New Makita XGT Cordless Air Duster Looks Very Multi-Functional

Makita XGT Cordless Duster

Makita has expanded their 40V Max (36V nominal) XGT cordless power tool platform with a new air duster (model AS001G).

This isn’t exactly the type of tool I thought Makita had in mind when they started hyping up the next-level power and capabilities of their XGT cordless power tool system. Still, the duster looks incredibly versatile.

There is no word as to whether Makita will introduce a similar duster as part of their 18V cordless power tool system, but it will likely remain an XGT exclusive. As a reminder, Makita’s 18V and XGT power tool systems are not cross-compatible. There is also no word as to if or when the duster will be available in the USA.

Makita XGT Cordless Duster with Accessories

To start off, the Makita XGT air duster and inflator comes with a lot of different attachments and accessories to suit a broad range of applications.

I can’t tell if Makita intends for this to be called a duster, or if that’s a result of the Japanese-to-English translation, but I feel this to be an appropriate descriptor.

Makita XGT Cordless Duster Nozzle and Attachment Types

In addition to serving as a compact and focused blower, the new tool can also serve as an inflator and deflator.

Makita XGT Cordless Duster Blowing out Rear Computer Ports

When I think duster, I visualize cans of pressurized air being used to clean the dust out of electronics, other such equipment, and computer cases.

Vacuums are usually advised against, since they could lead to the build-up of static electricity that could discharge and potentially damage components, which is why blowers and dusters are usually used.

There are specialized anti-static dusters, but they’re pricey.

Makita XGT Cordless Duster Cleaning Filter

Makita shows off the XGT cordless duster being used to clean various computer components, such as fan filters.

Makita XGT Cordless Duster Blowing out Desktop Computer Case

It also comes with a hose attachment that can be used in tight spaces, such as to clean out case fans and heatsinks.

Makita XGT Cordless Duster Blowing Computer Heatsink and Fan

It doesn’t look like you have any choices regarding the nozzle at the end of the tubing, but it shouldn’t be too much trouble to improvise with different hose fittings.

Makita XGT Cordless Duster Blowing on Digital Camera

They also show off the duster cleaning delicate electronics such as a DSLR camera.

Makita XGT Cordless Duster Blowing Room Air Filter

Makita shows the XGT duster being used to clean out an overhead fan grill, although it’s unclear as to whether the extension comes with the kit or is an add-on accessory or improvisation.

Makita XGT Cordless Duster Cleaning Water from Car Windshield

There’s a semi-circular-shaped nozzle that is shown being used to clear off part of a car windshield. It seems that cleaning an entire windshield with this nozzle would be slow, and so perhaps this is just a proof-of-concept example. I could see this being useful for clearing water away from small areas.

Makita XGT Cordless Duster Inflating Beach Ball

The 40V Max duster can also inflate beachballs.

Makita XGT Cordless Duster with Inflation Nozzle

Makita also shows off the XGT duster inflating a pool of some kind.

Makita XGT Cordless Duster Inflating Pool

And, when it’s time to pack things up, you can use a vacuum hose with the duster’s intact to quickly draw air out of inflated products.

Makita XGT Cordless Duster Vacuuming Air from Inflatable

The duster also comes with a wide suction cup-style vacuum hose attachment, which looks to be used for pulling the air out of space-saving garment or blanket bags.

Makita XGT Cordless Duster with Accessories

Although the Makita duster looks to be a rather specialized tool, I’d say that its accessory bundle greatly broadens its utility.

Raise your hand if you could use a tool like this.

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