Monday Men’s Sales Tripod – $24 BR Short Sleeve Print Shirts, Last Chance Under Armour Sale, & More

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The Thursday Handfuls are great, but what if Monday (or Tuesday) rolls around and there are a few sales that can’t wait til the weekend? You’ll find three of the best, with a few picks from each, to start the week below.

#1. Banana Republic: 55% off OR 62% – 65% off  Men’s Casual Shirts

Shark Print Slim-Fit Luxe Poplin Shirt – $24 ($69.50) Micro Print Slim-Fit Tech-Stretch Cotton Shirt – $24 ($79.60) Fish Print Slim-Fit Luxe Poplin Shirt – $24 ($69.50) Seagull Print Slim-Fit Luxe Poplin Shirt – $24 ($69.50) Drink Print Slim-Fit Luxe Poplin Shirt – $24 ($69.50) Giraffe Print Slim-Fit Luxe Poplin Shirt – $24 ($69.50)
If you balked (understandably, I get that reaction) at the $58, ON SALE short sleeve Riviera shirts from Bonobos we posted up the other day, then maybe these are more your speed. Sequestered away in a section where these shirts are 62%  – 65% off, these are a heck of a lot more affordable. Not combine-able with their other offers though. (Except maybe a card-member discount at checkout? Maybe?)

#2. Under Armour: 25% off sitewide w/ WFH25

MK-1 Fitted Short Sleeve in Plain – $22.50 ($30) or Jacquard – $26.25 ($35) UA Tech 3″ Boxerjock – $22.50 ($30) MK-1 9″ Shorts or 7″ Shorts – $26.25 ($35) UA Performance Tech Lo Cut Socks – 6-Pack – $16.50 ($22)
Close to last chance here. Code expires Thursday. Exercise fires off all the right endorphins, and the super-nice thing about those endorphins is that they don’t give a darn where that exercise happens. They have no GPS. Yay! More picks and an explanation as to why the MK-1 line is so darn good can be found here.

#3. Charles Tyrwhitt: 4 Shirts from $112 w/ SALEX20

As low as they’re gonna go for Charles Tyrwhitt. You’d think. Works out to $28 per shirt. Code is good for 20% off just about everything I believe. Big thank you to Mike F. for the tip on this one!

BONUS  Huckberry: Proof 72-Hour Tee Buy one Give One Frontlines Bundle – $108

They’ve already donated 300 pairs of boots. Now? If you buy their PROOF 72 Hour Merino Tee bundle, you’ll get one of their (legitimately excellent) merino blend tees, and they’ll send the other one, on your behalf, directly to a worker taking on this mess. Oh, and they’re called 72-hour tees because you can wear them for three days straight (say, if you were travelling… or if you’re out of laundry detergent) without a wash. That’s the power of merino. Cotton can’t do that. “But it’s a $108 t-shirt!!” Well, that’s if you don’t count the one that gets sent out. Also, if it has 3x the power (again, 72 hrs) of a regular t-shirt (I’d argue more “power,” since they’re way more comfortable due to the breathability/cooling factor of merino), then yeah. Maybe it’s not such an eye popper after all.

BONUS II  Spier & Mackay: 25% off all suits, sportcoats, & trousers w/ SALE25

Half-Canvas Navy Merino Wool Suit – $246 ($328) Half-Canvas Medium Gray Merino Wool Suit – $246 ($328) Half-Canvas Charcoal Merino Wool Suit – $246 ($328) Full Canvas Neopolitan Cut Super 120s English Wool Navy Suit – $448.50 ($598)  Full Canvas Neopolitan Cut Super 120s English Wool Medium Gray Suit – $448.50 ($598)  Half-Canvas Navy Hopsack Blazer – $246 ($328) 
Last day for this is today. Yes, they’re selling half canvas, wheelhouse color wool suits for $250. Most suits in the Suitsupply outlet are going for $350 to $400+. And it’s an outlet. Meaning, there’s some weird colors and fabrics in there. Not so with Spier. Code SALE25 ends today though.

BONUS III  DROP: Kent Wang Browline Sunglasses – $40 FINAL ($55)

They’re already a high value, low cost proposition, and now they’re on sale because DROP got their mitts on a batch. Final sale of course, being that it’s DROP. Orders have an estimated ship date of May 1st.

BONUS IV  Bonobos: 25% off w/ PICKMEUP

Jetsetter Stretch Wool Blazer – $337.50 ($450) Lightweight Travel Jeans – $73.50 ($98) Unconstructed Italian Hopsack Wool Solid Sportcoats – $300 ($400)
Y’know what? Bold, tech, pineapples. More picks here.

Also worth a mention… Nordstrom: Up to 40% off their Spring Sale. Ledbury: 25% off site-wide. EXPRESS:  40% – 60% off everything, with a lot at 50% off. Brooks Brothers: Up to 30% off + free shipping AND returns. Allen Edmonds: Their anniversary sale launched last week. Full picks here. #Clothing #Sales,Steals,AndDeals #Tripod #Shoes #Accessories
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