Need a face mask?

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The excellent family that runs Naturally Cozy (which makes the best washable feminine hygiene products in the world, in my humble opinion) have branched out. By popular request, they are making face masks.

"We researched the different patterns and came up with a version that is pleated like a real surgical mask, and that ties," they said.

These are just the spiffiest things! You have a choice of fabrics to suit your taste.

It looks like masks are going to loom large in everyone's future. Why not have something colorful as well as practical?

(And speaking of practical, there should not be a prepper woman out there without a full set of Naturally Cozy washable protection. Just sayin'.) #Survival #FeminineHygiene #Coronavirus #Preparedness
Survival FeminineHygiene Coronavirus Preparedness

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