Parenting Trends Youll See Everywhere in 2020

With the year drawing to a close, its time to look ahead to whats trending in 2020 when it comes to parenting styles and other topics like home design. The new year promises lots of gender-inclusive styles and names, in addition to a return to homemade and upcycled cuisine and fashion. Keep reading to see the top parenting trends we found on Pinterest, Google, and other resourceful spots, that are bound to take charge come January first.

Unisex Kids Clothes

When it comes to curating your kiddo's wardrobe, unisex kids clothes are on the rise. Neutral colors, simple styles and all gender-friendly prints make getting ready in the morning a breeze. Check out awesome companies like Primary, Quirkie Kids and Mochi Kids to get started on crafting the cutest gender-neutral closet.


Gender-Neutral Names

Ellis, Shea, Rowangender-neutral is the name of the game when it comes to trending baby names. Monikers that are fit for boys, girls or non-binary babes will be big in 2020, giving parents a little extra leeway when it comes to picking the perfect name for baby.

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Homemade Baby Food

Ditch the storebought pouches and packs of pre-made food and spend your Sunday's whipping up homemade baby food. Simple ingredients make for easy purees and other tasty treats like teething biscuits, all with the peace of mind of knowing each and every ingredient.

Secondhand Styles

Not only are you reducing your carbon footprint by cutting back on the use of consumable goods, but you're giving your kiddo their chance to show their one-of-a-kind style when you shop secondhand. Thrift store shopping and buying used garb is predicted to be a big trend in the new year, so get ready to shop your fave local shops, online consignment sites and set up that account on ThredUp.

Gender-Neutral Party Themes

Trolls, LEGO and Superheros2020 will see tons of gender-neutral party themes. Ideas surrounding food, non-pink and blue colors and gender-inclusive activities all make for fun parties on the horizon.

Outdoor Play Spaces

Indoor play areas are great for chilly weather, but outdoor play spaces are the place to be in 2020. Whether your kids love unstructured play, splash pads or traditional playgrounds,getting your kids outside is not only the trendy thing to do, but it's great for them too.

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Unisex Nurseries

Nurseries fit for any baby are taking the design scene by storm. Neutral color palettes with mixed textures like greenery, wood and iron are great for boy or girl, and don't restrict your design prowess to traditional blues and pinks.

Learning Vacations

Next year is the year of trips that make your kids smarter. There are tons of domestic options, in addition to countless trips abroad to take the kiddos that will expand their experience and knowledge of the great world out there.

Space-Themed Parties

Whether your little is big into Star Wars or is a budding astronaut, 2020 is the year for out of this world parties. Gear up with galactic decor, space-themed activities and cosmic cookies and cake to celebrate the big day.

Better Parental Leave

We've seen plenty of companies make the move to improve maternity/paternity leave for parents, starting with these companies who have paved the way for other corporations (see Lowe's, Microsoft, and Walmart) to follow suit, and in 2020, the federal government may offer paid leave for more than two million non-military employees. This is one parenting trends that we can get behind!

Revamped Kids Menus

Kids are starting to take over the kitchen! The year 2020 is predicted to be more adventurous when it comes to mini foodie palette's, with brands branching out into more organic products, powerful flavors with rich spices and new takes on old faves. Get ready to see lots of fresh items on the kids menu on your next outing.

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Subscription Boxes

Fashion, crafts, food or STEAM activitiesthere is nothing to big too fit inside a subscription box for kids! Monthly or quarterly subscriptions not only keep kids on their toes in anticipation, but keep them yearning for more knowledge and creativity. Whether your littles like to express themselves through style or works of art, sub boxes are the trend of 2020.

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