and easy to hold without any wrist strain.

Amazon 2022 Kindle on green surface.

This device is also more eco-friendly now, as Amazon says the black Kindle contains 75% post-consumer recycled plastics and the denim Kindle contains 30% post-consumer recycled plastics. Both color options also contain 90% recycled magnesium. 

This version has a 300 ppi high-resolution screen, more than Kindle Oasis’ 167 ppi display has, and it just really means you get a more defined page reading experience. From my time testing this version, the screen is definitely sharper and easier to read, plus it has pretty strong anti-glare properties. There’s also now a dark mode, which makes it easier to read in a darkened room without glare or brightness.

After using the device for about two weeks, I was also impressed with the screen’s readability in brighter lighting conditions and how it was easy to switch it to a lower brightness (or dark mode) when reading at night. Putting the new Amazon 2022 Kindle up against its pricier cousins, the Paperwhite and Oasis, this display is now equally matched. 

Amazon 2022 Kindle Review: Speed and Use

The reading experience is good — the pages looked papery and realistic and it wasn’t like reading on a harsh glaring computer screen. My experience was actually very comfortable.

a page from a book being read on the Amazon 2022 Kindle

I will note the operating system can be a bit on the slower side. I found this to be true both when turning pages and trying to browse the web. For example, with the turning of pages, there was a sort of catch-and-release before advancing. But it’s really just a fraction of a second and I got used to it fairly quickly. It’s certainly faster and easier than turning actual pages.

If you like to review documents you own, like PDFs, or legal documents on a smaller more portable screen, you can also upload content you already own, which involves emailing the documents to a unique email address located in the “Content and Devices” section of the settings.

Navigating Your Books On Amazon’s 2022 Kindle

Maneuvering your Kindle books is as easy as ever. Tapping one side of the screen or swiping left or right across the display pane will turn the page when you are reading a book. But tapping the top right side of the screen will bring up the Navigation menu, and dragging from the top down will bring up the Settings menu. 

In terms of fonts, the Amazon 2022 Kindle offers 10 different fonts and 14 different text sizes so you can see the text in whatever size and shape you prefer. You can also customize line spacing, margins, and screen orientation on most books to suit your (or a loved one’s) needs.

Audible Integration: Not So Simple

The Amazon 2022 Kindle boasts its “compatibility” with Audible audiobooks, but those interested in listening to their books need to understand what that actually means.

amazon 2022 kindle at the breakfast table

Instead of a dedicated button or app for Audible, you have to surf for audiobooks in the Kindle store, and while you can buy them, you can’t actually physically listen to them on the 2022 Kindle because there’s no speaker in it. What I had to do was connect my Bluetooth speaker, or a pair of wireless headphones, to the device. This is not a problem for most, and the connections are made easily enough.

In the Accessibility settings, there is also what’s called the VoiceView Screen Reader that works as a text-to-speech feature. This would probably be very helpful for people who have limited vision, but like the Audible integration, you do need a speaker or headphones for it to work.

For our Amazon 2022 Kindle review, we’ve noted a lot of great features, but the audiobook connectivity is one of the negatives, unfortunately.

Amazon 2022 Kindle Battery Life

The 2022 Kindle comes with a built-in 1,040mAh battery and Amazon says users should expect up to six weeks of reading on a single charge (if using it for 30 minutes a day without the wireless connectivity and at a certain light level).

a man reading in the park with his Amazon 2022 kindle

For reference, Amazon said the 2019 Kindle’s battery could last up to four weeks under similar conditions, so the new model can last up to two weeks longer. The batteries have always been great in Kindles and I can say on previous models I’ve reviewed, they do indeed last weeks on end. While this one seems like it’s going to be similarly effective, in the interests of full disclosure, I haven’t yet had it for the full six weeks to be sure, but so far so good.

Recharging your 2022 Kindle is simple and straightforward. With the new USB-C cable, it should be fully juiced up in about four hours.

The Verdict: Should You Buy the Amazon 2022 Kindle?

Ultimately, the Amazon 2022 Kindle is a great and more economical Kindle option than some of the other versions out there like the Kindle Oasis. The smaller size and extremely lightweight are perfect for low-strain reading and amazing for travel. Plus, the new sharper screen makes it easy to read from.

With that said, today, Amazon makes specific Kindles for specific situations. For example, the Paperwhite is great for convenience if you want warm or auto-adjusting light, both vertical and horizontal experiences, and page-turning buttons. If you know you’re going to be reading near water, the waterproof Oasis model is designed for that.

But in short, if you’re looking for a small, inexpensive, and no-frills e-reader, this one is worth the money. 

the amazon 2022 kindle we tested for this review


Amazon Kindle (2022 edition)

The ultimate e-reader

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